My Day to Evening Make Up Routine…

I should first start by saying that writing this post makes me feel a little nervous. I LOVE make up, I love anything remotely beauty related but it is not something that I have ever really talked about on my blog before. Firstly because since I became a Mum I feel like I’ve sort of lost my way and my confidence a bit when it comes to all things fashion and beauty related, I know what sort of works for me (for example I will always rock out a bright red lip when I go out or even during the day to detract from my tired eyes) but I rarely mix up what make up I use, and I certainly don’t think I am enough of an expert to talk about it on here. I have loads of gorgeous make up in my drawer but I tend to use the same couple of things nowadays. Secondly I also don’t spend anywhere near as much time on myself as I should, my make up routine now involves literally spending two minutes in the morning putting it on, and even when I go out I usually just add a little bit more to what I had previously applied.

Gone are the days when I would spend ages getting ready. I remember when I was at uni and even in my mid 20’s, myself and my friends would spend at least two hours getting ready to go out and it was often more fun than the going out itself, we would get wine and listen to music, I miss those good old days from time to time. But now I have three children, I work from home, have responsibilities and I rarely get a minute to myself. The last thing I have time for is to spend ages on my makeup routine.

So when Boots asked me if I would like to have a try with their Natural Collection makeup, I jumped at the chance. Firstly because it would push me out of my comfort zone and try a different kind of blog post to the ones I normally write on here, and secondly because just because I thought it would be nice to share my quick and easy morning to evening five minute make up routine. We are all busy Mums with hectic lives, so anything that helps us look nice and feel a bit better on the school run is a good thing indeed. I rarely go out without make up, but at the same time I have perfected a routine that means it is natural and quick to apply.

I grew up on Boots Natural Collection make up. Bizarrely I can remember the first time I bought some make up, it’s one of those memories that I can remember as clear as day. I remember my Mum taking me to Boots in the little town near where we used to live and she let me pick out a few different things- a concealer, a powder, an eye shadow, a mascara, a blusher and a lipstick. I remember being so incredibly excited by my purchases, weirdly I can still even remember the smell of them, the lipstick had this really distinct scent, almost like berries. I just remember having the nicest morning with my Mum and feeling so grown up with all my make up sat on my lap in a carrier bag on the way home.

Boots have asked me to share my really quick and easy make up routine that takes me from morning to evening. This look is so simple and easy to create and takes less than five minutes, but it is enough to take me from doing the school run to going out in the evening. It is my look I wear every day, although this time with Boots products…

boots_natural_collection_10So I start off with LASHINGS of concealer. My eye bags are quite a sore point of mine and one that I naturally feel a little self conscious about. I will always put concealer on when I put make up on and I always do it first. (after putting on my moisturiser)

boots_natural_collection_11boots_natural_collection_12boots_natural_collection_13boots_natural_collection_14I have no idea what order other people do their make up, but after concealer it is foundation for me. At the moment I am still tanned from our recent holiday to Orlando so I can get away with a tinted moisturiser. When we get further into Winter I switch and use full coverage foundation, it just makes me feel nicer. I was really impressed with the Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser, it went on well and gave a nice even coverage. I then use a powder to finish off. The powder and moisturiser are £1.99 each so an absolute bargain.

boots_natural_collection_25After I have done my foundation I usually do my brows. My brows are a touchy subject for me as I made the silly mistake of plucking them from the top when I was younger (if my girls are reading this in years to come DON’T DO IT!) as the fashion back then was to have really thin eyebrows. So now unless I let them grow for months and have a fringe(and even then I don’t think they would grow back properly), then I am stuck having to do continue to do it. Therefore I like to subtly fill them in. Again I was really impressed with the Natural Collection Brow Kit as it is perfect for how I fill them in.

boots_natural_collection_15boots_natural_collection_16boots_natural_collection_17boots_natural_collection_21boots_natural_collection_26boots_natural_collection_22Next up I put my blusher on so my face is done before I start on my eyes. I adore blusher and bronzer, I think I definitely look better with a little colour. I always wear pinky tones when it comes to blusher and I was incredibly impressed with the Natural Collection blusher, it was a great pink which added a really nice colour to your cheeks. I do normally use bronzer too, although I have to be careful not to go overboard as I often can make myself look like an Oompa Loompa. (Perils of getting ready when you are exhausted from a lack of sleep!) I then use a highlighter to give my cheeks a bit of a contour.

boots_natural_collection_18boots_natural_collection_19boots_natural_collection_20Then I do my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I like to have a really light eyeshadow and always go for shimmery colours in either white or gold as I find they tend to make my eyes pop a bit more. During the day I prefer a light one so I really liked this pale shimmery one, which had enough to show that I was wearing something but still subtle enough not to look too done up for the school run.

boots_natural_collection_23Finally personally the thing that really makes me feel better is lipstick. I do often wear lipstick during the day but it is also one of those staples that I keep in my bag to take me from a daytime to evening look. I mainly wear a bright red lip so I was nervous to try this more autumn pink shade. But I absolutely love it and have been wearing it every day since. It’s more subtle than red but still really gives a pop of colour to your face.

boots_natural_collection_24And there you have it. There is my finished look. Subtle enough for everyday but also enough for me to have on to go out in the evening, as inevitably I never have time to take my make up off and start again as there are children to put to bed. I then usually take my blusher, eyeliner and lipstick out in my bag with me should I want to add a little touch up when I am out.


Here is a before and after too. It’s quite scary looking at this many photos of my face as normally it’s just the odd one dotted around the lovely photos of my children. Talk about me, me, me!

Just to even it out from being all about my face, here is a mini photo shoot of myself and my boy testing out this make up look outside, this is also often the kind of outfit I would wear to take me from day to night as the shoes and the coat make it a little smarter, and black jeans are definitely more smart that blue ones.

boots_natural_collection_1    boots_natural_collection_5 boots_natural_collection_6  boots_natural_collection_8 boots_natural_collection_9

I really was so impressed with the Boots Natural Collection makeup and I have worn at least something from the range every day since I got it. I especially loved the highlighter, brow kit and lipstick colour, and I was also really impressed with the mascara considering the price of it. I used to spend a lot on expensive designer make up before the children, but now I mainly buy drug store brands with the odd designer splurge, however I hadn’t used Natural Collection for years. I am really pleased to have been introduced to it as genuinely some of it is just as nice as some of the other brands I use.

The price of the make up is crazy really, with every single item I used costing £1.99 to buy. I enjoyed testing out the products, but I would be honest if I didn’t like them. That isn’t the case at all, I will genuinely continue to use and buy them. The only one which I wasn’t as impressed with is the concealer but that is mainly because I prefer a more moisture based one and because I like to have it a little thicker (hello dark circles!). Everything else I absolutely loved.

I really enjoyed doing something a little different over on my blog today, it’s rare I do things like this, but I loved doing it. Thanks to Boots Natural Collection for working with me and giving me a chance to step out of my comfort zone!


NB: I’m working with Boots and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the Natural Collection makeup, the simple, affordable and easy-to-use line. Find out more here-




  • Your make-up looks really beautiful and natural and I love the colour pop of the pink lipstick! I can see how you can easily take this look from day to evening in a hurry! I too remember buying my first make-up at Boots as a teenager – funny what you remember isn’t it?!

  • Alison says:

    Ahh loved reading this and LOVE that pink lippy! I’m going to go find that in Boots and buy it!

  • Lauren says:

    You look beautiful Katie. I’ve always loved Natural Collection. Used to be obsessed with their lip glosses! x

  • Keri-Anne says:

    Oh Katie, you look STUNNING! Those last two photographs of you with Wren are just beautiful. I would love to try out their range. I have wanted to try out a highlighter for the longest time but have never used one so i am going to pick up a few bits. Like you, i use the same few things over and over and only ever put on eye shadow, eyeliner and blusher. I am so scared of using foundation as i have super pale skin and i haven’t found a shade that is light enough x

  • I was astonished to find out how affordable Boots Natural Collection is too. You look fabulous — such a polished look so quickly. I wish I could get away with tinted moisturiser — it’s always full-coverage foundation for me!

  • Witwoo! You look lovely Katie 🙂 I really liked the Natural Collection eyeshadows, I often use these as they stay put just as well as more expensive ones x

  • Jenny says:

    OH you look amazing girl and your day to night time look is flawless as always. I would say these photos of you and Wren are framers for the wall. So gorgeous. The makeup is fab isn’t it and at that price I was shocked how long it lasted and felt nice. I am awful for trying new makeup I stick the colors and names I know and used for years. It was nice to do something different and step out of my comfort zone. Love all the creative photo angles too girl you put us all to shame every time! 🙂 Love it. Lipstick is fabulous I would love that color. hehehe xoxo

  • Lorri says:

    You look lovely. Can I ask you how you do your upper eyeliner as I really struggle doing mine. Also which under eye concealer do you you use? Mine always seems to dry out which makes my eye bags look worse. And where did you get your leopard print boots as love them! Sorry for all the questions. Your little boy is absolutely gorgeous as is your girls. Xx

  • Natalie says:

    I enjoyed reading this lovely, I’m a make up girl and over the years have spent a fortune on designer brands – however now money is a lot tighter and the make up doesn’t last as long ( the older I get the more I shovel on!) I have been looking for a cheaper alternative. You look fab and I will definitely be checking this range out x

  • Donna says:

    Ah you’re so pretty Katie! I don’t have a clue when it comes to make up, I’ve used the same products since I was 16 and really should learn how to use make up a bit more x

  • Lovely looks! I really enjoyed trying out the range too and I was so impressed that the tinted moisturiser gave such good coverage! I too am a huge make up fan. Oh I love getting my hand on some new products! x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    You look gorgeous Katie! I’ve never really tried the natural collection. I kind of have one make up look and the same make up day in day out. I do experiment a tiny bit with eyeshadow but that’s as far as I go!

  • HelpfulMum says:

    The lipstick is a fabulous colour on you. Love the range and I was really impressed with the tinted moisturiser.

  • Alice says:

    You beauty, Katie! You look gorgeous and that pink is just the best colour on you. I was so impressed with how moisturising the red was, I’m definitely going to hunt down some more x

  • Love the pink lipstick. I too remember this brand from when I was a teen but I must admit it’s the one thing I spend far too much money on now and usually stick with Lancôme and Estée Lauder…makes the 2 mins I get to do it more bearable!

  • Katie you look beautiful with and without the makeup!! Although the products do sound lovely and the pictures at the end of you and your boy are just gorgeous. xx

  • I love learning about other people’s makeup routines. Love that lip colour on you x

  • Kara says:

    The Natural Collection do beautiful make up and you are wearing it lovely here. That lipstick is a great colour on you. xx

  • Alison says:

    Wow Katie – you look FAB! And I REALLY want to know the name of the lipstick you used, so I can buy one myself. For £1.99 you could buy the whole range of lipsticks and not break the bank 😉

  • What a gorgeous look. I love the lip colour. Such a reasonable price isn’t it? xx

  • This looks great! You’ve done a really lovely make up and I love that lip colour on you – looks fab!

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