'My Fitness Mission' - January

on Monday, 03 February 2014.

My body will never be the same again after having my girls.  That is a fact.  I know some may say that's not true, that exercising will get it back to normal but the truth is, it just won't.  After breastfeeding two babies, my boobies have lost their oomph, I am thicker round the middle and my belly button has seen better days.

Both my girls were big babies, Mads being 9lb and LL being 8 lb 12oz, and that was just them.  Thats not taking into account all the fluid, and my placenta. (After the birth of Mads the midwife said it was 'the biggest one she had ever seen'.  Not sure I am particularly thrilled with that accolade!)  


Anyway I digress.  My body isn't going to be the same again but I am fine with that.  I gave birth to two beautiful girls, and I fed them both for the first year of their life.   I am not a teeny tiny waisted teenager anymore and I wear my Mummy badge with incredible pride.  

That being said, what I am not proud of is my diet and lifestyle.  Some days I can go a day without eating any fruit or veg, let alone five a day.  I have never been a exerciser, bar a brief stint before my wedding in 2009 when I lasted a few weeks with the help of a personal trainer.  Countless gym memberships have been purchased throughout my twenties in all the different cities I have lived in.  The one defining thing in common is that I don't end up going.

 I also drink way too much diet coke sometimes going to bed before realising I haven't drunk a thing all day except a can of the fizzy good stuff.  I get bad headaches and my skin is dry.  I also have a terrible habit of piling way too much food on my plate, even having a bigger appetite than my husband.

I should be a lot bigger than I am considering what I eat, but I have always been pretty lucky that my arms and legs stay slim and my tummy takes the brunt.  It's always been my 'problem' area and the bit I am have never been completely happy with. (bar my dark circles but there's always Touch Eclait for that!)  However since having those 9lb elephants I like to call my children, it's taken even more of a battering.  Bad diet, no exercise and a second pregnancy have really taken their toll on my abs, in fact I literally have no muscle at all and my core is very weak.

 In December I decided enough was enough and I was going to do the typical thing everyone does (and that I have done many times before) and start 2014 in a healthy style.  Which I did.  Except this time weirdly I have stuck to it so far.  And even more weirdly, I am really enjoying it.

My goals are simple.  I want to get fitter.  I want to feel confident again.  No matter how many times people say I look fine or nice, it doesn't help the way I feel.  I am not desperately unhappy but there's things I want to change.  I want to go into a shop and feel comfortable buying new clothes.  I want to feel good.  For me.  Not for my husband or not really from a vanity point of view, although of course some of it is that.  Not because I feel society or glossy magazines deem I should look like a certain way.  I want to feel fitter for me and try and regain a little bit of that confidence I had before having children.  

I want to lose a stone.  That was my weight before pregnancy.  Once I have lost that stone I want to maintain my weight and focus on toning- I want to see muscles that I have never ever seen before.  I am not overweight but two c-sections has meant that my belly still looks a little rounded.  I want to try and sort it out.  I also want to watch what I eat, without going crazy.  I adore carbs, chocolate and diet coke, and there is no way I am giving them up.  I am just trying to be more sensible.  Less big portions, less munching on the girls leftovers and not treating myself to chocolate and cake every single day.

I am going to monitor my progress on this here blog of mine so I hopefully can look back and see where this journey has taken me.  I have some before photos that I took on my first day of exercise which I might share soon- but I don't think I am brave enough for that yet!

Here is my progress for January....



I started off the month running and I completely surprised myself that I absolutely loved it.  There's something about running that feels amazing, I can feel my body and muscles working and I also love the space it gives me.  It's a great way of clearing my head and letting me have a think about all that's going on. I really surprised myself realising I could run 5k in just over 30 minutes, something which I never thought I could do as I haven't done exercise for years.  

I have downloaded the Nike Running app, which I totally recommend, and I have been really enjoying the buzz I get from beating my own records.  I can tell it is something I could get really addicted too, the only problem is that in the latter part of the month I sustained an injury on my knee which actually used to be a problem when I used to run at school.  Therefore I haven't run the last two weeks.  I had an appointment with a physio who told me that it could be a case of too much too soon as my knee was clicking in and out of place, and to take it a bit easier for the time being, perhaps going shorter distances while I build up the muscle. 

I have been going to the gym at least twice a week.  I have been doing a mixture of just working out in the gym, and classes as well.  Gym wise I love the treadmill, but again have been taking it easy due to it being high impact on my knee.  I also enjoy the cross trainer and I do a couple of weight based exercises as well.  Classes wise, I have done kettlebells and spinning, both absolutely knackering, with spinning just about being the worst thing I have ever done!  However after going I really do feel amazing, it's almost like I can feel the endorphins high fiving me.



I have definitely been watching what I eat.  It's like something has clicked and I think if I am doing all this good stuff to my body in the form of exercise then why do I want to fuel it with rubbish.  Don't get me wrong, my diet still isn't great.  I still love carbs and don't think I could ever cut them out completely, but we have made the switch to wholemeal bread, pasta and rice.  I have been trying to eat a lot more protein in the shape of chicken.  I don't really like fruit and never have, but I have been trying to eat more veg and eat smaller portions as well.  I am not a huge fish fan, but have been eating more of the fish I like which is cod and tuna steak.  

I still treat myself, we had a Dominoes Pizza last weekend and I will have the odd chocolate bar or piece of cake.  Plus the odd glass of wine.  It's just now it is much more in moderation than every single day which I was doing previously.  Food wise, Alice is giving me lots of inspiration in the form of what kind of thing she eats, check out this post to learn a bit more.  While I couldn't stick to this completely, I am taking hints and trying out different ideas.  I have also been trying to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day although I find it so boring.



Overall I have lost 11lb in January, taking me from my starting weight of 10 stone 1lb to 9 stone 3lbs,  which I am quite amazed at really.  I have lost two inches around my waist, although my lower stomach is still rounded which I believe is quite common from c-sections.  Obviously it's not going to go flat overnight but I am slightly concerned I may have a diastasis recti, which is where the ab muscles separate and can therefore leave your tummy looking bigger.  It's quite common after pregnancy, even more so with large babies and c-sections.  I am going to see how the next few months goes and if it doesn't look to be getting better I am going to contact a physio.  It's not a severe case, but I think if it doesn't get better it's worth checking out. 

Overall I am really embracing this change of lifestyle.  I feel much better- less tired with lots more energy, and just generally less sluggish.  I am looking forward to seeing what February will bring.  


(Apparently the lovely Alison has informed me that these kind of photos are 'healthies' - like a selfie but a fitness version!)   

Comments (38)

  • YouBabyMeMummy


    03 February 2014 at 08:20 |
    Well done that's a great loss. Your right, sometimes you have to do it for yourself xx
  • Chloe


    03 February 2014 at 08:23 |
    11bs in a month? Wow that's amazing! Well done Katie and good luck with the rest of your mission. I am the same, arms & legs stay relatively slim and all the weight goes to my tummy (and my chin, urgh) - I'm like an apple with limbs!
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 20:51 |
      Thanks for your lovely comment, yes I did pretty well in the first month, now just need to maintain it! It's so annoying isn't it?! x
  • Seychellesmama


    03 February 2014 at 08:32 |
    This is great, what a good attitude to take to fitness! You have done so sell in January!! I'm wanting to tone up and like you and a c-section, I'm also worried about diastasis recti :( I'll be interested to see how you find you progress with it, fingers crossed you don't need to go to the physio.
    Keep up the good work :) x
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 20:53 |
      I will let you know, I am almost positive I have one after doing the tests on myself. My tummy is really rounded so will have to keep an eye on it. x
  • PottyMouthedMummy


    03 February 2014 at 09:20 |
    Well done you! That is amazing!! 11 lbs, so awesome! xxx
  • Lauren


    03 February 2014 at 09:34 |
    Pregnancy really suited you! I can't believe how big the girls were, and how big your bump was, when you are so small.
    Well done with the 11lb loss! That's amazing xx
  • capture by Lucy

    capture by Lucy

    03 February 2014 at 09:53 |
    I am so impressed with your determination. I try and fit in bits of exercise here and there - and my running is definitely more of Phoebe from Friends! But maybe with my new shoes.... ;) As I said you've inspired me to run this year will link to you in my post xxx
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 20:58 |
      Thanks lovely Lucy, I am surprised with myself as well as I am never normally known for my sticking power. I am just really enjoying it. x
  • Kerry Dyer

    Kerry Dyer

    03 February 2014 at 10:59 |
    Wel done! that is brilliant! I have just posted my Q&A on fitness and food and i have linked to a brilliant video about the muscle separation, how to find it and some exercises to do. You must do any typical ab work like crunches etc because it will pull them apart even more! Side planks are the best thing to do until it has healed :) X
  • AMy


    03 February 2014 at 12:24 |
    You could be writing about me here! I eat more than my hubby and often go days without eating fruit or veg! I also too pile it on on my tummy whilst my arms and legs stay the same. I used to drink a lot of wine, but I have cut that down to just saturday night's now and that's only if I feel like it, which I often don't! I do drink quite a bit of water as I'm a teacher so I get a sore throat after talking to classes all day. But I am still feeding Charlie and I think that has helped me regain some of my body back after having a baby. But same as you - boobies are certainly a new shape! Good luck with it xx
  • Notmyyearoff


    03 February 2014 at 13:23 |
    Huge well done. You sound like ancompleye natural when it comes to running. I'm not sure I could even manage half a mile without having to stop! I really need to get fitter. If only to feel less lethargic.
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 21:05 |
      I really surprised myself actually as I didn't think I would be any good at all, I can't believe I have managed to run as far as I have! x
  • mirari


    03 February 2014 at 13:45 |
    wow, that's a great achievement, congratulations!!!
    if you find water boring you could drink tea...
  • Louise  (@TattooedMumsy)

    Louise (@TattooedMumsy)

    03 February 2014 at 16:49 |
    Well done keep up the good work! xo
  • Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    03 February 2014 at 19:59 |
    Well done you! I really need to get fit and stop eating so much crap. I just don't have the energy atm as J is still waking up so much. I totally get what you say though about not wanting to eat so badly when you do more exercise, I think knowing how hard you have to work to burn it off makes you think twice about eating it in the first place! x
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 21:09 |
      Definitely, I am still treating myself but no where near as much as I used too. I never usually stick at exercise so I am really proud that I am doing as much as I am! x
  • Kelle


    03 February 2014 at 21:28 |
    That's amazing well done!! In just one month. wow xx
  • Katie


    03 February 2014 at 22:44 |
    Like everyone else has said - wow that is simply amazing! Well done.
    You look amazing heavily pregnant too x
  • Emma Kirsten

    Emma Kirsten

    04 February 2014 at 11:40 |
    Well done! :) SO pleased for you that you are achieving the weight loss you're looking for, but even more pleased for your motivation and the fact you're loving it!

    I'm a gym junkie these days - literally can't get enough - and it just makes me feel so good - I love it when I read about the success others are having too.

    My two tips would be....My fitness pal - logging food sounds dull (it is a bit) but logging the things I'm eating lets me see where I'm going wrong (bread. always bread) but also lets me have snacks guilt free - you'll be surprised you can fit those choc buttons in to your plan :)

    Second yourself in for a race. A 5 or 10k? Something to aim for, always fun on the day. :) Although don't be silly like me and sign up for a marathon....!!
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 21:15 |
      I really am loving it Emma, it's so strange! And your weight loss was incredible and the fact you are doing a marathon is even more amazing too, I have actually just signed myself up for a 10k in June! x
  • Mammasaurus


    04 February 2014 at 13:29 |
    Amazing work! I so need to follow your lead after a year of being ill and finally fixed I have energy and motivation once again!
  • Jennifer


    04 February 2014 at 17:09 |
    that's amazing Katie well done! I am in great need of making some healthier choices this year, I find it so much easier to just snack on chocolate and crisps during the day when it's just me and Harvey and I always opt for fizzy instead of water. Hopefully I can make some of the changes you have xx
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 21:22 |
      I did and still do the same occasionally. It's such a hard habit to break especially when you are busy or a little bored at home. I find popcorn a great snack as you can still munch on it but it's not as fattening as crisps. And I can't ditch the diet coke, it's my guilty pleasure! x
  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    04 February 2014 at 21:03 |
    I think you're doing so well and you sound very motivated! I didn't realise your babies were such good weights but you still look amazing in that photo with Mads. You;ll be inspiring us all the get fitter! x
  • Claire @ Great British Family Blog

    Claire @ Great British Family Blog

    05 February 2014 at 15:54 |
    Well done, that's a fantastic start. I set myself the goal to lose some weight and generally eat a bit healthier (I use nursing my daughter as an excuse to eat cake far too much for my liking!) and start some exercise. I'd planned to try Davina fit in 15 thinking 15 minutes was achievable, so far I've not even ordered the DVD!
    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three

      09 February 2014 at 21:29 |
      Yes I used the nursing and cake excuse for a very long time! I am still feeding her twice a day but only for a couple of minutes at a time so I think that ship has sailed! ;) x

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