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She Is The Girl...

on Monday, 15 July 2013.

This big girl of mine.  She's a complex little character, even at two and a half.  

I sometimes think of her as a lot older than she is, she speaks as well as some four year old's I know and she certainly knows her own mind.  Since LL came along she seems to have shot up like a weed, and slowly the little features she had as a baby are disappearing- the pot belly, and the tight ringlet curls.  Even her face is changing by the second.  I can't explain it, but she's just changing ever so quickly.  

It's also hard to explain to someone who hasn't had a toddler before, just quite how they make you feel.  My god, this girl can play with my emotions.  There is no one else who can make me go from hysterically happy, laughing and proud to downright frustrated and cross in the space of a minute.  

For the most part, she is a very good girl.  I relish the days we spend together, and for some reason I especially relish the quiet ones.  I love Tuesdays, where as the weather has been so nice, we just walk into town and go to our local singing group.  We then either go out for a picnic or to the park with friends afterwards, or we do a spot of shopping.  We then walk home and she has a long nap.  She loves to sleep my Mads, and I love her for it.  She still generally has two hours sleep in the afternoons, and twelve to thirteen hours at night.  

But then occasionally we have a day that throws us off balance a little bit.  She can be a little madam when she wants to be, she certainly knows her own mind, and if she doesn't like something she can throw a good strop.  It is generally when she is tired or a bit under the weather, but she can certainly push my buttons and test my patience.  Sometimes I can't wait for bedtime.

I look at her sometimes and flash forward to her teenage years.  To fights about getting her homework done before she can go out, to quizzing her about boys and making sure she is safe, and arguing about what time she is allowed to stay up till.  She definitely has an air of defiance and cheekiness about her.  My big girl has a glint in her eye, that is for sure.

But those big blue eyes that have a cheeky glint, are also filled with love.  Love for me, love for her Daddy and love for her little sister.  They fill with excitement and fun at the mention of her Auntie Anna, or at going to see Great Grandma and Grandpa.  She loves to snuggle on my lap and she still loves to play with my ear.  And she still sucks her fingers when she needs a comfort.

She is the girl who likes to get every teddy off the shelf and have them in her cot when it is nap time. 

She is the girl who gets 'Big George' the big cuddly monster off the side every morning and says in a funny little voice 'Why good morning to you George.'

She is the girl who has a ridiculously sweet tooth and who thinks it is her god given right to have a 'treat' any time she asks for one, even at half eight in the morning.

She is the girl who hates having her photo taken and shouts 'No photos Mummy.'  You have no idea how much this makes me frustrated- I want to document her as she is now.  All 0.9 metres of innocence, love and pureness.

She is the girl who loves ice cream.

Therefore I came up with a cunning plan.  A plan to suit both her and Mummy.  She gets treats and I get photo's.

An ice cream photoshoot!












She is the girl who makes us live our very ordinary life to the absolute fullest.

Like setting up a photo shoot, and eating copious amounts of ice cream at 9am.

She is our big girl.

And we love her very much.

Occasional Tantrums and all.



I Love My Toddler.

on Tuesday, 17 July 2012.


I love my toddler.

Of course I love my little girl.

I wouldn't be a very good Mummy if I didn't would I? From the second Mads was born I loved her unconditionally and with every single bone in my body. Each stage is amazing. There's that tiny, newborn scrunched up stage where they don't do an awful lot, but you have every excuse in the world to just cuddle them all day. Then as they start to grow up there is all those very fun milestones to experience- smiling for the first time, hearing that precious first giggle, crawling, recognizing you as their mama....these are all incredible and such proud Mummy moments.

But to me, the toddler stage is just the best stage of them all. When Mads was 6 months, the thought of her being 18 months would have me breaking out into cold sweats and wailing 'Noooo.' I didn't want her to be classed as a toddler- I wanted to keep her a baby forever.

However no one told me just how much fun having a toddler is. At 18 months Mads is a proper little character. She is still a baby- she fits in 9-12 month clothes, clings to her Mummy and holds her hands out for cuddles when she is sad, babbles in her own secret language that no one else can understand, and plays with Mummys ear when she is tired.

Yet at the same time she is a little person. She learns new words every day and copies things you say. You can now have a conversation with her, albeit sometimes it's a little one way. She knows what she wants and what she doesn't. The other day I said to her 'Do you want a little sleep?' The answer was 'No.' I then asked her if she would like a biscuit. The answer was 'Yes.' You now can't say anything for fear of her copying you.

She loves to run around and her favourite thing is to walk. She doesn't always want to hold your hand but if you tell her she isn't allowed to walk unless she holds your hand then she quickly sticks her little arm out as she doesn't want to be picked up. She loves to be chased and she squeals in delight if you get on your hands and knees and pretend to creep towards her.

She can do the most awesome animal noises. Sometimes I think there is an actual lion in the room with me. And a duck. She plays with her new play kitchen in the cutest way, bringing you a cup of tea and stirring the spoon for you. Although she does bring you more and more until eventually you couldn't possibly stomach any more tea.

She makes me laugh. Not just a pretend laugh but a full on giggle. And that sets her off too so we giggle together frequently. She has the funniest facial expressions, and says the funniest things. She makes me proud every day with the way she absorbs everything- I like to call her my little sponge as she is really intelligent and knowing. The other day I was upset about something silly and I got tears in my eyes...she came up to me and gave me a cuddle and said 'Ahhh.' She is affectionate, cuddly and kind, yet independent, cheeky and lively.

I can see glimpses into the future. Of what kind of little girl she is going to be. Of the fun we are going to have. And of the fact that one of my lifelong wishes has come true- to have a daughter that can be my best friend- just like my Mum is to me.

Of course I loved the newborn stage, and the baby stage and I am sure I will love all the stages that are to come. Except having a teenager, that doesn't need to roll around too quickly.

But the toddler stage. That is pretty damn incredible. I can safely say that I love every single part of my 18 month old little person.

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