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As a mother to two I have had several occasions where I literally haven’t had enough hands.  Normally it is in the supermarket car park- I am trying to negotiate the trolley, shopping bags, LL wriggling and Mads wrestling to get her hand out of mine.

Therefore when I was invited to try out the world’s first power folding Stroller- the 4moms Origami, I was so intrigued and was looking forward to putting it through its paces.

The 4moms Origami has recently come over to the UK from the US, and it is probably one of the most high tech pushchairs I have ever seen.  Here is a quick video of our Origami…

 When I first got the stroller out the box I was first of all super impressed with how easy it was to fit together.  It was only then that I started to look into all the key features, and wow it is really high tech.

First of all obviously the main selling point of the Origami, shown in the video above, is the fact it automatically folds up and down at the touch of a button.  It really is so easy and it does look really cool, although I can imagine you would get some funny looks doing it at a bus stop as it’s like something out of Transformers.  Mads loved it (and unfortunately is wise enough to figure out how to do it herself), she now calls it her robot chair.

However it really is so convenient for things like bus and train journey’s and for busy car parks.



As I mentioned in the video there is no worry of accidentally collapsing the stroller when the baby is in there as firstly it is a two step process and secondly the LCD display flashes to let you know there is a baby in the chair.

Yes you read that rightly!  There is an LCD screen.  I told you this buggy was cool.  The LCD screen glows a blue backlight in the dark, and gives you lots of information- the temperature, weather, miles per hour, how far you have travelled on your trip and also in a lifetime etc.  It really does get lots of intrigued looks from passers by- one person even asked me if it was a TV!


Speaking of high tech gadgets, it doesn’t stop there.  The stroller has two sets of lights, running daytime lights on the front and nighttime lights underneath so you can see where you are going- these also serve as a reflective device so people can see you in the dark.  They are actually really handy!


The stroller also comes with a (separately purchased) lead which charges your phone.  You have no idea how useful this is for someone like me whose battery almost certainly dies as soon as I leave the house.  How can the stroller do this?  It charges itself via generators in the wheels that then charge the phone while you walk.


In terms of storage, there is plenty due to a big removable storage bag, pockets in the back of the chair and also two cup holders- one for you and one for baby.

However for all the gimmicks what are the main things you buy a pushchair for?  For me it is how it rides and how comfortable it is for baby.

Firstly the ride.  The Origami is a DREAM to push.  It has four wheel suspension and when I first got it out the box I thought it seemed a little wobbly.  This is actually because the suspension is so light, it manouvres so well- it is one of the best pushchairs I have ever pushed and is so easy to get up and down kerbs.

In terms of comfiness, I have used it with both Mads and LL.  Mads is in the seat that is supplied with the stroller and she appears comfy inside it, there is lots of room for her still at two and a half.  The seat doesn’t fully recline but she was comfortable enough in there, however it might not be suitable for children who like to nap lying down.  The seat is only recommended for infants over six months.

For an extra £150 you can purchase a pram for the Origami, meaning it can be used from birth and we tried this out with LL.  It was great to have somewhere for her to lie flat, and the Bassinet was of a great quality- the only thing was that when the pram was on the stroller you couldn’t fold it up wih the push of a button, you had to take it off first.  This wasn’t a huge problem as it clicks off easily but it kind of means that the main selling point of the pushchair has been taken away when using it in pram mode.  Still it is worth it to have another option so the Origami is able to be used from birth.  I believe you can also get car seat adapters to turn it into a travel system too.


So you’ve heard all the good things about the Origami, and there are lots, but are there any cons?  For us the positives very much outweighed the negatives, but there was one big con that we couldn’t mention while we were writing our honest opinion, and that is the weight of the pushchair.

The Origami is heavy.  Really heavy.  Everything is heavy to me because I am a complete weakling, but even my husband remarked that it was heavy to carry, weighing in at 32lbs when used in toddler mode.  I struggled lifting it into the car.  However every cloud has a silver lining and 4moms have thought about this issue and included wheels on the bottom of the pushchair so once it is folded up you can drag it by the handlebars like a suitcase.  This is a great idea and it means I only have to ever really lift it when I am getting it out of the car. But beware as it is a big old weight!

The Origami isn’t cheap, it is currently retailing online for £929.00 and that is without the optional accessories.  But the main thing is, is it worth it?

Overall we loved the 4moms Origami.  It is different, eye catching, looks stylish and for a gadget geek lover like me it really is fun, with the LCD display, iPhone charger and lights.  The way it folds is one of the coolest and most exciting things I have seen on any pushchair recently, and I never tire of showing it off to people.

It is expensive, especially as you still need to purchase separately extras like the charger and pram attachment, but in my opinion it is worth it for the quality of the pushchair you are getting.  It’s like anything in life, you can get cheap pushchairs, medium priced ones and high end pushchairs, and unfortunately you won’t please everyone.  This pushchair really is only going to be aimed for the very high end pushchair market, and the price will put a lot of people off, however if you can afford it, it really is a fantastic piece of equipment.

As previously mentioned the only main con for me is the weight of it, it really is heavy, but as long as you try it out before you buy it and read through lots of thorough reviews (which I presume you would if you were paying that much for a pushchair), then I am pretty sure you will fall in love with it and won’t be disappointed.

The 4moms Origami is quite possibly the future of pushchairs and I am sure that your baby will be the coolest baby at the playground with these wheels- talk about travelling in style!


Disclaimer- We were sent the 4Moms Origami and accessories free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are completely our own.




  • Carolin says:

    That’s amazing, Ben totally wants one of them now 😉

  • kat says:

    i loooooooove this stroller.

  • jasbeeray says:

    This is so awesome!!!! Luckily I dn’t use stroller ever since I Babywear.

  • Nicola says:

    After our twitter chats I just had to come and comment. It still freaks me out!!! And i’m not sure the price and weight would be something that I could forgive. Mark is in love though!!! x

  • Jenni says:

    Really interesting to see something a bit different. I can imagine this would be really handy for anyone with more than one child and not enough arms! Great review.

  • Lauren says:

    That is so cool! I want one.
    Brilliant review, especially the video. xx

  • That is mental! I love how it folds up and down at the touch of a button, I have a real block with folding up pushchairs and can never do them, and the iPhone charger is very cool. I’m so weak though so doubt I would be able to lift it at all. Very cool though x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Wow I’d never even heard of this till I read your review but it does look very good. It looks very comfy egg like when its a stroller! I am only 5 ft so think I might struggle with the weight of it but it verrrry pretty!

  • Keri-Anne says:

    woweeeeeeee! Very flash! x

  • HELEN says:

    that’s just crazy! I would be hopping on & off buses all the time with that just so that everyone looked on in astonishment!!

  • Kelly says:

    Wow! What a fantastic pushchair! A brilliant post, if I ever win the lottery this will on my to buy list 🙂

  • Wow I’m loving this, I know all too well the fun of juggling the baby and the toddler at the same time – I’m sure supermarkets have a forcefield which makes them go crazy!!!

    This is such a cool pushchair and one which Hubby would love, you know what men are like with technology and gadgets.

  • Carie says:

    My inner geek is jumping up and down – it folds! By itself! It’s like a mini transformer for your baby! The slightly more rational me is still reeling at the weight – I’ve got an iCandy apple which I love, but it’s a sizeable beast to lift and this is 1.5 times the weight, wow!

  • oooh that looks amazing Katie!

  • Mummy S says:

    So jealous. I would love on of these especially as a mummy who relys on public transport oh and my own legs.
    A great post
    Mummy S

  • My Two Mums says:

    This really appeals to my geek side. But not sure I could convince C to part with that kind of money for a pushchair!

  • Susan Mann says:

    What an interesting stroller. Loving the look of this x

  • Joanne says:

    This looks fantastic, but in reality this is a very dangerous pram, I am on my second one due it collapsing while walking and while baby is in it, not designed very well and it is extremely heavy, I would not advise anybody to buy this pram. My second one is on the way back to the shop!

  • marf says:

    hi iv got one and the frame is really rickety and makes a creaking noise just wondered if urs did this to as im thinking of sending it back as it sounds horrible

  • Sadie says:

    I love your review so thorough thanks! I was just wondering how you found the wheels while pushing it? This is the only other negative point I can find when reading other reviews besides the weight. That the front wheels would stick and veer off to the right or left. We do a lot of walking with the school run and would be using this from birth with the carry cot and so obviously sticky wheels would be a huge issue! Thanks.

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