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Words #8

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013.


I love this quote.

It completely describes my biggest girl.

At two and a half she is growing up every day, and most of the time she is hilarious.

She lives in a world of make believe- she likes dressing as a fairy, thinks Daddy is a dragon and likes to build dens.

She carries around 'treasures' in random plastic eggs and loves having 'monies' in her little purse.  She calls me 'Mummy my darling' and tells me that LL is 'her baby and the best baby ever.'

She comes up with such gems like when I asked could she reach the sky cause she was sat on her Daddy's shoulders she said 'No silly Mummy I need a ladder to do that' and on seeing our road saying 'Oh look that's where our house lives.'  

Her speech is incredible but she occasionally muddles up words such as saying the other day 'I think so not Mummy' instead of I don't think so, and on me saying she needed to stay in the buggy because we were near a road she said 'Don't worry I will stay on the Patient' instead of pavement.   And I will never tire of her saying 'Onaange' instead of Orange.  We all say it like that now because of her.

She giggles at the most random things, makes me eat countless 'chocolate cakes' that she has cooked in her oven, and dances around naked to Tree Fu Tom.  

She is full of innocence, full of love and as bonkers as they come.

I want to revel in her crazy side, nurture her affectionate side and fill her world full of make believe, fun and adventure.  

She has the ability to drive me insane but in a way that when she isn't looking I secretly laugh to myself because she flounces around and tantrums over the most random things.

She is definitely in her own little world, but it is a world that I feel completely priviliged to be a part of.

The world of my crazy, incredibly sweet two and a half year old.

Words #6

on Monday, 08 July 2013.

For my latest 'Words'- my favourite quotes on my favourite photographs, I have chosen this one...


I have always loved to read.

When I was little I used to love getting read a bed time story by either my Mum or my Dad.  Then when I was old enough I would spend hours in the library choosing books to take out on loan.

As I got older I was much the same, before children and blogging, one of my favourite past times was to sit and read my book and I used to get through at least a book a week- on my honeymoon I took 12 books and read them all.

Nowadays I don't get as much time to read, although I always still have a book on the go.  I am too busy being a Mum, or blogging, or taking photos, or reading other blogs.  But every now and again I take a night off the computer and read my latest novel.

By far my favourite moment of the day is when my girl's are all bathed and clean, smelling of their lavender bubble bath, and the four of us snuggle on the bed and read a story, I love that special moment of the day when they are sleepy and we relax together.

I love that Mads is becoming a book worm, we read her a story every night and then she takes another book to bed to look at herself before she goes to sleep.

I can't wait to introduce them to some of my favourites that I used to love when I was little- the Roald Dahl stories, and Enid Blyton.  My absolute favourite when I was growing up was 'The Faraway Tree'- I would make my Mum read it over and over again, and this is one in particular that I cannot wait to read to them.

I want them to get lost in a world of imagination, fun and make believe.  

Where fairies exist, prince's slay dragons, and troll's live under bridges.

A world of adventures.

After all that's what childhood is all about.



Words #5

on Monday, 17 June 2013.


For this weeks 'Words'- a mini series of my favourite quotes on my favourite photographs, is this one from Walt Disney.  

I have always been a day dreamer.  At school I used to sit in my lessons and let my mind wander away, and I was constantly told on my school reports that I needed to stop day dreaming.

I think dreams are incredibly important.  It is important to have things to aspire too, to help us learn and grow.  To get us out of ruts we may get stuck in, and to motivate us to succeed.

I still have so many dreams.  Life is good at the moment, really good, but I have things I want to do.  I would love to not return to work after maternity leave, and I am half way there but I need to work hard to make this happen.  A few of my dreams, especially in the work sense, could possibly become a reality if I work hard.  There are little projects, and potential collaborations- dreams I have been dreaming for a while now, that could potentially happen in the future. 

My dreams for my family have come true.  Yes we would love more money, or a bigger house, but we are happy.  We are complete.  And I hope one day these other things will happen in the future.  I have my husband and my two gorgeous little girls, and I am happy.  When I was young I dreamed of having children and I am so thankful that I have my family.  

I have dreams for my little girl's.  I want a happy life for them.  I want a childhood full of happiness, day dreaming, imagination and creativity.  I want to inspire them to have aspirations, to believe that they can do anything they set their minds too.  I want to help them overcome any barriers they may come across, and help them reach goals.  I want them to be successful, but above all I just want them to be happy.  

I want the world to be their oyster.

I hope that I can help them achieve their dreams.  

The way they have helped me achieve mine.  

Words #4

on Tuesday, 04 June 2013.


For this weeks 'Words' I am using a quote I have used for a title of one of my very early blog posts.

I have always loved this quote.

 My girl's are lucky to have a daddy in a million.  My husband is an incredible father.

I remember going on holiday, years ago to Portugal, and the villa we were staying shared a pool with one other, staying in there were a family with two young children.  My husband spent ages playing with these little kids in the pool, and they gravitated towards him- he just had this way with them. Children weren't even on my radar at this point and I was quite happily enjoying reading my book in the sunshine, when their mother turned to me and said 'Wow he will make an amazing Dad one day.'  And I looked at my then boyfriend over the top of my sunglasses, and agreed with her.  It was the first time I had ever really thought about it.

Fast forward a few years and that random stranger on holiday was right.  My girl's are so lucky to have this wonderful man as their father.

 Sure he's not perfect, but he is perfect for them.  

 Mads absolutely adores everything about him and jumps up and down in excitement when he comes home from work, and LL gives him killer smiles- I know that she will be another Daddy's Girl as she gets older.

They will never grow up without their fair share of cuddles and kisses, and he never goes a day without telling them that he loves them.

And I know how much they love him too.

The first man in their lives.


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