I’ve been using Aveeno on our baby boy’s skin ever since he was a couple of months old. I worked with them on a video a while back and I enjoyed the products so much that I have been buying them ever since. So when a few weeks ago they invited me to head down to London for a morning of good food and a spot of Baby Yoga, I jumped at the chance, especially as it meant I could see some of the lovely friends I have made through blogging as well. One sunny Friday we headed down on the train, excited to see what the day had in store for us.

Aveeno know that babies all have different needs for their unique skin, which is why they have formulated two specially developed ranges of products. They have their Aveeno Baby Daily Care Range, which gently nourishes and protects babies everyday sensitive skin, and their Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief range, which is clinically proven to soothe and relieve dry skin prone to irritation, leaving skin feeling moisturised for up to 24 hours. However both ranges have been formulated with oatmeal and been paediatrician tested, so that was a very key factor in the day ahead of us.

On arrival to a beautifully white and peaceful studio in North London (which was so instagrammable it was untrue!), the first thing we did was sat down and caught up with a healthy juice. Then it was time for some Baby Yoga. I completed a baby yoga course with my eldest daughter and it was something that we both really enjoyed together, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to do it with the other two, so I was really looking forward to spending some time doing it with our baby boy. We had the experts from Tatty Bumpkin telling us all about the benefits of doing some simple yoga exercises with your baby. Much like a skincare routine, baby yoga is a great bonding exercise to add into your routine and is something you can both enjoy together. While we don’t do yoga as such, one part of our nighttime routine that I enjoy is that I will give our baby boy a little leg massage while I put his Aveeno Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion on, it is something that we both look forward to every night- just a small part of the day but it is our way of relaxing and winding down after bath time.

We were taught a few simple exercises that we could do at home together.

Sarah from This Mama Life and her gorgeous boy Lachlan look like they are really enjoying the session. Most of the babies were pretty calm and seemed to love it, although the session was during the time Wren usually naps, so he was a bit grumpy and just wanted a cuddle instead.

He was definitely over tired and a little grumpy that day, although he perked up when they got out the bubbles. Why do all children love bubbles?

There were dolls to practice on for the ladies who hadn’t managed to bring their babies along.

    After the session we all got a chance to chat, while lunch was being prepared by the rather inspiring 26 Grains Founder, Alex Hely-Hutchinson, who has her own shop in London no less. Here I am with Emma from Mamalina, Jess from Lilypod and Sweetpea and Sarah again.

The mama’s got a rather delicious oat dish which tasted just like risotto and the babies got baby bircher muesli with apple and beetroot. Packed full of goodness, I was delighted that he almost the entire thing- so much so that I took the recipe with me so I could recreate it at home.

   Finally there was time to hear more about Aveeno’s new products (which I will talk about soon) and have more of a chat with everyone too. Did you know about the benefits of oats? It’s a natural ingredient and active colloidal oatmeal is designed to lock in moisture from the first use. lt has also been proven to help restore the skin’s natural barrier, preventing water loss and helping to keep your baby feeling soft and soothed, plus it can help to restore the skin’s delicate pH balance, aiding in the maintenance of the skin’s moisture barrier and actively helping prevent and protect dry skin.

It was time for some quick photos of everyone together before we went. I don’t go to these events often but when I do I always have a really good time, it is lovely seeing friends I have made in this online world, plus Aveeno treated both us and the babies so well. It was so much fun.
I feel very lucky that I get to do these things, work with such fantastic brands, and meet such lovely friends. I will be talking more about specific Aveeno products soon once myself and the gang have tried them out.


NB: I am working with Aveeno on this campaign. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 


  • We love Aveeno, and with little Belle having a touch of eczema, it’s the only product we have found to work for her. So I have a little tube that I take everywhere with me {got to be on guard for those flare-ups!} and others at home for her bath time. A brilliant product. How cute are all of those event photos too – it all looked like great fun. x

  • It looks like such a lovely day, we have problems with Eva’s skin and although we have never actually tried Aveeno we do often giver her oat baths to relieve her eczema as that really helps. x

  • Aww looks like a wonderful event. We really like Aveeno and I use it on both mine and Olly’s sensitive skin. I’m sure we’ll be using Aveeno for many years to come x

  • I’ve been using Aveeno since the twins were very tiny; we use the bath oil and the moisturiser and, in fact, C has a repeat prescription for it from the GP. It’s amazing stuff! Crazy to think that it’s made from oats! 🙂

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