Preparing the home for Christmas with John Lewis

For the fourth or fifth year running John Lewis and their iconic Christmas advert have made me get tears in my eyes. This year I saw a few people say that this one was more of a happy one, rather than one that made them feel sad or over emotional. But it still got to me. There’s something about them, they signal the start of all the emotions that come with this time of year for me. There’s nothing like the run up to the festive period and indeed Christmas itself to make you feel so sentimental and nostalgic, it brings all these old memories, good, bad, happy and sad, to the surface, and for some reason the John Lewis advert each year signals the start of that. I love them. December is such a emotional month for me, and it  brings with it so much nostalgia. There’s our wedding anniversary on the 20th, Mads birthday on Christmas Eve and of course all the other things that this time of year brings. I can still remember the excitement of the build up to our wedding almost seven years ago, and I can still remember so vividly being heavily pregnant and sitting having a christmas meal with my family on the 23rd as I knew I would be in hospital for my c-section over christmas itself.

Anyway I am digressing, but John Lewis for me is Christmas personified. We have a little tradition, of course when you have children and a family, the festive period is made up of christmas traditions. But one of ours is to at some point go christmas shopping, where we will always go to John Lewis and wonder around looking at the gifts and the decorations, before stopping for a hot chocolate and a cake in the cafe. It’s such a wonderfully festive store at this time of year. It brings back memories of being small and going shopping with my mum and dad, we used to do the same thing. I can still picture walking along holding my mum’s hand and looking at the decorations.

Besides from the fact that John Lewis itself makes me feel festive, they also do a beautiful range of Christmas decorations. For many years we have had a budget christmas tree that we bought when we first moved in together and when we didn’t have hardly any money to even be able to buy christmas presents for family. We used to joke that it was the saddest christmas tree in the land, it was tall and thin and hardly had many branches. That tree saw us well, through two little ladies been born, through first christmas times, but it never really felt like a proper family tree if that makes sense? It was always awkwardly placed in our tiny living room and I never truly loved it. Last year a dream came true for us and we got an extension built. Although only small it has completely transformed our living space. It was finished last February and it sounds silly but I have been so excited about the prospect of christmas time and having a lovely new space to enjoy the festivities in.

John Lewis got in touch with me a while ago and asked if I wanted to choose some bits to ‘style my home’ for christmas time. Straight away I knew exactly what I was going to get- a new Christmas tree. I was so unbelievably excited to get a new tree for our new room. I chose an amazing 7ft one from their Helsinki range, and then I styled it with decorations also from the same range. The Helsinki range is made up of calming metallic tones and has a really Scandi feel, which is perfect as I styled our room in very much the same way, it’s white with pops of yellow, and lots of green plants and copper.

I absolutely love the tree, even down to the lights which are almost a warm tone as well. It is huge but doesn’t feel overpowering in our room, and I love turning off the main lights at nighttime and just having that glow of the lights while we are sitting and relaxing in the evening. What is it about christmas tree lights that just make everything seem so much prettier? I think it suits our room really well and I love the fact that it will be such a magical part of our family for years to come. We already have so much shared memories on the tree, we have a tradition where we let the children pick out a decoration each year, so we have those on there already, and it’s only going to get bigger as the years go by.

john_lewis_christmas_tree_1 john_lewis_christmas_tree_2 john_lewis_christmas_tree_3 john_lewis_christmas_tree_4 john_lewis_christmas_tree_5 john_lewis_christmas_tree_6 john_lewis_christmas_tree_7 john_lewis_christmas_tree_8 john_lewis_christmas_tree_9 john_lewis_christmas_tree_10 john_lewis_christmas_tree_11 john_lewis_christmas_tree_12 john_lewis_christmas_tree_13 john_lewis_christmas_tree


NB: John Lewis kindly sent us our tree and decorations for the purpose of this post, but all words, photos and opinions are entirely my own. 


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