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My Sisters In September.

on Wednesday, 10 September 2014.

As you read this we will be at Center Parcs with Lucy and her family.  This weekend has been a bit of an intense one to say the least, we are having our bathroom redone which I am really excited about, but on Sunday when Mr E was ripping it out he hit a dodgy pipe and water leaked through to our living room below.  Having no water, plus trying to pack, and having our house turned upside down has been slightly stressful.  I thought I was organised and all ready to go, until I realised that my Siblings post was due this week.  Cue a little panic as I hadn't taken any photos for it.

But in actual fact, sifting through my phone in a mad dash to find any suitable, I couldn't have not used the following photos this month, even if I had taken the most beautiful photos with my DSLR.  These photos completely sum up my sisters this month.  I have a bit of a thing about using too many iPhone photos on my blog, while I love my phone and it is the camera I use 90% of the time, I often feel like my phone photos aren't the best and I should make an effort to take my big camera out more.  However I just haven't had the time, and as such my phone has been my only weapon of choice the last few weeks.  I have mentioned before that recently Mads has really got in to developing her own style and choosing what to wear, and as such I have been taking a photo of her each day in front of our slightly scabby garage door.  We take a couple before she gets fed up and says 'no more photos' but the last few times we have done it, LL has decided to get in on the act too.

They both stand there and giggle and pose, and every morning they ask to go and have a photo outside even if I wasn't planning on taking one.  Bizarrely they actually love it and it's the only time they will willingly let me take a photo of them!  It's become sort of a strange, weird little tradition, and one that really makes me smile.  Since LL started walking, their relationship has grown and developed and it's just the most incredible privilege to watch them together.  

So although technically I forgot this month, actually these photos couldn't portray my sisters any better...







This month I am sending you over to have a look at Jess and her gorgeous pair of siblings.  Jess needs no introduction, her blog is one of my favourites and has been ever since I started blogging.  If you haven't already been over there, you most definitely should!

Pregnancy Style #4

on Tuesday, 04 December 2012.

My tummy is growing bigger by the day.  At my midwife appointment the other day I was told I was measuring two weeks ahead of my dates which explains my tight and achy tummy.  I still haven't really bought that many new clothes, instead wearing my old clothes to death to try and prevent buying anything that I will only really wear for a couple of months now.

As such my pregnancy wardrobe is a little lacking, and not particularly glamourous.  However I just keep thinking if I don't spend any money, come February I will have more to spend on new clothes once the baby is born.  Because obviously I am going to get back into my skinny jeans straight away.  Ahem.

Here is some of the things I have been clothing myself and bump in recently...







1.  This is the type of outfit I live in the most!  My PJ's.  Pretty much as soon as I get home from work or from out playing with Mads, the PJ's come on.  There is something about snuggling in PJ's during the winter.  I bought these festive ones from Primark, Primarni definitely do the best jammies, they are also fab for pregnant ladies as a lot of the tops are really long and therefore cover the bump.

2.  I have been wearing a lot of my old snuggly jumpers, this one is from River Island and is so comfy, it is that big it even does up over the bump.  The bag featured in nearly all the photos is my Marc Jacobs- a honeymoon present from Mr E back when we had pennies to spend on ridiculous items.  It only gets outings when I don't have a toddler dropping juice/crumbs/bogeys into it.

3.  A casual day at work now- the top is just a stripy t-shirt from New Look, it isn't maternity but because it is stretchy it fits well on the bump.  The jumper is a snuggly number from Zara which I love- the lining is sheepskin and the buttons are duffel buttons- it is so cosy.  The snood is a recent purchase from H and M, I love burgandy at the moment.  I put Burgandy lipstick on to try and distract from the fact my eyes were so tired.

4.  My trusty River Island biker boots that I am wearing non stop at the moment, teamed with an aztec cardigan from New Look, another one that isn't maternity but is good for bumps as it doesn't have buttons anyway.  The grey jeggings are also from New Look, I find their stuff cheap enough that if I do stretch them, it doesn't really matter.  

5.  Another casual day at work (every day is casual at the moment as I fit into no smart things!), I am wearing a denim shirt that is long enough to hide lumps and bumps, the trusty burgandy snood and black leggings which I am living in.  

6.  Out for dinner with my friend, this cardigan from New Look is new and doesn't have buttons so it is fine for the bump- however I added a belt so it held it in place a little more.

I am lacking the inspiration to buy anything new, I love my bump and am enjoying being pregnant, but clothes shopping is just a nightmare- hence I am living in old stuff.  I have asked for money from family for Christmas so once baby two is here I can go out and revamp my wardrobe a little bit!

Buying For Baby 2.

on Wednesday, 21 November 2012.


When I was pregnant with Mads, buying things was like a military operation.  As soon as we had our 20 week scan and knew that things seemed to be progressing well, I became fixated on researching baby products and items.  I bought myself a very cute little 'baby planner' notebook and would write lists on all the things we needed for our little bundle.  I loved going to big shops like Kiddicare, and choosing things our buggy, and I also loved buying clothes and other gorgeous little bits for our impending arrival.

This time it is totally different.  As yet, I haven't bought a single thing for baby number two.  It isn't that the excitement isn't there, it still is, although because we don't have to buy everything again, I must admit that it isn't the same.  

We have everything we need pretty much for our little bump from last time- especially all the main essentials.  We have her nursery ready as it is Mads who will be going into a new big girls room, we have lovely little girl blankets, a bouncy chair, a play mat, toys and of course we have clothes.

We do need a new double buggy, however I am not planning on buying a brand new one, as Mads will be 26 months when the baby arrives and therefore there is just no point in spending a fortune on a new one.  We also need a new steriliser as ours ended up being used quite a lot as I used to have to constantly sterilise my breast pump attachments!  

Other than that we just don't need much apart from bits and pieces like new muslin cloths, bibs and some newborn clothes as we don't want her to wear all of Mads, as countless washing has made some a bit tatty.

However this doesn't mean that it doesn't have to be exciting.  In actual fact, buying for Bug when we eventually get round to doing it, will actually be more exciting as instead of buying all the boring stuff- we get to just buy lovely things like cute clothes.  I am also determined to keep this baby in babgrows and all in ones a lot longer than I did Mads- I really wanted to dress her in little outfits but this time I want to keep with the onesies as long as possible.  Pretty ones though.

Here is my wishlist of things I am liking for our new addition at the moment-



1.  I love these massive Muslin Clothes from Aden and Anais.  We had one with Mads and used it all the time, it is perfect as a general sick wiping cloth, but also good for breastfeeding as when you are in public you can cover yourself with them.

2.  I had one of these gro swaddles all the time when Mads was born- we have two still that we can use but would like to add another one to the collection- they are perfect as a swaddle blanket and Mads slept well from the beginning- can I contribute it to these?  They are cosy and come in lovely patterns too.

3. I love this little Mustache romper from Beau Loves

4..  I love this vest from 'Little Sister' romper from Next, I adore it and think I may buy it as our going home outfit.  That seems like a long way away yet.

5.  I am a big fan of the Aztec stuff that is around at the moment, and therefore I love this little suit from Next again.

6.  This strawberry onesie from Not on the High Street is adorable too.  This baby will be in onesies until she is eighteen!


EDIT- We finally bought our first thing for Baby Number 2- the Next Little Sister Onesie that I mentioned above- finally she has something!

The Gabi- Sugarjack Changing Bag.

on Saturday, 17 November 2012.

When I was pregnant the first time round, the one purchase I was most excited about was my changing bag.  As someone who has an obsession with handbags, it seemed only right that this purchase was very important to me.  I really liked the one I chose, but to me it screamed 'Nappy Bag,' and this is exactly what it was.

I used it for ages, until Mads got a little older and I just shoved her things in a regular oversized hangbag.  But not my Marc Jacobs, that is staying in the wardrobe until she is old enough not to need an abundance of paraphernalia carted around with her.

This time around, with baby two on the way, I was looking for something a little different.  Something that was functional and practical, but didn't look like I was carrying around bum cream, sick cloths and bribery biscuits.  I wanted something stylish and fashionable.

I was hitting a bit of a dead end.  That is until I heard about Sugarjack.

Sugarjack have been on my radar for a while now, partly down to communicating with them on social media, but as soon as I saw their website I fell in love with their beautiful bags.

Sugarjack started in 2011, founded by two fathers, who decided to try and develop changing bags that still retained a sense of style and fashion.  And believe me that is exactly what they have done.

First up I had the hard task of choosing which changing bag to get.  They have the most beautiful selection of bags that have been seen on the arms of some rather glamourous Mum's, including Una Healey, Jenni Falconer and Jodi Kidd.  I could have chosen them all, but finally decided on the Gabi in a gorgeous tan leather colour- the bag is a messenger/satchel style bag which will never go out of fashion.  But more about that later.

The bag arrived on Thursday and I was blown away by the attention to detail, thought and care that had gone into the packaging.  I was almost afraid to open it because the packaging was just so lovely.  



The beautiful high quality box that the bags come in doubles up as a memory box for your new arrival- perfect as I need one for the new baby.




All the accessories come in an environmentally friendly bamboo dust bag, which would be perfect as a tote bag for shopping.




The bags come with two removable pockets/pouches, that are completely wipeproof.


They also come with a bottle warmer and a changing mat- all made from high quality materials and in the same style as the bags.


The first glimpse of Gabi- a truly gorgeous changing bag.

On first inspection, after being totally surprised by how lovely the packaging was, I was blown away by the bag I had chosen.  The Gabi bag is a gorgeous tan colour, that will go with everything, and is one of Sugarjacks most popular bags.  It is in a messenger/satchel style that is ever so fashionable at the moment, but is also timeless so won't go out of style any time soon.  It is made from the softest leather, and all the buckles are made of high quality metal, with Sugarjack stamped on to each one.

The Gabi has exposed statement zips which increase the depth of the bag and it easily can hold just what you need for one or two babies.  It has extra pockets on the front of the bag which I find handy for my phone and purse- meaning they are easily accessible at all times without having to rummage through the rest of the belongings.  There is also a fold over zip compartment, and a zip pocket on the bag of the bag- there are lots of little spaces which really appeals to the neat, organised part of me.


 As an extra treat you can purchase a keyring for yourself or your loved one and have it personalised with your chosen word- perhaps a nickname, or your baby's name.  The keyrings come in the same colour as your chosen bag and are made from the same high quality metal.


I think the thing that really appeals to me about the bag is how easily it can be used as a normal bag rather than a changing bag- with all the other changing bags I have found you can easily tell that they are exactly that, whereas I would use the Gabi as a normal bag too.  

Overall I have been blown away by Sugarjack and their changing bags, and it takes me a lot to be completely blown away by a product.  From their website, to their customer service, and the detail and time spent on the packaging, to of course the bag itself, there is absolutely nothing I could fault them on.

The bags are pricey, the Gabi retails at £288, but in my opinion it is completely worth it.  I have spent more on designer handbags in my past life (!) and these can be used as handbags after your child is old enough not to need to have so much baggage.  I see them as a lifelong purchase that you will be able to use again and again.  

Sugarjack also do occasionally have offers on, for example they have a fab Christmas offer coming up on their Holly bag, so it is worth following them on twitter and facebook so you are first in the know.  

If you are in the market for a new changing bag, then I 100% would recommend them- I know I am a typical girl but I absolutely love mine!


I was sent a Sugarjack changing bag free of charge for the purpose of this review but my opinions are completely my own.

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