I have such fond memories of my own Dad growing up. While my Mum was the one I spent most of my time with due to my Dad starting his own business and working constantly for a fair few years, when he was around quite simply he was the best fun. Even now I am probably closer on a day to day level with my Mum, I speak to her almost every day whereas I speak to my Dad once every week or couple of weeks, but my Dad is still my hero. I looked up to him when I was a child and I look up to him now. He has been there for me from day one and even though most of the time we had a fun, silly relationship, I knew I could count on him if I needed him. He was the one who my Mum called up on the day I started my period when I was 12 and he came home from work with a supply of sanitary towels and a chocolate orange because he thought I might need it. He was the one who held me in his arms while I sobbed over my first boyfriend breaking my heart. He is a reserved man, a quiet man, but with the most brilliant sense of humour, and who is affectionate exactly at the moment you need him to be. And now I get to watch him with his grandchildren, the way he sometimes looks at them with tears in his eyes, and I get to see glimpses into my childhood all over again.

As part of my role with the Pampers Baby Board this year they have asked me to talk about fathers in honour of Father’s Day yesterday. My children are very lucky in that they have got some incredible male role models in their lives. They have their Grandpa Mike, my Mum’s husband who the girls both adore. He will pick them up from school once a week and take them for pic n mix sweets or out to dinner, and he has such a special relationship with them which shows that you don’t have to be a father by blood to be a special one. Not only do they have him, but they also have their two Great Grandpa’s, something which they are very lucky to have as they are in their 80’s and 90’s and they have their Grandpa Andrew on Jon’s side. They also have their Uncle Jamie (my sister’s boyfriend), and their Uncle Mark (Jon’s brother) as well.

Which leads me on to the main man in their lives. Their Daddy. Jon quite simply is a truly wonderful father and I don’t think my words are going to do justice to just how special he is. He didn’t have a father in his life growing up, sadly his own Dad walked out on them when he was young and he hasn’t seen him since. But rather than that be a negative thing, he swore to be the best Dad to his future children and so far, he has fulfilled that promise and more. I couldn’t possibly list all the things that he does for them, but all I know is that my children really hit the jackpot having him as their Daddy.

In a weird way he reminds me of my own Dad. He is fun, always silly, and messes about with them non-stop. He has oodles of patience, he will play the same game over and over long after I’ve got a bit bored of it, and he is always the one to take them to the park, play football in the garden, sit and build lego and cuddle up on the sofa watching a film. He is never serious, always a joker and winds them up something rotten. But at the same time, he is kind, he is caring, he is loving, he is affectionate and he tells them he loves them multiple times a day. Even talking about him makes me get tears in my eyes, for I know how lucky my children are to grow up with such a loving man in their lives.

Jon actually took to being a parent quicker than I did. I remember when Maddie was born, on that cold Christmas Eve day in 2010. In all honesty I was a little bit shell shocked in the beginning. I was sore from my c-section, exhausted and all a bit overwhelming. He was the first one to hold all three of our babies, the first one the midwife handed them too in the theatre room. I lay there three times, watching him cuddle the little people we had wished for every single day for nine months. It doesn’t bother me that it wasn’t me who had the first cuddle with them, I like that it was him. So much emotion is placed on Mum and baby and I like to think that this first cuddle set them all on the road to the bond they have with their Daddy. They are memories that will never leave me.

Once we were in recovery it was time to change the first nappy. Those first teeny newborn Pampers nappies, the ones that I had saved up and bought in bulk over my pregnancy. Those ones that I had packed and unpacked in my hospital bag so many times, getting excited and feeling that nervous anticipation that comes with imagining meeting you baby. The first time with Mads, the midwife prompted us it might be time to get her dressed and put her nappy on for the first time, we had no idea what we were doing. But Jon just took to it like a duck to water, holding those tiny little limbs and getting her changed. He changed all three of their first nappies, while I lay there in bed eating toast, with numb legs, feeling on top of the world.

And since then he’s changed a million more Pampers nappies. He’s been there every step of the way and for I just know that as his wife and our little people as his children, we are so very lucky.


NB: We are working with Pampers over the course of the year, but all words and opinions are entirely my own. Pampers has loads of great advice online, check out the website for more details www.pampers.co.uk


NB: We are working with Pampers over the course of the year, but all words and opinions are entirely my own. Pampers has loads of great advice online, check out the website for more details www.pampers.co.uk

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