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My Sisters In July.

on Thursday, 10 July 2014.

After a few months of forgetting right until the last minute to capture some photos of my little ladies together, this month I actually have been organised.  This was mainly due to the fact that last week we were on holiday in Rhodes and I had my camera permanently attached to my hand. (unless I was sipping on a strawberry mojito or sunbathing reading my book of course!)  I took a fair few of my sister's over the course of the week, but I thought I would use my favourite set as my 'Siblings' photos for July.  

LL finally started walking on the last day of our holiday after months of half heartedly trying.  She seemed to grow up overnight while we were away, and as a result her and Mads have become even closer.  This also means that their little strops with each other have kicked up a gear as well, but for the most part they are the best of friends and I am loving seeing their relationship grow and develop.  I am excited to see how LL's new view of the world from a walking perspective will affect it.

I took these photos one evening in our little holiday tradition of walking down to the beach after the girl's dinner to catch the last of the afternoon sun, throw stones and eat sand. (in LL's case!)  The light to me was just beautiful at this time as I love that back lit, sun flare kind of photograph.  The girls are wearing my favourite outfits of theirs at the moment- I love their retro style ice cream dresses.  

a holiday to rhodes 37

a holiday to rhodes 38

siblings june14a

siblings june14

Why can't Britain have this golden sunshine all the time?


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This month I am sending you to one of my lovely friends and a fellow I Heart Snapping lady- the lovely Hayley.  Her two little people are exceptionally cute and her photography is just gorgeous. Be sure to check them out.


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My Sisters In June.

on Tuesday, 10 June 2014.

I was lying in bed this morning casually flicking through twitter as the rest of my house were still asleep, (I seem to have an annoying habit of waking up ridiculously early at the moment) when I noticed a few people tweeting about their 'Siblings' posts for this month.  I thought they may have just been super keen, until I realised that the post was meant to go up today.

Cue me panicking as I completely thought that it was tomorrow.  I had no photos ready (I was going to attempt to take some today) and no post written.  I jumped out of bed like a crazy lady and went downstairs and fired up the laptop.  While it totally doesn't matter if I don't post this month, it's not like it's an official deadline or a matter of life or death, I didn't want to let the other ladies in our little group down so I have salvaged some blurry photos from my iPhone.   Total blogger fail.

I took these photos of the girls yesterday before we went out for the morning with my Mum.  They are both wearing their matching navy dresses which is actually totally OTT for a Monday morning trip to town and the garden centre, but I find I have so many gorgeous outfits for them both that don't get worn very often.  And if one can't dress up a little to peruse the shrubs and eat a jacket potato in a cafe full of old age pensioners, when on earth can you?

a siblings june14 4

siblings june14 1

a siblings june14 3

These daughter's of mine have been so lovely this month.  With LL so nearly walking Mads has been in her element helping her by holding her hand non stop.  The look that my biggest girl gets on her face when her little sister walks to her is one that makes my heart swell a little bit- she has a look of complete pride written all over her delicate little features and she laughs and claps along with her.

Mads is definitely a 'little Mum' that's for sure.  She is so kind and caring towards LL, always thinking of her.  She makes sure she has toys to play with, will always share her food with her (even when she has cake which even I am not too keen on sharing) and constantly cuddles and kisses her.  If she cries she goes to her instantly, and with each month that goes by we get to see them interact more- their relationship and bond is growing stronger by the day, with the odd bit of feistiness thrown in too.

So there we have it.  My lovely sisters in June.  A bit of a rush job in terms of the photos and this post but as always the sentiment is there, and it's a little snippet of our everyday life I don't want to forget.  Now I can go and actually get my children up and ready for nursery- all this before 7.30am in the morning.  Unless you are a blogger you will think I am totally mad for rushing to post this but these blogs do strange things to us I swear.  



This month I am sending you over to my lovely friend Lucy to check out the snaps of her two little people.  It was her birthday on Friday so be sure to say Happy belated Birthday while you are over there too!

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #19 'Auntie'

on Sunday, 11 May 2014.

My little sister Anna is ten years younger than me.  I still remember vividly the day she was born.  I went to school as normal and in the evening my Dad took me to see 'the new baby' at the hospital.  I walked straight past her in her plastic see through cot, ignored her and went straight to my Mum.  I was nervous by this little being in the room, nervous about what it would be like to be a big sister.

But soon I adored having a baby in the house, I would help my Mum change her nappy, dress her up in ridiculous outfits and show her off to all my friends.  I was fiercely protective of her, in fact once having a physical fight with a boy in the playground because he deliberately knocked her over with a swing.  

Then at eighteen I went off to uni and for years I wasn't really all that close to her.  At that stage in my life- growing up, moving out and becoming independent- well our age gap seemed even bigger than it actually was and we didn't have a thing in common.  I saw her when I went home for the holidays and I loved her dearly, but when I was eighteen and she was eight the ten years seemed a lot.  

When we moved from London six years ago, we moved back in with my Mum for a bit while we saved for our house.  It was then that I started to get close to Anna again.  The gap seemed less and while she irritated me sometimes, (and still does!) we became friends.  When my girls were born, we became closer still, for she truly is the best Auntie we could ask for. 

She adores my girls and they adore her.  LL's smile is always so wide when she sees 'Auntie Annie' and Mads talks about her every day.  She sees them a few times a week and I am so thankful that she plays such a big part in their lives.  She comes out with us on family days often, we go shopping, she comes over lots and she also babysits for us occasionally too.  

My girls are very lucky to have her.  Like when she buys them big ice creams with sprinkles like from these iPhone photos on Monday.  Because Aunties always get THE best treats.  




My girls are a lot closer in age so hopefully they will be close.  But if they are best friends like myself and my little sister, I will be so very proud of them.


My Sisters in May.

on Saturday, 10 May 2014.

I had grand plans for this month.  I was going to try and take some lovely shots of my girls, in a bluebell field somewhere, in a cute location or even having fun at the park.  After the slightly rushed previous months, I was determined to get organised and take some well thought out photos of them both.

That didn't happen.

Life has just been so busy and pretty hectic and I just haven't had my big camera out much at all.  We went away on a long weekend to a wedding in the Peak District last week and Grandma very kindly bought the girls two matching beautiful dresses.  I had visions of taking some pretty photos of them all dressed up and looking lovely.  

That didn't happen.

LL still isn't walking and therefore it's really hard to get photos of them together as Mads doesn't want to sit still and LL doesn't want to stand up.  They are constantly moving in different directions, playing with different things and just won't stay still long enough for me to capture a photo of them both together.  

So with all plans epically failed and with me remembering that I am away this weekend and therefore unable to have any more attempts, I resorted to taking photos of my little ladies at bedtime.  But actually, although not the most original nor exciting of photos, these actually totally sum up my sisters and how they are together at this moment in time.

Every week they seem to be getting more interactive with each other.  With this comes moments that make me actually get tears in my eyes- little snatched looks that make them both giggle uncontrollably, the comfortable familiarity of a stroke on the head or cuddling each other tight, or the way in which they share food with each other, even down to Mads giving LL her last bit of chocolate.   

When I get LL up from her nap each afternoon she points at Mads door and makes a little grunting noise and when we go and get her she beams a smile so wide that she actually does a little dance.  When we are in the car I often glance in my mirror to see Mads doing everything in her power to make her little sister laugh. It sounds silly but when they look at each other I can see the love in their eyes and it is a joy to watch.

But this growing interaction isn't always fun and games, the bigger they get, the more we see the tell tale sibling bickering start to emerge.  It's actually quite funny to watch at the moment- Mads getting 'cross' with LL for knocking down her tower or LL shrieking at her big sister for not giving her a bit of biscuit right.this.second.  They wind each other up, even at a young age and it does make us smile.  For these grumpy moments, pointless bickering and mini strops give us a real glimpse into the future of what it is going to be like having two fully talking little girls with attitude in the house.  Or even teenagers.  Eeeek.

Bedtime is a special time of the day in our house because it is when we all come together as a family.  Mr E may have been at work, I may have been rushed off my feet and had a stressful day with two little monkeys, and Mads and LL may have been off in different directions non stop, but at bedtime we all seem to get the balance back and the days events are forgotten.  There's bathtime together, non stop splashing from two little ladies in the bath, before PJ's get put on, stories are read and we all lie on our bed and cuddle.  

And of course there is always time for a bit of sister bed jumping too.  




It's family time at it's most ordinary but also the times I treasure the most.


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This month in our little blog circle of Siblings photos I am sending you over to Annie.  If you are a blogger and haven't heard of Annie then you must be living under some sort of big rock.  She's a little bit of a legend and an incredibly talented and supportive lady at that.  


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