Some Updates To Our Mustard & Purple Living Room…


About this time last year we completely redid our living room.  We got rid of the horrible 80’s artex and had it replastered, we had spot lights put in and we just generally redecorated it with a purple and mustard theme.  Since then we have loved our little family space, and it never fails to get comments from visitors to our home.  It’s definitely not to everyone’s tastes- the largest wall is decorated with Orla Kiely mustard wallpaper which I adore, but it is very bright and colourful, and it certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  I am a huge fan of colours, especially yellow, and I love a retro style, so it was an ideal choice for us.

If you follow me on social media and indeed on this blog, I have been harping on constantly recently about the fact that our girls are in the process of going in a joint bedroom in order to make room for an office space for us (the reasons for that I have touched upon here) and as I write this we are very nearly done- we are just waiting on a couple of bits I have ordered and then they will be complete. (I will share our makeovers on here no doubt!)  We live in a three bedroom home so when Mads came along we lost our guest bedroom and then when LL came along we lost our study, so we are thrilled to have a little office space back, and I am sure that the girls are going to love sharing.  For years Mr E’s Mac has been sort of wedged in next to our sofa in the living room, so when we moved it to upstairs, we had a little gap which was crying out for some new furniture.

I bought the gorgeous little mustard coloured side table from Habitat the other day and over the last few months we have added some more touches here and there, so I thought I would share an updated living room tour….

mustard living room 1

I am loving this little nook where our smaller sofa is.  To the right of the sofa is where Mr E’s computer used to be wedged so it’s lovely to have a side table now.  As I mentioned before the yellow table is from Habitat (they do them in all different colours) and we also recently bought the cube shelves too.

mustard living room 4

I am absolutely besotted with this glass lamp from John Lewis– I bought it a couple of months ago as as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, even though at the time I didn’t have anywhere to put it.  It’s got a yellow/amber layer underneath the first bit of glass and I love the exposed cord too.  The photo to the right is of us sat on the same sofa, it’s our very first photo together as a four and although it is pretty dreadful I love it for sentimental reasons.

mustard living room 5

Did I mention I love my new lamp?

mustard living room 2

We bought these cube shelves from Amazon (I can’t find the link!), they were as cheap as chips and I love that they give a pop of yellow to this corner of the room.  I am obsessed with little weird trinkets, which drives Mr E mad.  I collect retro cameras so I love this one which I picked up ages ago from some random car boot sale, and he also can’t understand why I love my little retro caravan from Tea and Kate.  I also love this rather creepy looking yellow chiming doll from my good friend Fritha’s shop.  The frankly hideous swarvorski pineapple used to belong to my Mum and she was also baffled when I asked if I could have it- I remember it being up in my house back in the 80’s!

mustard living room 3

We bought some yellow and purple string lights from Cable and Cotton, they give a nice glow in the evening when we don’t want the main spotlights on- we stupidly got a spotlight right above where we sit on the sofa so it feels like we are on Mastermind when it’s shining brightly in the evening!

mustard living room 6

This print is a recent addition and I love it.  You can’t beat a good typeface that’s for sure.

mustard living room 7

Cushion love.  I got the furry guy on the end from Tesco, the cat one is from Howkapow, the NICE biscuit one was a Christmas present from my Mum which I asked for (designed by a very talented instagram friend of mine Nikki McWilliams)  The other two are from H and M Home.


Still loving these old school milk bottles which I got from a bric a brac shop in my town.



We have had this frame for years and I can’t remember where it came from, but it’s our ‘Before Child’ wall.  The only wall left that isn’t overrun with photos of small people.


This print is made by a very talented old friend of mine back from my school days who runs his own studio Old English Prints.


Chunky knit mustard throw equals heaven.


Tidy for once.  Although my house is always pretty tidy.  I am one of those weird people who tidy up the toys completely at nap time only for them to get them straight out again.


More vintage camera love- I have had this one for so long and it reminds me of the instagram logo.

mustard living room 8

Another relatively recent addition to our living room is our photo wall going up the stairs, which we added a few months ago.  It’s only a small one, if you carry on further we have a massive photo wall on the other side, but this is just a mini one to brighten up that side.  We joke that the next person who buys our house is going to hate us as there are going to be holes all over the walls- I actually got bored and counted the other day and we have 76 frames up just on the walls of our home- for a small three bed house that’s pretty obsessive.

So there we have it.  A little updated living room tour.  Hopefully people find these posts interesting even if you are cringing at my weird interior style.  I know that I love looking at these on other blogs.

NB:  We paid for all items mentioned in this post.  I just wanted to include them in case it gave anyone some inspiration. 



  • Life at the Little Wood says:

    I’m giggling at you tidying up when the girls go to nap. I did that too! I still do when they go to school now. I’m glad I’m not the only crazy tidy lady! :) I love your living room Katie, particularly the cameras and trinkets. We have lots of vintage cameras too. Mr M used to work for a photographer and we gathered them up then. Your caravan and pineapple are amazing, let noone tell you otherwise! 😉 I really love them! Xx

  • Ooh looks beautiful. I love the mustard and purple theme. The wallpaper is lush too!

    The lights behind the sofa are cute. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • It looks lovely Katie.The yellow and purple work so well together and I love that table and lamp! I’ve had my eye on the same table for month, but we just don’t have a space for it to live!
    I can’t wait to share our living and dining room makeover when we’ve finished the final touches.

  • Cerys says:

    We’re in the middle {still!…long story!} of having an extension done, would love it to look something like this at the end!

  • I love the purple and mustard. It looks lovely. Our living room needs a serious make over starting with our terrible carpets! x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Haha oh yes carpets are a tricky one because they are so expensive to sort out- luckily my Mum bought ours when we moved in as a moving in present! x

  • Katie, this room is gorgeous. So stylish but still homely as well! I love that you have so many photos up in your house too – how lovely. Can’t wait to see the girls’ room too! You’re inspiring me ahead of our big move :-) xx

  • Helen says:

    Oh my god I want to come and live with you! Actually, can you just come and do my house please? I LOVE that photo frame especially.

  • Absolutely love this! I love colour too, I can’t wait to move in a couple of weeks (finally!) and get decorating! Completely random, we have almost the same swarvorski pineapple! it’s in the girls room on a shelf from T’s Nan…that cable knit blanket is to die for, i’m eyeing a couple up at the minute along with that table! i can’t decide between yellow or white. I think white would be a daft idea though with my little three! We have that ‘i love you deerly’ print in a dark red colour, lovely art work! anyways, Love,Love love! x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Yay I bet you are so excited to move in to your new house Nat. And no way about the pineapple- how weird?! xx

  • Alice says:

    I really enjoy looking at your house Katie (that sounds weird, it’s not I promise!). I’m also one of those people who likes having bits and bobs/trinkets around but I HAVE to have the house immaculately tidy the whole time. My trinkets are very carefully curated and placed :)

    Your living room is lovely xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I am glad it’s not just me, I am so weird about it, house is always spotless. People on instagram always say that I have tidied up around the photo, but my house is genuinely like that haha! x

  • Kara says:

    Looking so lovely and cozy sweetie. I need those shelves now I have seen the price, just off to order some for my superheroes bedroom.
    The pineapple is seriously awesome, way to go Mama.
    Link up lovely if you get chance with my corners of my home post xxxx

    ps excited to see the girls new room xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Kara they are great aren’t they? Such good value! I love the pineapple lots! And I will head over to link up! xx

  • Jodie says:

    you must do a lot of dusting! Your whole house is so inspiring.

  • Kerry says:

    This is gorgeous Katie! Making me want to redo my living room now haha! I love all the bright colours. Haha that made me laugh…i tidy up after Amelia all day long. She stopped napping at 18 months old but if she goes upstairs to play i’ll tidy her toys away downstairs and then do the same upstairs when she comes back down. xx

  • I tidy up Elsa’s toys several times a day. It drives me up the wall if they stay out constantly. I’d rather tidy up three times!
    I really love this colour scheme even though I would never have thought of putting those colours together myself. My living room is really boring at the moment, but I do have a red sofa so I need to brighten up the rest of the room now. I have NO pictures up on the walls at all. I moved here in October and I still have unpacked boxes though!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      That red sofa sounds fab, it is hard when you have lots of other stuff going on, we have been in our house five years and are only just starting to put our stamp on it properly! xx

  • Fritha says:

    aww thanks so much for mentioning my little tumble doll! I’ve always loved the look of your house, a girl after my own heart with all that yellow! it’s stunning Katie xx

  • Really love your little trinkets, I collect stuff but would never think to display it like that. You are so brave having such bright colours. If I ever get divorced I might do it but for now, stuck with a husband who likes beige! HA! x

  • Your home style is so gorgeous and fun! The colours are so happy and all the little bits and bobs make it look so cosy.
    I especially love your lamp and throw. Where are your little initial peg dolls from? They are so cute xx

  • Caroline says:

    I love the style of your home, it seems so complete. I can’t wait to see the girls room finished, the snippets you have shown on Instagram look fab.

  • Jenny says:

    Oh it looks so beautiful hunny. Total yellow table envy. Love that we both love yellow so much. Your living is purple and yellow and mine is blue and yellow. lol Although I love your decor and how you style all the time. If I ever move you are going to come be my interior decorator!

  • Nicola says:

    Love your bright, retro look, it is so inviting yet chilled! So pleased to read you also do a mass clean lol, my neatness tendencies definitely kick in whenever possible. Enjoy your lovely home x

  • Ann Winters says:

    what a lovely scheme, love the colour choices! I would never thought of mustard and purple (maybe blue and mustard), but the result is just fab, they go really well together! :)

  • In LOVE with that lamp also. Love how far and wide you look to get matching accessories, it looks amazing. I also clean toys just to get them out later, ah well makes me happy ha ha xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw I love my lap so much, did I mention that in the post haha! It’s just amazing! And it seems lots of people do this- I am glad it’s not just me. 😉 x

  • I love everything about your living room, the colour scheme is awesome xx

  • Carie says:

    Oh I love it, it must be lovely to have your work space all separate now and that yellow table is just so pretty!

  • Donna says:

    Your lounge is gorgeous. The yellow and purple work so well together and I love how everything works so well together. Where do you hide the toys?! x

  • Karen says:

    This is a gorgeous room Katie! It speaks of someone who has a sunny, happy, colourful personality! I absolutely LOVE the pineapple and the Care Bear. And wow 76 frames!! Amazing. I wish I could convincy my husband to put up our frames! I’ve been nagging him and nagging him to wack in some nails….maybe I should just give it a go myself!!!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thanks Karen! I am glad you like my trinkets, my husband things I am a frame! Get on at your husband… or yes give it a go yourself! 😉 x

  • I absolutely love it!! It looks fab. I adore bright colours. We have orange in our living room. I see on instagram that the current trend is for more muted, natural shades and while I like that look, I need COLOUR! Did I ever tell you that I bought the I love you deerly print? In orange :) It’s so nice x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Rachel, no I know there definitely seems to be a trend for more muted tones but that will never be me! Colour all the way! And yay for the print, they are such great designs. xx

  • Kate✚ says:

    Love this room – it looks so happy and welcoming. Love the vintage cameras too :) x

  • What a beautiful home you have! I am also a fellow mustard yellow fan. It’s ace! Love all the little touches and trinkets. I also tidy up toys and stack them all neatly away at nap time and then get them all out again two hours later. I’m a total tidy freak x

  • Such a gorgeous room, Katie- you know I dig those colours 😉 That yellow table is a fantastic addition, and I am really loving your pineapple too- I would have certainly wanted to steal it!So much to love here, just fabulous xx PS I am also one of those people who tidies toys halfway through the day, even when they get them out straight away 😉

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Becky, I am glad you feel the same way about my pineapple haha, my Mum thought I was totally insane! 😉 x

  • Love those little lettered russian dolls… the cutest… and I am TOTALLY the same with naptime clear ups… I can’t relax until its done! Call me insane, but it keeps me a happy Mama! Lovely living room Katie!xx

  • Mary says:

    I love colour too Katie! It makes me so happy to walk into a colourful room and see lots of lovely things! We are discussing some home improvements to do over easter..I think I am deffs going with yellow in the bathroom :)

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Mary- and yay for colour! I admire these people that love all white but that will never be me- I am far too mish mashed! 😉 Yellow in the bathroom sounds great! xx

  • Polly Williams says:

    What a gorgeous room. I love the little trinkets and vintage cameras, I have collected a few from carboots but never know where to display them. Your house inspires me so much to get mine sorted 😉 xx

  • What a fantastic front room. Darren tidies the kids toys at nap time! I want a photo wall like that up our stairs, I think I was putting it off until we became a family of four x

  • Oh Katie, i totally LOVE your style and all the finishing touches you’ve added to the living room. It looks gorgeous. Great colour combo too xxx

  • leyla says:

    Your house is beautiful. Wish i was as creative

  • It look lovely you have a great eye for colour, and I love the big frame I have a picture wall in my kitchen but its all black and white and places, no people allowed, I need to start a people one before the kids get a complex ha ha x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Hahaha! Loved this comment Sarah- my dad also has no people frames in his house and we always joke he doesn’t love us! 😉 x

  • Gorgeous chick! I love the mustard so much it really is lovely. Now my kiddos are a bit older I feel we can tackle tarting our house up a little bit over the summer. And I can’t wait now! x

  • Amber says:

    One day I will win the Euro Millions and I will beg you to come and transform my country manor into a thing of beauty like this! I love all of the colour.

  • I love the dashes of purple, I’m quite eager to have purple in the living room but the OH is having none of it! I also tidy up the toys at nap time, for those 2 hours though the house is pretty spotless 😉

  • Alex Bump to Baby says:

    It all looks fab! You have such a fab, colourful style. I always lust over your cat cushion, it’s gorgeous. And I love the ‘before child’ wall, that’s so sweet :) x

  • I love the photo frames above the stairs and the cube shelves are fab! The mighty hubster and I have been “updatng” our lounge and it’s great to see pictures of the family and my puppy Yoda on the wall rather than a huge blank space.

    Here is my latest post

    Angela- a newbie in the world of blogging.

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