A 'Big Girl' Room- A Room Tour.

on Monday, 22 April 2013.

We have finally completed Mads 'big girl' room.  It was started way back in November, but due to the fact that we had to wait an absolute age for the cot bed to be delivered, we have only just finished it now.  On Sunday she spent the day at my Dad's and we transformed our old study for her.  Her face was an actual picture when she came in, she was so excited and proceeded straight away to get in her new bed.

I thought I would do a little tour of her very first 'big girls' room.

We decided on a woodland theme.


Above her bed we got a canvas made of my favourite photo of her, her 'flying' in the rape seed last summer.  On the wall next to her curtains are some home made owls, made very kindly for her by my mother in law.


We kept the existing chair that was in our study so we could sit and read her a bedtime story and bought this owl cushion from Sass & Belle.  Next to it is 'Rabbit' who I was given on the day I was born and has been my most trusted companion ever since.  I love my little girl enough that I have entrusted her to look after him!


We put up two floating white shelves to add bits and pieces.  These Ingela P Arrhenius owl nesting dolls were from The Kid Who and we bought the little toadstool night light from Not On The High Street.


On the other shelf we have her photos of her in my tummy which we call her 'first ever photo.'  The little owl paper lantern was from her Auntie Paula.


We chose a wardrobe from Next which had four inbuilt shelves, so we filled them with nick nacks.  These owls are from various different places, mainly again from her Auntie Paula.


On the next shelf we bought a big toadstool from the Jools Oliver for Mothercare range, it is meant to be a doorstop but we thought it looked nice next to the very hungry caterpiller!


Mads made this ceramic star dish herself on our last weekend as a three.  The Monday after baby LL arrived.


Baby LL bought this for her big sister on the day she came to meet her in the hospital!


We bought these little toadstool lights to hang from the end of her bed from, they actually make the room very cosy when the lights are off and they are on.


Mads is very lucky to go to her Auntie Paula's every week. Auntie Paula is one of my Mum's best friends and her Mum 'Nanny Ann' knitted this rather lovely owl for Mads.  He sits on the windowsill and oversees what's going on.


This photo frame hangs by the door, we need to get a photo of LL in there too, although she was in my tummy in two of them.


She has 'stars' covering her ceiling which glow in the dark and her paper lampshade is Farg & Form from Nubie.


Mr E bought both our girls a 'special Daddy present' on the day they were born and he wrapped them up and bought them to the hospital.  They both have rabbits like Mummy had on the day she was born, although each of them has a different one.  Mads has a pink bunny who sits on her new big girl bed.  I like to think that one day they will know how special these presents are and how thoughtful their Dad is.


The owl bedding and curtains are from Dunelm, I am not a massive fan of baby pink children's rooms so I was thrilled to find a set that weren't too girly but were still fun for a toddler.



The wall sticker we have mentioned on this blog before, we kindly got it to review from Enchanted Interiors.

So there you have it.

A 'big girl' room for my biggest little girl, who is growing far too quickly.  Both myself and Mr E watched her playing yesterday in her new bed and exchanged glances at each other as she was jumping around in delight- I know what we were both thinking without having to say any words at all- our little girl is growing up fast!*

*NB- Not too fast however as she is not actually sleeping in her big girl room just yet- she still naps for three hours in the afternoon and sleeps twelve/thirteen hours a night- I am not risking that by putting her into a big girl bed until I possibly have too.  While LL is still in with us, she is staying in her nursery!

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  • Lauren


    22 April 2013 at 06:47 |
    It's absolutely beautiful! She is so lucky. I bet she can't wait to get in there now.
    Well done.
    I started Harrys room in August, and still haven't finished it. He's moved in there already.
  • CherryBlossomRain


    22 April 2013 at 06:48 |
    What a gorgeous room! I love it. We have wall stickers for Moo and T's room and they are fab! princess and a knight theme, as they share a room, it works pretty well.

    I love the woodland theme. I love owls!
  • jenny paulin

    jenny paulin

    22 April 2013 at 07:03 |
    such a beautiful room I would quite like to sleep there myself please? i adore that owl sat next to your teddy bear and the gorgeous wall art print. no wonder she loved and will love it so much x
  • Notmyyearoff


    22 April 2013 at 07:10 |
    Her room is beautiful! I love that it has all the watchful owls and is mostly neutral. Zs room has neutral walls too. I couldn't bear the thought of a room completely blue!
  • farfromhomemama


    22 April 2013 at 07:27 |
    It's absolutely perfect. I love it. And so nice to see a little girl's room that's not princess themed.

    When we moved James to his room, we let him play in it for a few weeks before as well and it really eased the transition. Hopefully, it will for Mads too. Although we had hell when we first tried him in his big bed. We ended up switching back to his cot for four months and letting him decided himself when he wanted the bed.

    Lucky Mads :-)
  • lucy at dear beautiful

    lucy at dear beautiful

    22 April 2013 at 07:29 |
    It looks so lovely. You guys worked so hard, well done. I think it's great that it's obviously a little girls room, but that she will be able to grow up with it, rather than grow out of it like some girly-girly bedrooms. I love the owls and woodland theme. x
  • Stay At Home Mum ~ In Training

    Stay At Home Mum ~ In Training

    22 April 2013 at 08:23 |
    This is absolutely beautiful. You have out so much thought into creating the perfect big girl room! I'm off to check out the wall stickers site! Xx
  • Charlotte


    22 April 2013 at 08:42 |
    Beautiful room! I can see why she loves it! Love the canvas and the owls. Don't blame you for not moving her! I put Bob in a big girls bed at 13 months in a final attempt to get her to sleep. It didn't work. x x
  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    22 April 2013 at 09:29 |
    It looks beautiful, I'm not surprised she loves it! ALl the little details that mean something will make it really special. We are hoping to do Lucas' room this year, scary to see them growing up so quick xx
  • Jen aka The Mad House

    Jen aka The Mad House

    22 April 2013 at 09:42 |
    What a delightful room indeed. I love the fact that you are not rushing to put her in it. She should be so used to it by the time you do that she will sleep well and the transition will be easier for all of you.
  • Kat


    22 April 2013 at 14:33 |
    it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
  • Kara


    22 April 2013 at 15:32 |
    I love the NB did make me giggle, trust me if my child slept like that I wouldn't either.
    I love the room, it is so cute and cozy and I would say perfect for Mads, Auntie Paula is such a sweetheart, I want an Auntie Paula.
    I love the photo touches, it's funny I bought a frame last week for Addy and Sweetpea's room for the same reason, I think it's such a great idea.
    As always Mr E truly awesome xxxx


    22 April 2013 at 18:58 |
    I love the room, so pretty but not too girly...the bedding matches the canvases in Hanna's bedroom! x
  • Brinabird and Son

    Brinabird and Son

    22 April 2013 at 20:56 |
    It looks beautiful. I love all the owls!
  • My Two Mums

    My Two Mums

    23 April 2013 at 09:00 |
    Such a gorgeous big girls bedroom. Love the owl theme. Wonder if M will let me get away with that theme.
  • Emma


    23 April 2013 at 09:23 |
    What a beautiful room. I LOVE the toadstools. x
  • Stephanie


    23 April 2013 at 11:28 |
    Her room looks so good! I absolutely love the woodland theme, and all the cute personal touches. I know Mads had to be thrilled when she saw it!
  • MishMashMamma


    24 April 2013 at 21:09 |
    So jealous! Can you come over and do my twins' room too please? :-)
  • Richmond Mummy

    Richmond Mummy

    24 April 2013 at 22:47 |
    It looks gorgeous! I love all the little details, I bet she was completely overwhelmed when she saw it for the first time - awww how cute! Wishing her many happy days and nights in her big girl's room when she does eventually move in there x
  • Emily


    25 April 2013 at 16:03 |
    You have such amazing taste - I could only dream of such beauty I this chaotic house and that would be MY room ;)) xx
  • Kelle


    25 April 2013 at 19:45 |
    WOW I love it!
    Love how its not frilly is you know what I mean!!!
  • Carly


    26 April 2013 at 11:30 |
    Love the little owl nesting dolls, it's a lovely room.
  • Jenny


    02 March 2014 at 19:28 |
    I know I am so late on the room tour comments but I wasn't blogging then. lol I love love Mads big girl room I am obsessed with owls. I want it for my own room. All the little accents are so adorable. She is one very lucky little princess. Just beautiful.
  • Beth


    09 June 2015 at 18:42 |
    So lucky! Her room Is stunning.

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