What is this white stuff?

on Sunday, 05 February 2012.

Anyone who knows me knows that typically I hate snow.  Don't get me wrong, I think it is very pretty and I used to love it when I was little but since it is no longer acceptable to go out and throw snowballs at random people in the street I have developed a little bit of a hatred of it.  Its blimming freezing, it makes your hair go frizzy and it disrupts the whole country.  We got married in December 2009 and it snowed the day before our wedding meaning there was snow on the ground in our photos, that was beautiful, but then the day after it snowed so heavily that my step dad who was taking us to the airport to go to Miami, had to pull over his range rover on the side of the road and we had to go to a random town and get the very delayed trains to Heathrow.  Stress.

 So I am not the biggest fan of the white stuff.  That is until.....I had Mads.  Woo hoo now snow can be fun again!  

Today we got up at the crack of dawn to take our little girl outside to experience snow for the first time.  As you can see it really was amazing.



I didn't know if Mads would know what was going on but she was totally fascinated with it.  We dressed up in our warmest clothes and wellie boots and went outside.  As it was so early no one had walked on the ground meaning that it was pure, white and totally unspoilt.


We made snow angels, went for a nice walk and let Mads touch the snow which I don't know if she was impressed about!


I love the below photo of my gorgeous little pair- Mads nose has gone all red because of the cold, although it wasn't as cold as we thought.


We even had a chance to make a snow man, he isn't the best attempt in the world but by this point we had all got a little bit too cold and wet.  Still he can sit outside our house and guard it for us for a few days.


Finally we made a print of our hands in the snow- I love how tiny her little hand is against ours.


We went back inside and had nice, hot crumpets with butter, a lovely way to end our first snow experience together- Mads is asleep and Mr E is snuggled up in bed as he doesn't feel too well, so while they are resting I thought I would upload the photos on here.

Hope everyone has a lovely snowy day!


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  • Rilly


    05 February 2012 at 12:45 |
    Awwww Precious moments.
  • Emma @mummymummymum

    Emma @mummymummymum

    05 February 2012 at 12:49 |
    awww, looks like you had loads of snow! We didn't get that much.

    Gorgeous pictures. xx
  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Mummy and the Beastie

    05 February 2012 at 14:21 |
    Love the handprints! super idea.

    Beastie wasn't really having any of the snow, which surprised us! He felt a little unsteady....he'll probably be as good at ice skating/roller blading etc as me....hmmm.

    Mads looks a little perplexed but like she liked it? very cute x
  • KyNa Boutique

    KyNa Boutique

    05 February 2012 at 15:56 |
    aww thats lovely huni. Great pictures. Looks like you had a fab time x
  • michelle twin mum

    michelle twin mum

    05 February 2012 at 23:25 |
    The hand prints in the snow are so lovley. Great idea. Mich x


    06 February 2012 at 09:50 |
    lovely photos...I love the hand & foorprint ones...and the one where Mads is looking up at Daddy!
    Glad to see I wasn't the only crazy one getting wet making snow angels! x
  • Mum2BabyInsomniac


    06 February 2012 at 19:44 |
    Wow, those photos are so gorgeous x
  • Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    18 May 2015 at 06:33 |
    Aww so sweet, seeing how teeny Mads is. I thought I would start from your first post on your favourites and work my way back. So strange seeing you as a three. When I found your blog, you had LL. Lovely looking back xxx

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