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A Child Free Weekend in Bath...

on Tuesday, 08 April 2014.

This past weekend I had my first child free weekend ever.  I have been away before for the odd night when we just had Mads and I went away to Brussels with work for two nights when Mads was around eleven months old, but I have only been away from LL for a night before.  I was excited and a little nervous about leaving them for the weekend.

The reason for my travels was it was one of my best friends hen do's in Bath.  Her wedding is in a couple of weeks and I am bridesmaid so I was really excited about spending some time with her and her friends, as well as one of my other closest friends from uni.  

We had a great time, the only downside being that I was not well earlier in the week and on the Saturday it came back with avengence, meaning that I got glammed up ready to have some drinks only to find that my stomach was so painful I had to go home early.  I was so disappointed and upset, typical that I am poorly on the one weekend that I get to go away. 

Here is my weekend in iPhone photos...


Arrived in Bath early on Friday for a spot of lunch with the lovely Lucy.  


We had a wonderful time catching up. 


Bath is so beautiful and also has some lovely quirky shops, could have bought everything in this toy shop.


Beautiful country house for the weekend.  Check. 



Gorgeous room. Check.


Warm fire. Check.





Bathroom selfies and my two best uni friends.  One in a toilet paper wedding dress.  The other the actual bride.  


Not a bad view to wake up to.  


Actually had time to eat breakfast for once.


Most people have limos for their hen do, we had a horse box.


Kicked out his transport.


This little fella was an hour old. 


Cuddles with another baby and a spot of shooting.


Super shooters.


Relaxing in a huge bubble bath.


All glammed up and fizzy willies.


A little treat brought home for my little ladies (and Mr E!) - some chocolate ducks!


A little card for Mr E. 

It was a lovely weekend and it was nice to be able to just relax and not have to be 'Mummy' for a while.  I was the only Mum there bar the hens Mum, and for once all my conversation didn't revolve around tantrums, nappies and sleeping patterns, although I kept showing them all photos of my lovely little ladies.  The girls had a great time with Mr E and when I spoke to them on the phone Mads kept saying she 'missed me so much.'  I came home to the biggest cuddles and they didn't leave my lap for the whole afternoon.  

They definitely missed me just as much as I missed them.  

Roll on the wedding! 



My 30th Birthday Weekend...

on Tuesday, 11 March 2014.

Last weekend I turned thirty, a milestone which to be honest I wasn't particularly looking forward to. I was quite happy in my twenties and as it loomed ever closer I felt a little disheartened about the thought of leaving them behind.

In fact, I had one of the most lovely weekends that I have had in a very long time.  Mr E and I haven't really 'done' birthdays since the girls came along, not properly anyway.  But he went all out for my 30th, and I was spoilt and treated all weekend.  I know that I am very lucky to have my husband and all that he does for us the majority of the time, but he really did make my birthday so special and I am so thankful to him for that.

He had planned the whole weekend.  On Thursday night we went over to my Dads for dinner which was a nice pre birthday celebration.  On Friday, my actual birthday we went to meet some family and friends for lunch in the pretty little village I went to school.  Then Friday night I went out for dinner with my Mum's side of the family.  Saturday we went off shopping for the day while my Mum had the girls and I got to spend my birthday money.  It was great to buy a few clothes as I was in desperate need for some wardrobe updating.  Saturday night we had a double date with Lucy and her hubby which as always was great fun.

On Sunday we dropped the girls off at my Dads and headed off to Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire for our first night away since we became parents.  We have been away as a family, or separately but never together without the girls so it was a real treat.  We spent a relaxing day before having some dinner and drinks in the evening.  After a mini lie in, we headed back to our girls on Monday lunchtime and were treated to the best cuddles.

Here is our weekend in a mixture of big camera and iPhone photos...


Yippee- pressies!


I was in total shock when I opened my presents, Mr E had completely and utterly treated me.  I got lots of lovely bits, and from the girls I got an iPod shuffle which he had engraved with 'To Mummy Happy 30th, Love Mads and LL.'


He got me a gorgeous set of stacking rings and a new watch which I was blown away with, and he thoughtfully got it engraved with a lovely message.  Serious brownie points.


Our little family at lunch.


This girl was in her element with all the attention.


On Saturday afternoon after we got back from shopping we took these girls to the park to let off some steam.


Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.


Enjoying the river in Henley on our first night away.


Relaxing.  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather.




We stopped off at this beautiful little village called Hambleden for a walk in the sunshine.


Our room for the night was gorgeous, we took advantage of TV watching in the bath. ;) 




We sat in a pub for ages reading magazines, one of those silly things you miss when you don't do it anymore.


Selfies by the river and pink fizz.

All in all it was the most amazing weekend and I feel sad that it's over.  I couldn't have asked for anything better for turning thirty and I feel so lucky to have my husband, girls, family and friends who made me feel so special.

Now it's back to reality with a bang and lots of washing, work and cleaning to catch up on.  

But with lots of happy memories.


Friendships And A Weekend Away.

on Tuesday, 10 September 2013.

I like to think I am a good friend.

I am still friends with two of my oldest school friends, although our lives have taken very different paths over recent years, with continents, babies and other factors separating us.  I am still good friends with my closest university friends too, but again with them living in London and being child free, it means that I don't see them as often as I would like.

Then there are the friends I have picked up along the way.  Friends I have met through nights out, old friends that are now just facebook friends, friends made through work, through having my girls, and through my husband.  

I have friends that I see every week while Mr E is working, friends who I only see once a year but I know I could call on in a second, and friends who we see as a couple or a family.

When I started my blog I didn't ever dream that I would make friends through blogging and social media.  I have a couple of friends who have met partners through dating websites, but friends?  It didn't really enter my mind.  But I have.  I count many of my twitter friends as 'real friends'- friends I speak to most days, meet up with a couple of times a year, whether at conferences, events or just general meet ups.  I speak to these friends more than my oldest ones.

Then there's Lucy.  Through blogging I have met someone who has become one of my closest friends.  And better still, our families have become close friends too.  We are so similar and our families seem to just gel together so well. 

This past weekend we went to Center Parcs.  We had a fab time.  I was so worried that it would be tricky with sleeping, mainly because our toddlers were sharing a room together, but they all did us proud.

They were little angels, albeit hyper ones, and the babies were perfectly behaved too.  We spent the days swimming, walking and playing.  In fact, I hardly took any photos because we were just too busy. 

But most of all we made memories.

Here's to next year!








Finding Gruffalo nuts.


Morning PJ playtime!


Wobbly bits on show.







Those Special Kind Of Weekends...

on Wednesday, 10 July 2013.

Do you ever have a weekend that you know you will remember for a long, long time?

One that is full of laughs, full of fun, full of adventures and full of firsts?

Well we just had one of those.


Last weekend we headed off on a very long car journey in the sweltering heat to a Shorefield Park just outside Milford on Sea in Hampshire for three days of fun with my lovely friend Lucy and her family.  


We arrived on Friday late afternoon, after a very long, uncomfortable car journey in the heat, which should have taken us three hours but instead took us five.  We checked into our accomodation, a three bed luxury caravan with Lucy and her family next door, and had a look around the park.  Shorefield Park is really lovely, with lots of facilities for adults and little ones.  

We had the most wonderful few days.  Here is a little snapshot of what we got up too.


We headed to Paulton's Park, a family theme park and home to Peppa Pig World.  Mads had been excited for weeks to see 'Peppa' and the day certainly didn't disappoint.


It was so unbelievably hot and therefore of course the park was incredibly busy- at first we were a little worried about how long it would take to queue with impatient toddlers but we soon found our way.  We spent a bit of time in the amazing soft play area which of course was nice and cool.


LL and BG loved having thumb sucking lessons while their siblings charged around the Peppa themed soft play.


Some were more excited than others by the rides!


Peppa Pig World was packed so we headed off to the other bits of the park which were just as fun and we only had to queue for a max of 10 minutes for a ride.  Mads and BB went on their first ride on their own- we expected meltdown's but they loved it and went on some more after that!



Having a picnic.


We headed back to Peppa Pig World a bit later on where the queues were so much quieter and we got on a few more rides.  Mads loved it and I would definitely recommend it.  I was suprised how much more there was there- it isn't just for Peppa fans.


The next morning was just as hot so we headed off to the local beach- the children were having a wonderful time until we had a situation with a poorly seagull that cut short our stay!  


Shorefield had a really lovely outdoor pool which we had a great time splashing about in.  It was LL's first time swimming but it was a little cold for her so she didn't stay in long.  There is also an indoor pool that we went in later as well which she loved.



BG enjoyed chilling in the shade and LL snoozed while Mads and BB played on the amazing pirate ship playground covered in sand.



There were al fresco dinner dates in the early evening sunshine.



This happened every evening- we got tipsy, laughed so much and learnt interesting facts about each other in a little drinking game.


My little family in the sunshine.




We had the best weekend in the sunshine.  We couldn't have asked for better weather, the location of the holiday park was gorgeous, the facilities were perfect for our children and the adventures we had were great.

We have come away with sun kissed noses, and funny tales to tell.

Already firm friendships have grown even deeper and I can tell that this may well become a yearly tradition.  

But the main thing we have come away with?

Lots of happy memories.


Disclaimer- A big thank you to Shorefield Holidays for giving us a complimentary stay at their lovely holiday park, a big thank you to Paultons Park for complimentary park tickets, and a big thank you to Mr Sun for making an appearance all weekend.  Thanks to our lovely friends the Dear Beautiful Family for being the perfect partners in crime.  All words, photos and opinions are entirely my own.


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