Our First Holiday As A Four- Part One.

on Tuesday, 28 May 2013.

You may or may not have noticed that last week I was pretty quiet.  The reason for this was because we were on our first holiday as a family of four.  

We stayed in a beautiful little cottage in the middle of Yorkshire, just a few miles out of Scarborough.  The place we stayed was called Humble Bee Farm and it was just beautiful- a tiny little farm in the middle of nowhere with sheep, goats and chickens.  

Our cottage was called Swallows Nest and from the second we walked in we were totally and utterly relaxed.  Old wooden beams, under floor heating, a log fire and a hot tub under a gazebo looking up at the stars.  We couldn't have asked for more.

If you have children I can completely recommend it, it was wonderful.

We booked way back in December when LL was still in my tummy so to be going on our first week away as a family of four was really exciting.

We had a wonderful time- we saw two sets of friends on different days, took a trip down memory lane by visiting Leeds where we fell in love, went to the beach, snuggled by the fire and spent almost every night in the hot tub under the stars.  

The cottage had no signal whatsoever and for some reason we couldn't get the wifi to work, but we decided not to even ask and spent every night just being together.  I even managed to read a book for the first time in ages which was just bliss.  It was really good for us to spend a week away from the constant answering of emails, or browsing of social media.

Our first trip as a family of four. 

Hopefully the first of many.



Little suitcases for little ladies.






Bubbly drinks and bubbly hot tubs- relaxing under the stars once the littles were in bed.


Holidays are totally an excuse to dress them in 'matching but not completely matching' outfits.


Our friends came to see us and we walked on the beach with their wilderbeasts and of course ate ice cream.


The first of many over the course of the week.


Someone loved 'the pool'.


More matching but not matching.


We went to Leeds for the day where I lived for five years and went on a trip down memory lane. Here is my first university accommodation!


My little blue eyed girl with her Daddy over lunch.


This is the bar where I first met my husband, and where we fell in love.  If I hadn't walked through those doors all those years ago and got a part time job then I wouldn't have my beautiful family.  Of course me being me had to get a photo outside of the four of us!


I loved going to all our special places with my girls- The spot where I first kissed my husband all those years ago.


The area where we lived just as 'friends' - you can see our flat in the background which over looks the docks.

Part Two of our little holiday coming soon!

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  • Dawn mummyslittlepeeps

    Dawn mummyslittlepeeps

    28 May 2013 at 10:29 |
    Looks so relaxing, gorgeous pictures as always x
  • Mum2BabyInsomniac


    28 May 2013 at 10:30 |
    Looks like a fab holiday and that hot tub looks amazing!! I thought I would really miss the Internet when I went to Spain but it was so nice to have a break and I spent my time reading too, I never have time normally! X
  • lucy at dear beautiful

    lucy at dear beautiful

    28 May 2013 at 10:36 |
    Aww, it looks like you had a great time. That one of the deck chairs made me so nostalgic, that's The Spa in Scarborough, right? The hubby and I first met there. And we both had our graduations there. We should have got married there really!
    Love the photo of you outside the bar that changed your lives. So amazing to think what walking though that do brought you. x
  • Lauren


    28 May 2013 at 10:41 |
    It looks like you had the perfect week together.
    It must have been really lovely visiting all of those familiar and special places with the girls.
    They look adorable in their 'matching but not matching' outfits.
    Stunning photos, especially the last one xx
  • Michelle


    28 May 2013 at 10:51 |
    Oh it looks so lovely!! I may have to convince the hubby that we need a trip there!
  • Jodie May-Smith

    Jodie May-Smith

    28 May 2013 at 10:55 |
    Looks absolutely beautiful! Your eldest is just stunning!!!! X
  • Blog of a Mom

    Blog of a Mom

    28 May 2013 at 12:13 |
    Glad you had a fab time. The girls look adorable, I love 'matching but not matching' to0, in fact I have the exact sane Zebra outfits for my girls I blogged about them here:

    We may try Humble Bee farm, it looks lovely and we need somewhere different to stay on the Yorkshire Coast. Trying to go on a little weekend break every few months now we decided not to go abroad for a few years - lovely to have a break isn't it?

    We also have two trunkis, my husband thought I was mad saying I needed one for the baby too so glad its not just me!!

    L x
  • Keri-Anne


    28 May 2013 at 12:39 |
    Oh it looks wonderful! I shall look into that place. We are hoping to go away by the end of the year and it sounds wonderful. x
  • Reija


    28 May 2013 at 12:45 |
    Lovely photos. Looks like you had very nice and relaxing time. Like they say: " it was meant to be.." x
  • Heather Scott

    Heather Scott

    28 May 2013 at 12:49 |
    I adore the outfits! It looks like you had a great holiday. I was delighted to find your blog as I haven't managed to find many UK mummy blogs. I'm still very new to blogging but loving every minute of it. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! :) xxx
  • Susan Mann

    Susan Mann

    28 May 2013 at 13:29 |
    So adorable and looks like you had a lot of fun. Your pictures are amazing x
  • Notmyyearoff


    28 May 2013 at 14:14 |
    What a lovely holiday, I love that hot tub. It looks like it was such a cosey week away for you all. We keep thinking about getting z a trunki but not taken the plunge yet!
  • Charlotte


    28 May 2013 at 15:14 |
    Sounds like a wonderful holiday and a lovely trip down memory lane! Lovely photos! Love the matching but not matching! x x
  • Karen


    28 May 2013 at 16:14 |
    Aaahhh it looks like you had a wonderful week together. Sometimes no wifi is a good thing! Love the girls outfits poppy & Rosie often do the 1/2 matching, yesterday poppy had a skirt that matched Rosie's top... So cute. Love the fact you got to go back to where you fell in love. Beautiful pics as always xx
  • Brinabird and Son

    Brinabird and Son

    28 May 2013 at 16:20 |
    How nice to go down memory lane with your little ones...must have felt interesting...then and now. Sounds like a lovely relaxing holiday and there's more!
  • Stephanie


    28 May 2013 at 16:58 |
    This sounds like such a fun vacation! It makes me want to go somewhere with my family now! That's great that you got to take a little walk down memory lane, too!
  • Xandi | The Mummy Scripts

    Xandi | The Mummy Scripts

    28 May 2013 at 19:12 |
    Beautiful photos and what a lovely first holiday together as a family of 4! Probably a blessing in disguise that there was no wifi - maybe we should all try that once in a while! x
  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    28 May 2013 at 19:26 |
    I love that you got a photo outside where you first met, I think that is so sweet. It must have been good to get some enforced 'no technology' time and that hot tub looks amazing. Can't wait to hear more x
  • Nicola


    28 May 2013 at 20:57 |
    Love love love. Especially love the matching but not matching outfits :) Xx
  • Capture by Lucy

    Capture by Lucy

    28 May 2013 at 21:11 |
    I vote totally matching!!!! Lovely photos adore the deck chairs shot xx
  • Liska (@NewMumOnline)

    Liska (@NewMumOnline)

    28 May 2013 at 21:46 |
    What a FAB trip down memory lane. Must have meant a lot and the photos are fabulous.
    Liska x
  • Johnson Babies

    Johnson Babies

    28 May 2013 at 23:38 |
    What a gorgeous post. I love how life takes us in directions we would never have thought that morning. I look forward to writing a post in a few years time about the changing moments and places for Mr J and me... but first to get all five of us back up North for a holiday!
  • Mammasaurus


    28 May 2013 at 23:56 |
    Oh my Humble Bee Farm sounds dreamy! Lovely photos that make me feel like I was there with you. And ding dong to the hot tub photo ;)
    It's always nice having a break from it all but lovely to have you back x
  • jenny paulin

    jenny paulin

    29 May 2013 at 21:01 |
    Katie I am so pleased that I didn't get any subscription email alerts come through last week fro your blog - it meant you were having a holiday and getting away from everyone and everything outside of your special family. Good for you, I would LOVE a week like that!!!
    the cottage looks amazing and your photos are so beautiful. I especially love the one called 'digging' and the one of LL sat with her daddy - beautiful x x
  • Richmond Mummy

    Richmond Mummy

    03 June 2013 at 21:12 |
    Sounds brilliant and v relaxing, lovely pics of your girls too xx

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