Blog Love #3

on Tuesday, 28 February 2012.

It is time for another Blog Love.  If you haven't seen it before Blog Love is a new thing I have started doing which is all about sharing the love- I read so many wonderful blogs, both old and new, and it is my little way of showing how great they are.  After all you may not read them and then by seeing blog love, you may just find a new blog to enjoy.

For Blog Love this time I have chosen a rather special blog and that is Mummy and the Beastie.



Hannah from Mummy and the Beastie is one of the first bloggers I ever really properly started talking too, I don't even know how it happened but soon we were emailing and tweeting each other non stop.  We are quite similar in our goals and our outlook on stuff, and in Hannah I have met a great friend- one that I would now consider to be a friend in real life as well as in the world of blogging.  We have met a few times now, and I would love to see her more but unfortunately time doesn't always allow for it.  

Hannah has one little boy, called Beastie who is three, and is very soon going to be given birth to another Beastie Boy which is very exciting.  She has documented her pregnancy through her bump diary which I have loved reading and she always has an interesting opinion on important topics such as breastfeeding versus bottle feeding.

Here is a little more about her..




Tell us a little about your blog.

I started blogging over a year ago rather randomly. I was chatting with my husband about business ideas and he mentioned that having a blog alongside the business would help keep it current within searches, etc. So following on from this discussion I looked into blogging and stumbled across mummy blogging and thought it might be worth a go. I started off on blogger and then my husband discovered a passion for designing headers and I eventually became self hosted. My blog is about my son affectionately known as 'Beastie' as you may have guessed from my name! its a journal of all things toddler related and will soon be filled with posts about our newborn who is due in the next few weeks.

What do you love about blogging?

I love the fact that it's my little space. I have had highs and lows with my blog and have thought about throwing the towel in a couple of times but on the whole I am proud of it. Some weeks I am flooded with inspiration and feel the instant urge to start typing my thoughts as they come into my mind, those ones always make the best posts in my opinion. Other weeks I has less to speak about and I might just be a little busy or preoccupied.

What blogs are you loving at the moment?

SAHMlovingit - This was one of the first blogs I discovered and still remains a favourite now, we are currently in the same boat being pregnant for the second time after talking briefly on Babycentre in our first pregnancies way before we even knew about blogging! I never tire of her fantastic, witty writing.

The Crazy Kitchen - This is an old favourite! there is a mixture of everything here from but it mainly features lots of mouth watering food that I am often jealous of and wish that I had the time/inclination to make. The lady behind the blog is a pretty nice lady too and has a lovely brood in tow.

Mummy Daddy and me Makes Three (this blog!). Katie was a fledgling blogger with me last year and we have grown through our blogs together. She provides lots of personality to her posts and she is the Mum of the gorgeous Mads who is the star attraction of her blog. She adds some humour and a touch of glamour to her blog as well as writing some heart warming letters to her little girl.

Dear Beautiful Boy - Often in collaboration with Katie, Lucy provides lots of prettiness with some truly poignant posts. She is a very good photographer and her blog showcases her work with the perfect muse, her son.

What inspires you?

Corny but I would say my little family inspires me. I wouldn't have started a blog if I hadn't become a Mum nor would I have pursued it without the support of my husband. My blog has evolved over the last year and that is because of my daily (ok maybe not daily) inspiration that my family give me. Any news that I read that catches my attention inspires me to share it with my readers. I love the fact I can write about what I feel passionate about and make myself heard and generally receive such a fantastic response.

What five things couldn't you live without?

My iPhone - I feel naked without it. My hotmail needs to be at my finger tips and I like to have instant access online. Twitter is always not far behind and I can take or leave facebook but I need my phone with me. Not forgetting someone might text or call me?!

My MacBook - Bit of a theme here isn't there? My blogging world in encased in my laptop so I would be lost without it.

Tea - I love it and if I can't have a cup I really crave it. A cup just makes everything feel that little bit better...When I have a cold I go off it and I hate that.

GHD's - My hair has a slight kink and a penchant to go wild if not tamed properly sometimes. I look back at photo's as a teen and wonder how I stepped out of the house. I have never been one for blow drying my hair properly so GHD's take the faff out of it all. Since I have had my fringe however I can get away with a lot more and can sometimes avoid getting the straighteners out at all. I still couldn't bear it though if I didn't have them. I thought they were on the blink the other day and I almost went into panic mode, expensive to replace but the cheaper alternatives are no match.

My sunglasses - Unless it's pouring down with rain, I never leave the house without them. I squint at the slightest thing and even a bright grey day requires me to wear them, especially when driving.

Your favourite post?

After much consideration I have chosen this one as I enjoyed writing it and I feel quite passionate about it.


So there you have it, another one of my favourite blogs.  If you haven't paid Hannah a visit, you fefinitely should go and take a little look now.

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    28 February 2012 at 19:51 |
    great choice for your blog love this week Katie...and thanks for the mention Hannah...even if you did call me 'old'.....I'll let you off as you called me a 'Lady' too!
  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Mummy and the Beastie

    28 February 2012 at 21:13 |
    Thank you for the post *bows*. I am honoured :-) and Helen you should be glad you got a mention! xx
  • Multiple Mummy

    Multiple Mummy

    28 February 2012 at 22:02 |
    Fabulous blog! What a great shout! xx
  • would like to be a yummy mummy

    would like to be a yummy mummy

    29 February 2012 at 13:33 |
    A great choice and one of my favourites too xx
  • MummyConstant


    29 February 2012 at 23:49 |
    Ahhh great post... I love it and love finding out about Beastie and Hannah :)

    We definitely need to meet soon - we have NO excuses you live 15 mins away haha xx
  • Emma @mummymummymum

    Emma @mummymummymum

    01 March 2012 at 19:56 |
    oooh Hannah we have very similar 5 things we couldn't do without! xx

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