Before having our little people, going to the cinema was one of our favourite things to do. We used to love going to the cinema during the day at the weekend. We would roll out of bed around 11am, head for some lunch at a pub where we would read the papers, before heading to the cinema to watch the latest release, Jon armed with popcorn and myself with Pic n Mix (especially the fudges, they are the best!). When Maddie was born, the one thing we said that we missed, even more so than going out, was going to the cinema. There is something so relaxing about being together and sitting and watching a film, away from the distractions of your phone or anything else. Indeed the very first ‘date’ we went on when Mads was just a few weeks old was to the cinema, and I spent the entire film worrying about her and if she was ok with my Mum.

Nowadays the girls are at an age where they absolutely love the cinema and it is quite possibly their most favourite treat we could do. A massive film screen, naughty snacks, and big comfy chairs- what’s not to love? I have even got brave and will take our baby boy too, mainly to the Mini Mornings sessions, but also occasionally to other films. Usually he is pretty happy to sit there and fall asleep on me if we time it with his nap time, or sit and stare at the screen. If he starts to get grumpy then I will just leave as of course I wouldn’t want to ruin the film for everyone else.

When Vue Entertainment got in touch with us to ask if we wanted to appear in a fun little video they were making to celebrate the launch of Despicable Me 3, we jumped at the chance. Both the girls (and Jon!) are massive minion fans, so much so my Mum bought them a talking one each for Christmas last year (thanks for that Mum). So off we headed to London one afternoon after school to see what was in store for us.

There are always those little niggly cinema problems aren’t there? You know the ones like noisy popcorn eaters in front of you or how if you are in a group sharing popcorn you have to pass a message down the aisle to get your share. And there is always a hogger who keeps the carton mainly in front of them. Well Vue wanted to have a little fun to mark the release of the film, and bring an element of fun back to the cinema, by highlighting the biggest offenders of bad viewing etiquette and creating despicably wacky innovations to solve them.

UK inventor Dominic Wilcox, has created a number of different inventions to enhance the in-cinema experience, such as a popcorn dispenser that can deliver treats to friends along the aisle. They have been inspired by some of the wacky gadgets featured in the Despicable Me franchise such as the Anti-Gravity Serum and Fart Gun. That’s where we came in, we went to Vue to be filmed trying out the prototype. The girls were both a little nervous when we headed into a dark cinema screen to be greeted by lots of people and camera equipment, but they soon realised that getting to eat popcorn and watch a snippet of Despicable Me 3 before it was realised, was actually amazing fun. We sat there enjoying the popcorn and playing with Dominic’s amazing invention- it really worked and was so clever, we loved it! If only it became a proper thing in cinemas, such a great invention.

Here is the finished video, we love it, it’s funny how you film for so long (well about half an hour) but only a snippet ends up getting used…

I didn’t take many photos while we were in there because it was so dark, but it was really good fun and Jon and I laughed on the way home about how my blog work is definitely varied, which certainly keeps it interesting, while Mads and Lottie exclaimed that it was their ‘best day ever!’

A couple of weeks later of course we had to head to our local Vue to watch the film, which according to Jon and the girls was the best one yet, I must admit to not having watched them before bar snippets here and there. We had a lovely time together

Totally besides themselves with excitement because I let them have a slushy as well as a few sweeties to share. I haven’t ever let them have one before!

It’s been so much fun working on this with Vue and thanks so much to them for treating us to a morning out at the cinema. Now all I need to do is persuade my mum to look after the three of them so we can go to the cinema on our own- that hasn’t happened in 14 months so I won’t be holding my breath. 😉


NB: Thanks so much to Vue for inviting us to test the invention and be part of their campaign, all words and opinions are entirely my own. Despicable me 3 is out now and we definitely recommend it. 



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