Maxi Cosi Loola Pushchair Review.



Having been a Maxi Cosi fan for a while now, I was really interested in trying out their new Maxi Cosi Loola.  I have had a few products from Maxi Cosi over the course of my Mummy life- we bought the Pebble carseat for Mads when she was tiny, and then we are also a big fan of their sister company Quinny.

Maxi Cosi have listened to feedback from their customers and this version which comes out in mid June is a new improved model.  It comes in four colours, we tested out the black version and has a variety of different accessories too, as well as being able to switch into a travel system with a carry cot or group 0+ car seat.

But what did we think of it?

Firstly getting the Loola up and out of the box was really easy, I am not exactly a genius when it comes to ‘putting things together’ but even I had this up and ready to go within a few minutes.  The first thing I noticed was how smart it looked.  The frame is a really nice chrome silver colour which compliments the wheels and is manufactured to a high standard.



We duly set about taking it on it’s first test drive.

The Loola is nice to push, it has a one hand driving handle and is definitely easy to push one handed.  The handling of the pushchair was good, the wheels were easy to manouvre and it felt smooth.  The only small criticism I had with the pushchair was that my husband thought that it didn’t feel particularly sturdy.  This wasn’t while pushing it, but if you wobbled the frame it just didn’t feel as sturdy as some I have pushed.  This however is only a minor point as the pushchair feels very safe and comfortable to ‘drive’.

Which brings me to my favourite feature of the pushchair, and what I would buy it for.  The Loola can go into lie down recline mode with the pinch of a button on the back of the seat.  You may say all pushchairs can do this, but I have yet to find one that does it as easily as the Loola.

With Mads often she falls asleep and then because of her age (2.5 years) we have to try and put the seat down and often she wakes up.  The Loola is so easy to recline that when we have taken her out in it recently, each time she has fallen asleep we have managed to recline it so easily that she has stayed snoozing.  I think this function of the pushchair is seriously good and I was very impressed with it.


The Loola has a great sunken seat and Mads finds it very comfy to lie in, especially in recline mode.  She seems to prefer it to some of the other pushchairs we have, and doesn’t seem to moan about going in it as much as the others. (Which at her age is pretty impressive!)

The pushchair design overall is great, with a nice big shopping basket as well.  This is important for me, especially as a Mummy to two because if Mads is walking and I am pushing LL I need to make sure I have a hand free to hold her and catch her if she decides to escape!


The pushchair isn’t ridiculously easy to put up or down, it is a little bit fiddly but to be honest I find them all a bit fiddly as I am a weakling!  I asked my husband to put the Loola up and down and he said it was one of the easiest to do that he had seen.  It folds up relatively small, and isn’t too heavy, which obviously good for storage, and it fitted in my car boot nicely with lots of extra space. (I have a Nissan Qashqai)


And our conclusion overall?

Overall we really impressed with the Loola but then we are big Maxi Cosi fans.  We thought that the design was great and we loved the slightly square frame.  The shopping basket was also a big plus.  It was great to push and I was super impressed with the recline mode, in fact it is by far the best out of all the pushchairs we have seen.

It is quite heavy, and a little bit fiddly to put up and down but then I have yet to find a pushchair which doesn’t have this problem.  I like that you don’t have to take the seat off to collapse it, that is a big plus for me.

I would definitely recommend the Loola to anyone looking for a pushchair for their baby or toddler, especially as it can be combined with other Maxi Cosi products to make an all in one travel system that will last ages.  It retails at £300 which I think is a very reasonable price.

Disclaimer- We were sent this pushchair to review but all opinions are completely my own.  


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