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Words #11

on Thursday, 16 January 2014.

Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains

There is something so beautiful to me about watching my babies sleeping.  

At the end of a busy or hectic day, there is nothing more I love than the enchanting sleepytime rituals that we share.  It is my favourite part of the day by far, not least because they are going to bed and I get some time to myself.

It's the way they chatter and giggle in the bath, LL splashing her little hands and letting out squeals of delight.

It's the way they feel so small when they are wrapped up in their big fluffy towels, and we sit them on our laps and rub them dry, cuddling them close.

It's the way that Mads jumps on the bed without any clothes, completely free of inhibitions and as innocent as they come.

It's the way we all snuggle together side by side and read a story, Mads playing with Daddys ear and LL nuzzling into me while feeding. 

It's the way they smell.  Of freshly washed hair, fruity shampoo, and clean cotton PJ's.  Probably one of my favourite smells.

For some reason they feel smaller at night.  Calm descends after a busy and hectic day full of errands, playing, learning and growing.  The tantrums are forgotten, the stresses are put to one side.  I savour these moments and relish them, all too aware that one day we won't all snuggle in our bed together.  That bedtime stories will be a thing of the past, and I won't get to feel the warmth of these little bodies next to me. 

And then it's always 'a kiss like in the films' from Mads, where we do a big comedy smooch.  There's a last grin from LL before she snuggles her face into her sheep and heads off to the land of nod.  There's the every night ritual of pretending to be something as we take Mads to her room and tuck her into her bed.  It changes every night, Daddy could be a lion, a polar bear or Woody from Toy Story, Mummy could be an alien, a baby or a snake, Mads a telephone, a monster or a sheep.  

It's those silly little rituals that make us us.

And then the doors get pulled close, we go downstairs, and breathe a little sigh of relief and contentment.  They are asleep, and we have a little bit of time to relax before it all starts again the next morning.

But not before we check on our sleeping babies.  LL curled up in funny positions, her little feet hidden by her sleeping bag and her little chest rising and falling.  The way her exceptionally long eyelashes flicker as she dreams.  Then there's Mads, her wild curls splayed out around her, cuddling Pongo and surrounded by her 'friends' who have to be there without fail.  There's blue dinosaur, Friend, pink rabbit and Rosie to name just a few.  

And for a few brief moments as I kiss my little girls goodnight, I experience a wild surge of love and feel like I almost want to wake them up and give them a cuddle, although I never do. (I'm not that crazy.)  

Somehow in those few seconds of sleeping slumber the world just feels right.



Last year I started a little ongoing series called 'Words' - my favourite quotes on my favourite photos.  You can check out the rest of my photos and posts here.


Words #10

on Monday, 14 October 2013.


I love this quote and I love this photo of my 'little fairy' Mads.

Sometimes I feel a little sad about the world we are bringing our girls up in to.

Don't get me wrong, they are growing up surrounded by love and happiness.  But occasionally when I turn on the news or read the paper, I feel a little sad about some of the horrible things that happen.  How people can be so cruel to others.   

It feels like such a huge responsibility being a parent sometimes.  That we have been entrusted to care for these girls, and help them grow up to be kind, compassionate human beings.  To protect them, keep them safe, but yet also give them enough freedom to spread their wings and become who they were meant to be.  There is the desire to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool but with it the worry of stifling them too much.  

Even at this age it's there.  The child in soft play who pushes Mads to the ground.  Her little face with tears streaming down it, looking at me as if to question why anyone would do such a thing.  There's the desire to leave soft play but instead I find myself saying to her 'That wasn't a nice thing to do, we must not push or hit other people.'  The desire to let her fight her own battles a little.  To learn that not everyone is going to be nice all the time.

At the moment she is so innocent and pure, unaware of the horrible things in the world.  I wish I could keep her that way.  Children seem in such a rush to grow up nowadays and I look at young teen girls with faces full of makeup and it makes me feel a little sad.  I am not stereotyping every teenager, but it seems that a lot of their role models are people from TOWIE or Geordie Shore.  It just seems that children aren't children for as long anymore.

I remember going off on my bike when I was young and not coming home for hours.  I would build dens with my friends, prank call boys from school from a phone box, and sit on a park bench and eat sweets.  It was before the days of mobile phones and all my Mum would ask was that I checked in every few hours so she knew I was ok.  I can't remember how old I was, but would that happen nowadays?  

I know that my little ladies won't be little for ever but while they are I want to make their childhood full of magic and fun.  I want them to go hunting for Gruffalo's, and make dens in the woods.  I want them to believe in fairy tales and believe that they can be anything they want to be.  I want them to dance around in their tutu's without any inhibitions, to want to be a princess when they grow up and to get excited about Father Christmas coming down the chimney.

 I want our ordinary life to be magical.  Of course it can't be all the time, but I want to help them create memories of their childhood that they will treasure.  I want to fill their days with fun, start traditions that they will pass on to their own children, and make the most of their little imaginations.

I want them to look back on their childhood when they are older and think that we did a good job and that life may not always have been easy but that it was full of love, fun and make believe.  

I can't keep them little forever but I can make this short time one that they will treasure.

And that I will treasure too.


Words #9

on Thursday, 05 September 2013.


For my latest 'Words' I have chosen this quote from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream.'

I wouldn't say you would find me at home at night reading Shakespeare these days but I did A-Level English Literature and my absolute favourite is A Midsummer Nights Dream.

This quote sums up my little girl entirely.

To look at her, you see big blue eyes, beautiful blondy brown curls and the sweetest, happiest smile.

She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, especially when she has woken up from a nap and she is all snuggly and cuddly.  She is incredibly affectionate, kind and loving.  Some mornings we seem to start the day just right and we have a great day, she is as good as gold and a delight to be around.

But behind that angelic exterior...

There is a side to my Mads that would make even hardened adults tremble.  My goodness this girl, even at two, knows exactly what she wants, and if she is a bit tired or under the weather and she doesn't get it- you better watch out!

Some days the only way to describe her is hard work.  These days happen rarely, but some days from the second she wakes up she just seems to want to test the boundaries.  She can tantrum like the best of them, letting out the most dramatic diva like fake cry when she doesn't get her own way.  We have even had the throwing herself on the floor in protest.

She also has now learnt how to pull on my emotional Mummy heart strings.  This girl could win an Oscar for her performances.  The other day she came up to me and asked for a biscuit.  I said no, that we had only just had breakfast and she turned to me, flung her arms round my neck and said  'Please can I have one Mummy, I just love you so so much.'  Cupboard love works in our house it seems as we soon were eating a digestive at 8.30am.

Likewise if I get cross with her, she has figured out how to play me at my own game.  'Mads do you want a time out?' 'Yes please Mummy.'  'Mads do you want to go home?' 'Yes.'

 Oh right.  That wasn't the answer I was looking for.  How can a two year old outsmart me? 

Sometimes I get little glimpses of what she will be like when she is older, and what kind of teenager she will be.  I am sure there will be times when we she will test us and push the boundaries even more than she does now.

But for all those testing times?

We get to spend our days with the most remarkable little girl.  

She's cheeky but she's happiest when she is stroking your ear as a comfort.

She can be a monkey but she is the kindest little girl you could meet and she looks out for her friends.

She is loyal, affectionate and her giggle could melt your heart.

She sucks her fingers when she's tired, and will often come and cuddle me when I least expect it.

She is full of innocence, and she makes us incredibly proud every day.

She can be fierce but she's our Mads.

And we love her very much.



Words #8

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013.


I love this quote.

It completely describes my biggest girl.

At two and a half she is growing up every day, and most of the time she is hilarious.

She lives in a world of make believe- she likes dressing as a fairy, thinks Daddy is a dragon and likes to build dens.

She carries around 'treasures' in random plastic eggs and loves having 'monies' in her little purse.  She calls me 'Mummy my darling' and tells me that LL is 'her baby and the best baby ever.'

She comes up with such gems like when I asked could she reach the sky cause she was sat on her Daddy's shoulders she said 'No silly Mummy I need a ladder to do that' and on seeing our road saying 'Oh look that's where our house lives.'  

Her speech is incredible but she occasionally muddles up words such as saying the other day 'I think so not Mummy' instead of I don't think so, and on me saying she needed to stay in the buggy because we were near a road she said 'Don't worry I will stay on the Patient' instead of pavement.   And I will never tire of her saying 'Onaange' instead of Orange.  We all say it like that now because of her.

She giggles at the most random things, makes me eat countless 'chocolate cakes' that she has cooked in her oven, and dances around naked to Tree Fu Tom.  

She is full of innocence, full of love and as bonkers as they come.

I want to revel in her crazy side, nurture her affectionate side and fill her world full of make believe, fun and adventure.  

She has the ability to drive me insane but in a way that when she isn't looking I secretly laugh to myself because she flounces around and tantrums over the most random things.

She is definitely in her own little world, but it is a world that I feel completely priviliged to be a part of.

The world of my crazy, incredibly sweet two and a half year old.

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