A couple of weeks ago I started working with Robinsons on an exciting campaign- their new Fruit Drop service. You may have read my post previously, but essentially Fruit Drop is a fantastic new door to door delivery service that Robinsons are piloting in the hope that it will get families drinking more water. Did you know that adult women are supposed to drink between 1.4 – 1.6 litres of water a day? For children it completely depends on their age, so for example, 2-3 year olds should drink between 0.9 – 1 litres per day and  4-8 year olds should drink at least 1.1 – 1.3 litres. I, like many parents lead a busy life. It can get to 12pm and I will realise that in between giving the kids breakfast, doing the school run, playing with the little two, trying to find a minute to squeeze in some work emails, or tidying up the house- that I haven’t drunk or eaten a single thing. Of course this isn’t healthy at all and over the last couple of weeks both myself and Jon have started to try and be a little healthier. 

I wanted to work with Robinsons when they got in touch, firstly because we love their squash and have been using it for years, but also because I wanted to see if it would encourage me to drink more water. I must admit that I drink fizzy drinks more than I actually should, so I wanted to see if the Fruit Drop would help me drink more water and not reach for the cans of fizz just because it is convenient. We got our delivery, unpacked it all and set about trying some of the flavours over the next couple of weeks, after previously being quite set in our ways and always having Summer Fruits or Orange as they are our favourites. (I am now a massive fan of Peach!)

One big way in which I am trying to drink more water is by keeping this big flask on me at all times. I mentioned it in my previous post, but I bought my husband one for his birthday back in September but liked it so much I eventually got my own (after the kept selling out!) In order to get your recommended daily intake of water you need to fill the flask out twice, so I have been putting some water in the fridge over night and leaving it there ready for first thing in the morning. I really dislike tap water when it comes straight from the tap so by keeping it cool overnight it encourages me to drink more.

 I’ve then been adding in either normal Robinsons Squash or Squash’d in the morning, just to give my water a little bit of a fruity hit. I find the Squash’d bottles especially handy, for months now I have been keeping them in my bag as they are so convenient for the girls.

There’s no denying that the Fruit Drop service is useful, but the question is has it made us all drink more water? The answer is a definite yes. It’s really handy having your favourite thirst quenchers delivered to you in one package. Both Jon and I have been making a concerted effort to drink more water and it definitely has helped. I have found that my skin and hair, which has a tendency to feel quite dry, has felt a lot better, and I have been getting less headaches as well. I don’t always get my recommended intake each day yet, some days I will have nearly 2 litres and some days I will still only have 1, but it is a definite step in the right direction from how I was before, where I would hardly drink anything.

The girls have always both been quite thirsty and they have been drinking just as much as they usually do, neither of them like milk, but they have a combination of water and water with Robinsons Squash throughout the day. They are also quite partial to Peach as well! Fruit Drop has definitely kick started a mini mission in Jon and I which is great news- now we just need to stop reaching for the biscuits and our New Year mission will be taking shape!



NB: We are partnering with Robinsons on this campaign but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. To find out more about Fruit Drop visit here.


  • Molly says:

    Brilliant idea! Both my girls are pretty keen on water on its own but do occasionally go for fruit juice or squash. The main culprit in our house is Simon – he HATES water with a passion and will only drink it with squash! My best mate who’s a nutritionist and personal trainer recommends drinking 2 litres of water a day, so that’s been something I’ve been trying to do recently. Not always easy (2 litres is a lot!) but I’ve definitely noticed a difference to my skin and my metabolism since I’ve been drinking more water.

  • Alison says:

    Ooh what a clever idea! We only really drink water in our house (or wine or gin 😉 ) but we always have a bottle of Robinson’s No Added Sugar in the cupboard which we call ‘party juice’ or ‘holiday juice’ as that’s when G gets to drink it. I have one of the little Squash’d bottles but never know how much to add, so always end up making really weak juice!

  • Peach sounds good! I have such a soft spot for squash (but never let the girls drink it, much to their annoyance). I definitely don’t drink enough in the day; it’s so easy to get to mid-afternoon and have a dehydrated headache, isn’t it?

  • Those Squashed bottles look so handy! I personally can’t stand squash (I prefer tap water, straight from the tap ha ha) but my husband and daughter won’t drink a drop of water without some squash 😀 These look really handy for trips and just to keep with you when out and about, might get them to drink more water on the go too.

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