You may have read my recent post that we are working with Robinsons over the coming weeks. As a family we have been a fan of their squash for a long time, in fact both Jon and I grew up drinking Robinsons and it’s been a favourite ever since. We have already been on a really fun day out together on one of their ‘Thirsty Fun Days’, where we went swimming together, as part of an exciting promotion they are currently doing on their bottles. Now it is time for the next exciting part of our collaboration- the Fruit Drop.

I mentioned in my last post that I really struggle to drink water. I don’t know why, I of course know the benefits of water, both for myself and my family, but for some reason I just don’t drink enough. A couple of years ago I went on a health mission and as such I drunk at least two litres of water a day- I felt so much healthier, my skin was nicer and not so dry, and I didn’t get headaches in the evening. I also made sure I drank a lot of water in pregnancy too,  knowing that it was great to keep myself hydrated. But for some reason I seem to have slipped back into my old ways and I can get to the end of the day and realise I haven’t had a single drink.

I do get bored of just water on it’s own and this is where Robinsons comes in. I much prefer to have a fruity kick to my drinks, I find them a lot easier to drink that way. I bought myself one of those bottles that tell you how much you should be drinking and at what time, and since January I have been filling it up with squash and water overnight and putting it in the fridge so it is cool for the morning, as I like my water to be really cold. I am definitely getting better at drinking more already, it has already become more of a habit, but I still am not drinking as much as I should be.

That is where the ‘Fruit Drop’ comes in. Robinsons has begun piloting a home delivery service to help families enjoy drinking more water, after finding 85% of a cross section of UK adults reported they drink less than the recommended 8 glasses of fluid. I am definitely falling into this category, with me sometimes even going a whole day without drinking even a glass of water. The monthly squash delivery service follows in the footsteps of vegetable and cooking boxes, and provides a convenient way to ensure the family enjoys drinking more water.

Robinsons have also done some fascinating research.The benefits of drinking more water are well documented and this latest survey shows that 49% of the parents asked notice a positive change in their child’s behaviour if they’re drinking enough fluid; remarking their child has more energy (30%), concentration (29%), motivation (21%) and ability to engage (19%). Our girls already drink quite a lot of fluids, they love both water and squash during the day, but I know for myself that I definitely feel less lethargic and have more energy if I have a water based drink rather than a fizzy one which I can often find myself reaching for.

We were really excited to get our first Fruit Drop, the girls loved having a peek at what was inside. We haven’t tried either the Peach or the Lemon and Pink Grapefruit flavours so we will be looking forward to trying those, as we are quite partial to Apple and Blackcurrant or Summer Fruits in our house. I was also pleased to see some of the little bottles of Squash’d making an appearance, as I mentioned in my previous post I like taking these about with me in my bag to add a little bit of instant flavour to water. They are a great way of saving money on buying drinks when you are out and about too, for example our local garden centre gives you free jugs of water and you can add a little bit of flavour to them, which saves you buying drinks all the time.

fruitdrop_1 fruitdrop_2 fruitdrop_3 fruitdrop_4 fruitdrop_5 fruitdrop_6 fruitdrop_7robinsons_squash_11 robinsons_squash_12

We are looking forward to trialling out Fruit Drop over the next few weeks and seeing if it makes a difference to the amount of water the amount of water we drink as a family. We will let you know how we get on soon!


NB: We are partnering with Robinsons on this campaign but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. TO find out more about Fruit Drop visit here.


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