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{The Ordinary Moments 15} #27 'Sunshine Funtime'

on Sunday, 05 July 2015.

Summer has finally hit the UK and this week we have been lucky enough to have a fair few days of sunshine and heat, which has been the perfect antedote to the post holiday blues. I can honestly say if that we could guarantee the UK would be sunny all Summer long, then there is no where else I would rather be, I love being at home when it's hot, although every evening I do wish for cold tiled floors and air conditioning. 

We have had a really lovely week here. We haven't done an awful lot, in fact work wise the sunshine has made us pretty unmotivated, but we have had a great week all the same. In fact I took a fair few photos (with my phone) so my 'Ordinary Moment' for this week is actually about the whole week in general. 

As I write this, it's Saturday night and I am sat in our garden with Mr E sat next to me reading a magazine. We have a nice little garden, although neither of us are particularly 'green fingered' and as such we definitely don't have it how we want it. It's our aim for this Summer to really work on the garden and make it a place that we feel proud and relaxed being in. We started work on it today actually, we went out this morning and bought a pressure washer and Mr E spent the majority of the day blasting the patio, it's come up looking like new. I spent the girl's nap time re-varnishing our patio furniture, and while it' certainly doesn't look like new, it definitely looks a lot better than it did. 

I have just finished my book and so I thought I would get the laptop out and write this post quickly. My husband has very kindly made us the most delicious drink, it's Pimms in a frozen watermelon, and we are just chilling out and enjoying the late evening sunshine. The girls are fast asleep in bed, one of our neighbours is mowing his lawn and I can smell that lovely freshly cut grass smell, and I am sat here thinking just how lucky we are to have our little home. 

Here is our week of sunshine in iPhone photos...

IMG 4769

On Tuesday we were working and the weather was just so hot and sunny that we decided we would sneak off to a local pub a few minutes down the road from us for lunch. It was probably a little naughty seeing as we were meant to be working, but I can't remember the last time we went out for lunch without the girls so it was lovely to get some time to ourselves in the sunshine. 

old bridge

Such a pretty view while eating our lunch. 


IMG 4783

My best friend, husband, colleague, father to my girlies and the person I laugh with more than anyone. Cheesy but true.

IMG 4784

Getting a spot of sunshine by the river. 

little bird playsuits july 15

On Friday we went to meet a few of our friends at the lido in Cambridge. The sun shined all day and we had such a lovely time. We had a picnic, did lots of splashing, playing at the park and there were a fair few ice creams consumed. All the signs of a good day. 

lido july 2015

These ladies loved splashing around in the lido, it honestly felt like we were abroad.

IMG 4889

On Saturday we went to Mads new school's Summer fete. I was a bit nervous before hand, because it is small I thought we would stick out like sore thumbs even though they asked us to go. But it was lovely and everyone was so welcoming, plus we chatted to some parents of children who will be in her class and they all seem really nice. We played hook a duck, yucky dip, (cold spaghetti and beans!) had a bounce on the bouncy castle and ate some BBQ food and cake- it was a great afternoon and I am so, so thankful that it all worked out with her school in the end. We couldn't be happier about the little community school she is going to attend. 

watermelon cocktail

The watermelon cocktail I mentioned above- I knew my husband was a keeper! It's just frozen watermelon, pimms and lemonade, with lots of strawberries, cucumber, mint and ice. It was delicious.

IMG 4897

On our fifth 'bowl' by this point!


All in all it was a lovely sunshiney week of fun. Let's hope the weather stays like this. There's nothing better than the UK when the sun is shining!

My Sisters in June 2015.....

on Monday, 15 June 2015.

As I sit writing this post it's Sunday afternoon and I am sat in a hotel room in Wembley. I have been away the last two nights for the Blogtacular conference and now I have moved hotels and have an extra night away as I have a work related conference all day tomorrow as well. I haven't been with my babies since Friday morning and as I am putting this post together and looking at my photos it is making me miss them desperately.

I am not the type of person who can't be away from the girls. I miss them when I go away, of course I do, but I think some time apart is healthy for all of us. The most I have been away with them is four nights when I went on a press trip to Greece and by the end of it I cried because I missed them so much, but usually it's because I am with friends or doing work things so I am busy and the time goes quickly. Today however I have pretty much a whole day and night to myself before the conference starts tomorrow and therefore I am literally finding myself pining for them- I seriously can't wait to get home to them and looking at these photos doesn't really help.

Over the last month or so LL's speech has just exploded. This has opened up a whole new relationship for them both, one of discovery and new interactions. Sharing a room has bought them even closer as well and we love to stand on the stairs and listen to them chattering away together. The other night we heard them telling each other the same knock knock joke for half an hour to each other. Mads would say 'Knock Knock', LL would say 'Whose There?' to which her big sister replied 'The interrupting cow'. LL would say 'The interrupting cow who?' while Mads cut her off and shouted 'Moo'. (It's from the film Home in case you haven't seen it!) They would then repeat the process again and again with LL then being the person delivering the punch line and vice versa, before both of them giggling each and every time. It really is just so sweet to hear their funny little conversations.

They really are the closest of girls and have a bond so strong, it blows us away a lot of the time. They have to be near each other constantly, when they are sat on our big sofa with more than enough room to sit and spread out, they get so close to each other that they are practically on each other's laps. Mads will play with her little sister's ear and snuggle into her. Although she is the older one, she is still very much the driving force behind their affection, she is the more cuddly of the two. But you can also tell how much LL adores her big sister and looks up to her too. However as with any sibling relationship we have arguments, nearly all of them are to do with sharing, mainly with sharing the iPad in actual fact. Mads again is pretty laid back and will often give LL the iPad for an easy life but LL is a lot less tolerant, and often has little strops to try and get her own way. We have had a few occasions recently where LL has lashed out at her, trying to push her or grab it from her. This is all new to us as Mads never once did the whole hitting, pushing, or biting thing like a lot of children did. I do wonder whether it's because LL has been at nursery since a year old and has to defend herself or assert herself to get toys, whereas Mads didn't go to nursery until she was three. Having said that I've never seen her do it to another child or had nursery tell me any stories, so maybe it's just typical sibling squabbles!

These photos were taken at the very last minute. On Thursday evening having realised that I was going to London the next day, I had to rush and take some before I went. The weather was nice and warm so we decided to go for a yet another evening picnic after the girls had finished nursery. It was lovely and I just took a few photos while they were eating. Nothing particularly exciting, but they will be lovely to look back on when they are older...

evening picnic june15 b

evening picnic june15 a

evening picnic june15 c

evening picnic june15 d

evening picnic june15 e

evening picnic june15 g

evening picnic june15 h


This month I am sending you on to have a look at my lovely lovely friend Lucy's ever so cute twosome to see what they have been up to this month. And keep heading through the posts and you will end up here in a circle! :) 

A Picnic in the Buttercups...

on Thursday, 11 June 2015.

I am a big stickler for nap times and bed times. I don't know what it is, whether it's just who they are, or whether it's our set routine, but our girls do love to sleep and for the most part they will be in bed by at least 7.30pm every night. Of course if we are on holiday, or have plans to go out for the day then they don't always go to bed on time, but if we are at home then it just makes sense for them to go sleep. 

However in the Summer months we definitely get more relaxed. The long, light evenings sometimes just cry out for us to stay out longer, and the last thing any of us want to do is to go in and do the whole bedtime routine. They are at an age where if they go to bed at 9pm one night, or miss a nap one day, that they aren't ridiculous grumpy monsters the next day- they can go a few days without a nap or later evenings. 

We had one of those such evenings at the weekend. On Sunday the weather was just gorgeous, we had spent the morning at Mads first ever running race and then had a picnic with friends while Mr E got on with some work. We came home and the girls had a nap, and when we got up we decided it was just too nice not to be outside. We decided to forget about our planned 'hot dinner' and head out for yet another picnic. 

When we drive in the direction of our supermarket I often notice a beautiful field of buttercups on one side of the road so I suggested going there for a picnic. Luckily Mr E is long suffering and generally humours my requests, so we packed some picnic food and drove the few minute journey to this beautiful wild buttercup field. 

It was such a lovely couple of hours and the girls loved it, not only because they got peanut butter sandwiches twice in one day, which quite frankly is always a winner in their eyes, but because the sun was shining, there were giggles a plenty and Mummy even remembered to pack some Smarties. I sat back in the sunshine, feeling the sun beating down on my shoulders, watching our two little girls giggling and laughing, and I genuinely at that moment couldn't have been happier. It was another one of those moments that I want to store in that little memory box in the back of my head to pull out if I am ever feeling down or having a tough day...

field of buttercups 1

field of buttercups 2

field of buttercups 3

field of buttercups 4

field of buttercups 5

field of buttercups 6

field of buttercups 7

field of buttercups 8

field of buttercups 9

field of buttercups 10

field of buttercups 11

field of buttercups 12

field of buttercups 13



If you like my photos or tales of life with my little ladies then my blog has been chosen as a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards (eeek!) in Best Preschool Blog and Best Blog Photography. If you wanted to swing a vote my way, I would be so grateful. You can vote here. xxx

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- August.

on Sunday, 31 August 2014.

I am struggling to comprehend the fact that it is September tomorrow.  August has flown by, with some lovely days full of sunshine, followed by the last couple of weeks wondering where the Summer went.  Hopefully we will get some sunny days next month but as I look out the window at the cloudy, overcast day we are having, it really doesn't seem likely.  We have made some lovely memories in August- we went on our first ever camping trip to Wales, we have been swimming lots in Grandad Roy's pool, we spent a lovely weekend seeing my Nana and Grandpa, and I ran my first ever half marathon.  There have been lazy days spent doing not much at all and fun days out, including a trip to London and some one on one time with my big girl, while Mr E spent time with LL.

This month's Me and Mine photos are from our camping trip.  I really wanted to get a family photo from our weekend away, as it was quite exciting for us to go on a glamping adventure for the first time.  These photos make me smile, they are far from perfect but that's exactly why I like them.





We totally didn't fit the mould as your average campers.  I think that when we turned up to stay in our pretty pre erected bell tent and I proceeded to put lanterns on the front, our fellow campers must have wondered what planet we were from.  Being complete amateurs, we didn't pack any snuggly clothes, not envisiging how cold it was going to be in the evenings, so after a trip to the shops to buy some fleecy Toy Story pj's (which Mads still thinks are the most amazing thing ever!) and some boys age 14 grey jogging bottoms for me, we were slightly more comfortable.  

I then don't think we did ourselves any favours by getting out the tripod and setting it up in the middle of the campsite, before doing my usual trick of running back and forth to set the self timer.    It's safe to say that we gave the other campers some entertainment!  We are squinting into the sun, wearing our pjs, looking slightly disheveled, and all looking in different directions, but these photos bring back such happy memories of a really lovely weekend.  

This Summer has been about making memories.  We have been very lucky to have some fabulous times, but we have also enjoyed the simple life and spending time together doing things like having picnics or going to the park.  I am really sad to say goodbye to August, but our Summer isn't over quite yet.  September brings us our busiest month so far with Mr E's birthday, two holidays, a couple of nights away, a complete bathroom renovation and two new additions to the family with the arrival of our new kittens.  It's safe to say it's going to be hectic, but I can't wait to experience it all with my little family.


This month I am sending you over to look at Becky's lovely blog- her little girl turned 3 this month and so I am sure she will have a special family photo to share.

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