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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #47 '{Birthdays and Nights Out}

on Sunday, 14 December 2014.

December always is hectic in our house.  Not content with Christmas and all the festivities, we also celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 20th, Mads birthday on Christmas Eve and my little sister's birthday on the 13th.  This means that inevitably December is expensive and busy, but we love it all the same.

A couple of weeks ago we went on a rare night away to London which we did as a sort of early anniversary celebration.  It was only the second night away we have ever had from the girls, of course we have had nights out together but to be honest they aren't regular, it seems to be either of us going out separately rather than together.  Indeed I won't go out for ages and then this week I have had three nights out, due to Christmas parties and get togethers with friends.

However yesterday evening we had a very important milestone to celebrate.  My little sister Annie turned 21, so of course this was a cause to get together our whole family and have a little party.  My Dad and stepmum very kindly agreed to have the girls at their house for the evening to stay over, meaning that we didn't have to worry about getting home at a particular time. (As I write this we are late to go and pick them up!)  So Mr E, my Mum and step dad, grandparents, step sisters and a couple of family friends headed into Cambridge for a nice dinner together.

I have spoken about my sister many times on this blog.  Even though there is a ten year age gap between us we are incredibly close and I see her lots- indeed she is the best auntie to my girls and adores them so much.  I am so proud of who she has become and can't believe she is 21- it feels like five minutes since my Mum came to Leeds to celebrate mine, and last night made me feel a litle old!

We had a great time.  The food was lovely, the company of course was even lovelier and after the meal, we headed off for a few drinks before my sister and step sister headed off properly 'out'.  My grandparents paid for the whole meal which they often do, which was just so sweet.  You can't choose your family, and of course mine is a blended one as my parents aren't together anymore.  But I feel genuinely lucky that I have ever such a lovely one, with both my stepdad and my stepsisters, and of course my stepmum on my Dads side too.  

Now the next celebration will be our 5th wedding anniversary, although we don't do much for that, and then it will be Mads birthday on Christmas Eve.  I can't believe she is going to be four!

We love you Annie, Happy 21st Birthday.


A few iPhone snaps of our evening.

annies 21st 1

Myself and the birthday girl.

annies 21st 2

All of us.

annies 21sr 3

Blowing out the candles.

annies 21st

Slightly tipsy selfies.  






A Little Photoshoot and some Beautiful Dresses.

on Friday, 12 December 2014.

When my girls were smaller I used to get my little DIY backdrop out and try and take mini photoshoots of my them both.  I absolutely love taking photos of them (I think that's obvious!) but as they have gotten older and more mobile, I rarely try and take photos where they are actually posing, I actually don't get my 'big camera' out anywhere near as much as I used to as my iPhone is easy to take around with us- I much prefer being out and about and taking natural photos while they are having adventures or having fun.  They are less posed, the light is always better than indoors and I don't get those forced, fake grins that you inevitably get when you ask Mads to smile at nowadays.

However at Christmas we like to get the Grandparents and Great Grandparents a lovely photographic keepsake of our little ladies.  Whether that's a photo book or a framed photo, there is nothing they love more than getting a recent or up to date photo of them both.  Indeed my Mum's house is actually like a shrine to them both, my Stepdad jokes that we may as well move in as he see's them every direction he looks!

They all prefer the more traditional style of photo, rather than action shots, so around this time each year I do try and take some photos of them together, usually with varying success.  I decided the other day to have a little impromptu photo shoot of them both to try and get some nice ones for Christmas time.  It also seemed like a great opportunity to try out their new Poppy England dresses which we were kindly sent.  So armed with my camera and the dresses we headed off to my Mums house as the light in her house at 4pm in the afternoon is a lot better than at mine.

I actually adore all these photos I took.  Far from looking posed and unnatural, I think they look happy, smiley and full of love for each other.  I actually look at these photos and feel a lump form in my throat as they couldn't paint a more accurate picture of my girls at this present moment in time- they are the best of friends (most of the time) and they really are the most happy little souls.  What is it about putting on a traditional looking dress that makes them look so carefree, innocent and childlike?  

poppy england dresses 4

poppy england dresses 8

poppy england dresses 10

poppy england dresses 14

poppy england dresses 11

poppy england dresses

poppy england dresses 1

poppy england dresses 2

poppy england dresses 3

poppy england dresses 5

poppy england dresses 7

poppy england dresses 6


 I'm just so pleased with these photos.  Technically if you look close they are quite grainy because it is just so dark at the moment but the girls were just so happy and loved putting on their dresses and being silly.  The Poppy England dresses are beautiful and we are going to wear them on Christmas Day as they are perfect for a special occasion.  The team there also very kindly sent us some cardigans as well but we forgot to put them on.  The girls are so lucky to have been sent such adorable dresses- we can't thank them enough.  

Here's hoping that the Grandparents will love their photos of our terrible twosome this year- I know I will definitely be framing one of these to go by my bedside table too! 



My Sisters In December.

on Wednesday, 10 December 2014.

It's December.  December.  I can not quite believe that we are on the final month of the year, but the tree is up, the Christmas songs are on the radio non stop, and we are getting really excited about the big day.  December has already proved to be really hectic and as we get towards the latter part of it, it only seems to be getting more so with the inevitable Christmas parties, festive play dates and getting organised for the holiday season.

My girls have been so full of character this month.  With each passing day they become more interactive with each other, and it makes us laugh so much.  They have a really unbreakable bond, they look out for each other and they love each other deeply.  Mads will constantly ask LL if she wants to come for a  'sleepover' in her bed- they lie together under the covers and read books or play with the iPad.  They also have a really caring side where they will get their special toy for the other one if they are crying or sad- both of them do it and it is so sweet to see.  The other day at one of Mads friends birthday parties, they sat in a circle playing Pass the Parcel and I looked over at LL had her little teeny arm round Mads and was stroking her back. It made me get tears in my eyes, and one of the other Mum's commented to me on how cute it was.  Indeed whenever we are out, they often get little old ladies stop and smile at them as they run about together hand in hand.

But for all the sweet moments and sisterly love, they really do argue nowadays.  LL can let out the most high pitched shriek when she doesn't get her own way and Mads will try and wind her up and not let her have things.  They are like a pair of old hens, they literally squawk and shout at each other, and LL very occasionally tries to push Mads which obviously doesn't work as she is a lot bigger than her.  At the moment these little outbursts don't happen too frequently and so it makes us laugh as we get a glimpse into the future of what they will be like as they grow.

Our photos for this month were another last minute job.  At the weekend Mr E was away and the girls and I went to a birthday party.  We arrived home in the afternoon and they were clutching their little party bags so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took these photos in front of my house.  Not exactly the most glamorous or exciting location, but I really like them because it's my favourite kind of light.

dec sisters 14

dec sisters 14 a

dec sisters 14 b

dec sisters 14 c

dec sisters 14 d


I take photos of my girls together most days, even if it is just with my iPhone.  But as it is December and it's been a whole twelve months of 'Siblings' here is a little recap of a year of photos of my two little ladies- just click on the month to see the whole post and the rest of the photos...





























    This month I am sending you on to have a look at lovely Jess and her even lovelier twosome, while you are there be sure to link up- my linky tools subscription still isn't working properly!


{The Ordinary Moments 14} #43 'Four Sisters'....

on Sunday, 16 November 2014.

"A sister is a little bit of a childhood that can never be lost."- Marion C Garretty


This week we went on a very short break to Scarborough with my little sister Anna and of course with my girls.  Unfortunately Mr E had to stay behind because he is the middle of a big freelance contract and is working hard in the evenings, this was part of the reason we went away, to get out the house and let him concentrate for a little bit.

So the four of us headed off to Scarborough in North Yorkshire for a wet and windy couple of days (more photos coming soon!) together.  While we were there we chatted a lot and reminisced about our childhood together.  There are ten years between myself and Anna, but we are still great friends. However we argue like cat and dog, she has an ability to wind me up like no other person can.  Within a second though, we are giggling like it never happened.  A couple of times on our trip away we laughed about the fact that we would never act like that with our friends, the way we snap and argue and then revert back to being fine again within a minute.  It's really special to be able to share snippets of our childhood that only we know, traits about our parents that only we get and to have that history together that only we can understand.

The same can be said for my girls.  They also have this same pattern emerging as their relationship grows and strengthens.  They bicker, argue and get stroppy with each other, which is amazing really considering LL can still only say about six words.  But just like with myself and my sister, within a second all is forgiven and they are cuddling, kissing and running around together.

I really notice at the moment just how much LL copies Mads.  She idolises her big sister and will follow her around everywhere, running after her, giving Mads her stuffed toys to cuddle and literally squealing in delight when she cuddles them and then gives them back to her.  They are becoming quite the double act, and while we were away Anna and I smiled to ourself on several occasions about just how cute they are together.

This photo was taken when we went on a little walk to see the beach huts and we were playing a game- they had to both run to the colour beach hut we said and the winner was the person who touched the beach hut first.  Of course LL doesn't know colours yet, so Mads always won, but it was really sweet to see LL tottering quickly behind her sister and a couple of times Mads let her win just to see her smile.  I love this phone snap because it completely sums up them at this present moment in time.

happy girls

I really hope that my girls will grow up with an unbreakable bond, and I hope that they will always look out for each other and be the best of friends.  There may be ten years between myself and Anna, and she may drive me insane, but I will always be there to look after her and I love her completely.  Mads and LL are even closer in age so I hope that they will be even closer.

I of course would have been thrilled had we found out we were having a boy when I was pregnant with LL, but I really love that I have given Mads the gift of a sister, just like my Mum gave me the gift of mine.  


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