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A Magical Adventure...

on Wednesday, 11 June 2014.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning after opening my eyes is check my phone, more specifically my social media.  I have a quick glance at instagram, or twitter, or facebook, and then I may say good morning to my husband.  How bad is that?  I am slightly over dramatising the scenario (only just!) but the reality is I do spend a fair portion of my time absentmindedly flicking through social media for no particular reason.

I adore having my blog, I love that facebook helps me keep in touch with old friends or that I can gain inspiration through sites like instagram, and I love that my online life has brought me so many opportunities and friendships, but I can't remember my life before my blog.  Now any moment that I am not looking after the girls, seeing friends or working is taken up with the online world.  Nap times are spent writing blog posts or doing my usual pointless flicking through various apps.  What did I use to do with my time?  My house would be a lot cleaner that's for sure.  

But sometimes you just need to switch off and that's exactly what we did this weekend.  We had a family weekend away to the MOST MAGICAL PLACE ever.  It deserves capital letters as it really was that amazing.  A remote treehouse in the middle of nowhere in Wales.  No electricity, no phone signal, not even an indoor shower or toilet.  Just my little family and going back to basics.  It was absolutely perfect.

My photos or video will not do this treehouse justice but just imagine living high up in the trees and that is exactly what it was.  There was no one around for miles, just us and A LOT of sheep.  It was beautiful, peaceful yet oh so stylish.  Although the weather wasn't great (The sun did come out periodically!) we went on lots of walks, ate lots of sweet treats, snuggled, read books by candlelight and played games.  It was just what we all needed.  

The girls were so good considering we were all sleeping in the same room, although Mads didn't go to bed until near enough 10pm on the first night. (when it is windy the trees REALLY creak!)  We had a simple, lovely few days, topped off by visiting my grandparents on the way home.  I am so thankful for my little family and the opportunities that we get to experience and I will treasure the memories of the past weekend.  

I also proved that I am not necessarily a country girl at heart, firstly by putting my lovely PJ bottoms on a candle and setting them on fire and secondly by freaking out about needing a wee at 2 am (the toilet was outside) and waking Mr E up to come with me to hold my hand!

 I didn't charge my camera and it went on to low battery while we were there, so because I wanted to save it for seeing my grandparents on the way home, I thought I hadn't taken that many photos.  Turns out you can take the blogger away from social media but you can't taken the blogger away from her camera!  I couldn't go completely cold turkey- I may have self combust or something. Oops... Here is our weekend in photos and a little video...

a magical adventure1

The most beautiful place ever.

a magical adventure3

Girls in bed.  Candles. Wine. Sat on a treehouse balcony with an amazing view. Check.

a magical adventure4

Posing on the spiral staircase.  Not an easy feat while holding two wriggly children.

a magical adventure5


You had to access the treehouse by a number of bridges which Mads thought was the best thing ever.

a magical adventure6

The 'wibbly wobbly' bridge.

a magical adventure7

We took a trip to the local seaside.

a magical adventure8

Writing your name's in a heart on the sand.  Standard practice.

a magical adventure9

We stopped off at a gorgeous little sweetie shop for an ice cream.  Doing the normal tourist thing and getting the lady to take a photo of us all.

a magical adventure10

Lots of snuggles were had.

a magical adventure11

The treehouse had no electricity and the hot water was powered by the fire, so we spent a lot of time lighting candles.  And then a lot of time stopping LL crawling and picking them up.

a magical adventure13

Mads kept cheating at Jenga but as we love her we let her do it.

a magical adventure12

 We did lots and lots of walking.  Well as much as you could do when had forgotten to pack the baby carrier.  Oops.

a magical adventure14

 And did lots of swinging.

a magical adventure15

 Plus lots of Gruffalo hunting.

a magical adventure16

Log walking was also a must.

a magical adventure17

Late afternoon sunshine is the best kind of sunshine.

a magical adventure18

This girl loved running about.

a magical adventure19 

We stopped off at my Grandparents on the way home as they live on the border of Wales.  I will treasure this photo of Mads and my Nana.

a magical adventure20

The obligatory family photo we take each time. :) 


And here is a little video of our adventures...





Just a little note at the end to say thank you so much to Loved by Parents.  We won this trip through them and I couldn't finish this post off without thanking them for giving us the opportunity for such a wonderful weekend together.  They haven't asked us to write about it or mention them in any way, but I just wanted to say thanks.   We have already said the treehouse may be our special family place and we will definitely be returning!







'And It Was All Yellow'.

on Monday, 28 April 2014.

When it gets towards the end of the Summer months I start to crave the cooler weather.  I fantasize about layered clothes, cosy jumpers and Winter boots.  Of hot chocolates with marshmallows, twinkly Christmas fairy lights and snuggly afternoons on the sofa watching a film.  But then soon enough I get fed up of the cold and begin to imagine longer lighter evenings, days out to the seaside and pretty Spring dresses.

Spring just sort of creeped up on me this year.  Winter just wasn't that cold, we didn't have that bitterly freezing weather where you would hold your breath while you waited for the car to warm up or where you thought your hands were going to drop off as you pushed the buggy without gloves.  All of a sudden the nights have got lighter, the weather has got a little warmer and now we have the odd day of sunshine mixed with the usual gloomy rain.

I love the sense of promise that Spring brings.  That feeling of Summer just being around the corner.  Everyone is a little happier, there is more to do and being outdoors just feels great.  There is the promise of sausages sizzling on the BBQ, warm evenings spent outdoors drinking Pimms and smiling children giggling and running around at the park.   

Whenever I see the first yellow rapeseed sprouting it always signifies to me that Spring is on the way.    The bright yellow blankets of flowers that coat the English countryside are often overlooked, they aren't as pretty as bluebells or poppies and people moan about them bringing on their hayfever.  I don't think they bring on mine as I have yet to have it this year.  But actually they are beautiful.

Therefore we had to take a trip to one of the many fields around our area as of course the bright yellow flowers are every happy snapping bloggers dream!  I actually took one of my most favourite photos ever of Mads in the rapeseed a couple of years ago, so we couldn't resist stopping by with LL in tow too.  

Mads had a wonderful time running up and down the field and pretending to be a 'Gruffalo monster' and it sounds silly but looking at these photos really makes me smile.  Yellow is a happy colour and nothing makes me happier than ordinary weekends doing simple things with my little family.  

yellow rapeseed photoshoot9

yellow rapeseed photoshoot5

yellow rapeseed photoshoot6

yellow rapeseed photoshoot13

yellow rapeseed photoshoot7

yellow rapeseed photoshoot10

yellow rapeseed photoshoot8

yellow rapeseed photoshoot11

yellow rapeseed photoshoot4

yellow rapeseed photoshoot12


yellow rapeseed photoshoot14

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #17 'I scream You scream We all Scream for Ice Cream.'

on Sunday, 27 April 2014.

Every afternoon after Mads and LL wake up from their naps we have what we call a 'naughty treat'.  Most of the time this is something relatively mediocre, like a Rich Tea or a Ginger nut.  Occasionally we might be flash and share a bit of chocolate or a packet of yoghurt coated raisins.  We snuggle together on the sofa, both of them are both a little groggy and sleepy still and we watch a film or some television.  

At the weekends though our little routines change somewhat.  Having Mr E home from work just makes things easier, more laid back and of course more fun.  While I love having weekends where we are busy seeing friends or family, or going away on day trips, I can honestly say that the weekends that I enjoy the most are the ones where we just relax.  When I say relaxed, it is never particularly relaxing with two small children, but I enjoy the times when we don't have any plans in the diary.

This past weekend was no exception.  We have a very busy couple of months coming up and from next week onwards we have got plans most weekends.  This week has been a little hectic as we have had decorators in painting most of our house so I spent the majority of Saturday having a massively over due Spring clean.  I cleaned out every cupboard you can think of, decluttered every room and sorted out miscellaneous items into storage boxes.  We went out shopping and bought some finishing touches to our newly decorated bedroom and just generally had a big sort out.

It wasn't exactly thrilling excitement for Mads and LL, but they were such good girls as we sorted and dragged them from shop to shop.  Therefore as a little treat, we decided on a slightly out of the ordinary after nap snack.  Ice Cream!  If there is one thing that will challenge my willpower, then it's ice cream.  I cannot get enough of it and it seems my girls feel the same way if their little faces were anything to go by.  Normally I am very boring and only eat Vanilla (that and Cookie Dough are by far the best flavours) but as I am a super accomodating Mummy I let Mads choose and she chose Neopolitan.  

It was definitely a nice treat after a productive day.














Our Lovely Long Easter Weekend...

on Tuesday, 22 April 2014.

The Easter bunny has been and gone and we now have at least a year's supply of chocolate currently taking up space in our cupboard causing us to have a tremendous amount of lost willpower.  Our four day weekend was just what we needed, a chance to relax and have some quality time together as a family.  I couldn't have asked for anything more and I am sad it is over for another  year. 

I have been feeling really emotional this weekend, I don't know if it was seeing the magic on my girls faces while out hunting for eggs, seeing my 90 year old grandparents and creating memories that I treasure so much each time, or just spending time with different members of my family but I have had to blink back tears on a few occasions as I have sat back and watched the people I love having a good time.  

It was a quiet yet subtly hectic weekend- Friday was spent over at my grandparents having slow roasted gammon and hunting for eggs on their farm, Saturday we went over to my Dad's where my other grandparents were visting, Sunday we went to a local farm for a day out with my sister before going over to my Mums in the evening as it was her birthday and Monday was spent being lazy and doing some tidying and baking.  It was just a laid back lovely weekend with two little girls who were on their best behaviour considering the amount of E numbers consumed.  (Although on Thursday night Mads drew a masterpiece on my new wallpaper with biro and we can't get it off but I couldn't hold a grudge with a three year old all weekend!)

Below are some photos and a (rather long) video of our bank holiday weekend together.  Why can't every weekend be four days long and full of chocolate?  


A little early Easter treat.


Bunnies everywhere.


The girls Easter baskets- a gorgeous Jellycat bedtime bunny and mouse, the obligatory bunny ears, chocolate friends and marshmallows.  We normally have them on Easter Sunday but we had them on Friday this year as we went over to my Grandmas for an egg hunt.


The little hand knitted chicks from my Mother in Law had kinder eggs hidden in them- Mads loved them and said 'Wow' when she realised there was her favourite treat inside.


The cheekiest Easter bunny that there ever was.


We went over to my Grandparents for lunch on Good Friday with my Mum and the rest of the family.


Ready for egg hunts.


Some new friends guarding the egg bucket.




Mads had a great time searching for eggs in Great Grandma's garden.


'Found one Mummy!'


Checking out her big sisters loot.


My Mother in Law made the girls these gorgeous 'matching but not matching' bunnies and my Mum also made them a lovely Easter basket each.  They were very spoilt with little treats.


More friends.


Mads went for a walk with Great Grandma (they live on a big farm with lots of gorgeous land) and picked me some flowers.  Her little face was so cute, she was so proud to give them to me.


On Saturday we went over to my Dad's as my Grandparents were visiting from Wales.  Nothing is more special to me than these family times, we are aware how lucky we are to be able to make these memories.


Digging in the garden with Grandpa.


 Sharing a joke with Daddy.


On Sunday we went to the farm that we went to last year, Mads loved feeding all the animals.  I didn't take many photos while we were there cause I didn't want to get my camera wet (obligatory British bank holiday rain) but I took some quick video clips. 


Because when my girls are grown up they will really want an awkwardly posed photo of their Mummy and Auntie in front of a ridiculously old fire engine.  Who wouldn't?  


Mads and I did some Easter baking on Monday because with all the mountains of chocolate we had in the house we just needed that little bit more sugar.


I love this photo of my Nana and Mads.  I will treasure it for all the happy smiles.

A little video of our weekend too.  It is rather long, anyone who gets to the end can have a leftover Easter egg.  Maybe.



All in all it was a lovely weekend.  One of those ones where you just feel thankful to have a slightly boring ordinary life.  Roll on the next bank holiday!


NB We were very kindly sent the Jellycat bunny and mouse for Mads and LL's Easter Basket. Thank you! :)
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