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Design a Custom Cover With Mini Boden.

on Tuesday, 25 February 2014.


One brand that I adore for clothes for my little ladies is Boden.  I love the bright colours of the clothes and the styles, and of course the fact that they wear so well too.  In my opinion it is worth spending a little more money on certain items knowing that they will get the wear out of them.  

Anyhow I digress.  Boden has created a really fun little app that lets your child create their own custom cover for their own mini Boden cover.  I often get stuck for activities to do on rainy days and so we thought it would be fun to give it a try. 

Mads is really starting to enjoy playing with the iPad and the laptop, and we try and find creative or educational activities for her to do on there.  We both really enjoyed making the cover together, we talked about the design and had a giggle over the different animals and things that could live on the island. 

The illustrations are right up my street, really pretty and colourful, and what makes it even better is that 10,000 mini designers will receive their exclusively designed Boden catalogue through the post.  I know Mads will be really excited to receive her own design.  What's more, Boden are donating £1 for every cover created to Kids Company, and also there is a chance to win lots of amazing prices, like an Ipad.

 If that wasn't good enough, you can also share your Tweet with Tots100 for a chance to win £100 in Boden vouchers.  Have a click here to find out a little bit more.


Here is Mads design...


I am actually quite impressed by this, I would totally have it as a print on the wall of my toilet or something!  Maybe she is taking after her Daddy and I have a budding designer in the making!


 This post was writen in association with Mini Boden and Tots100.

The Former Me...

on Friday, 20 January 2012.

I can safely say that in my former life before Mads, I liked to enjoy myself.  My early to mid twenties passed in a haze of going out, drinking far too many cocktails and shots and not really remembering much the morning after.  I worked in a bar in the middle of the Leeds music scene and when I should have been getting a serious job, I was far too concerned with having fun.  Even when myself and Mr E moved to London and I did become a serious business type, I still loved to let my hair down and enjoyed the buzz that came with a good night out.


Now I am a Mummy the sensible 'mother' in me looks back on the stuff I used to get up too and inwardly cringe, however you are only young once and I think that I will be well equipped to handle Mad's when she is older and embarks on her 'social life.'  

Nowadays the nights out are far less frequent, obviously, now I am a Mummy.  A lot of my friends are still living in London and are at a completely different stage in their lives to me.  I remember when Mads was first born, I used to be getting up at 3am in the morning to breastfeed her, and looking on facebook to amuse myself, and some of my friends were just getting in.  Not all of them, but I still have a few who look like they aren't ready to let go just yet! 

However I still do love a good night out with my friends, or with Mr E, who is still my favourite person to have a few drinks with.  They may not be as frequent as they used to be, but when we do go out we have a great time and I love getting dressed up in my going out dresses and spending a bit of time getting ready.  The whole fun of going out for me, is spending time getting ready and having a glass of wine while listening to music.  

The only problem is nowadays we normally have to get up at 7am in the morning with a gorgeous little girl that wants to play!  It doesn't make the hangover go away but it is definitely a nice thing to wake up too.



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