One of my fondest memories looking back on Wren’s early baby days will be that last moment before bedtime. The madness of the day is behind us, his sisters are usually in their bedroom being read a story by Jon, and we snuggle on our bed and cuddle. I feed him, he is all cosy and warm in his sleeping bag, and then I lie there with him stroking his head and his face. I don’t think I will ever forget how soft his head feels like to touch, it’s almost feels like silk and it has been like that since he was a tiny newborn in my arms. Sometimes I take far too long putting him down in his cot, he’s too warm and toasty to let go of. Time goes so quickly and I can’t believe he is ten months old now, I think one huge part of motherhood is wishing constantly for a pause button.

You may have seen that I am working with Pampers over the course of this year on their #PampersBabyBoard, something which I am incredibly honoured to be a part of as I’ve used Pampers on all three of my children and my Mum used to use them with me as well. This time I am here to talk about caring for your baby’s skin. Winter can definitely take its toll on our skin, mine is so dry at the moment. One minute I am in the car doing the school run with the heating full blast in the car (I love having it full blast even though it drives Jon crazy!), then I am stood at the school gates in the bitter cold and wind, then I am back in my house with the heating on, it’s no wonder that our skin can feel the effects some times. That’s the same for our little ones too. We might slather on the extra moisturiser for ourselves, or make sure we have lip balm on, to stop chapped or dry lips, but what about our babies?

I’ve always found Pampers nappies to be the best for all three of my babies skin and I am genuinely not just saying that. I’ve been pretty lucky that all three of my children haven’t suffered badly from nappy rash. They have all got quite normal skin, we can put them in a bath with different lotions and potions and it won’t irritate their skin, plus when they have had a slightly red bottom a little bit of nappy cream clears it up within a couple of hours. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t look after their skin as best I can. Pampers Premium Protection Nappies are the only newborn nappy recommended by the British Skin Foundation and now go up to a size 6. This means that from the moment your baby enters the world, using Pampers nappies can help you feel confident you’re wrapping your little ones precious skin with Pampers’ amazing protection.

Their skin is so new, so free from blemishes and so precious, so it is so important to look after it. Nappy rash can be very common if the nappy is too wet for an extended length of time. That’s why Pampers Premium Protection include a unique absorb-away layer which quickly draws soft poo and wetness away from your newborn’s skin, so that it stays dry and reduces any possible skin irritation. They also include a wetness indicator which turns blue when your baby pees, so you know when it might be time for a nappy change – we definitely found this helpful! We also make sure that we use Pampers Sensitive and New Baby Sensitive wipes too, even though their skin is pretty normal I want to make sure I take care of it and only use the mildest and kindest products on their skin.

Our baby boy is a baby who really responds to touch. The girls were affectionate little things, but this little boy is something else. He absolutely loves to cuddle, to have me touching him and stroking him, and ever since day one he has always just been happiest in my arms. He’s my last baby and if that’s where he wants to be then I am more than happy to oblige. There’s nothing more special than snuggling him next to him and stroking his beautifully soft skin. I never want these baby days to end- all too soon he’s going to be a toddler running around and not wanting cuddles from his Mummy, so I am going to enjoy every single moment till then.



(Just to illustrate my point of him growing far too quickly, I took these photos the other day and I can’t believe how grown up he looks. The arrival of his top two teeth seem to have made him look less baby like and more toddler like over night, even though he’s only just ten months old. Slow down time!)

NB: We are working with Pampers over the course of the year, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.


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