Does anyone else find that the weeks just seem to pass by so quickly? We seem to just get into the same routine, the same hectic routine where the days seem to pass by in a blur, and as such we always tend to eat the same thing every week. Sometimes we get a little bored with eating the same thing all the time, and we wish that we had the time and effort to source some new things, but you know how it is with kids, sometimes easy and stress free is the favoured option when you are all a little lacking in time.

Another thing that as a family we are terrible at (and something which we really need to change) is doing a weekly food shop. How hard can it be you think? But for some reason we never seem to actually do a proper food shop, meaning we go to the supermarket most days which is neither cost effective or time effective either. While I like to think we are quite organised, and we are in some respects, there are things that we could definitely do to make life easier for us.

However it is so important to come together and eat as a family. We find our children thrive on the evenings that we all eat together. It brings us together, bring us closer, and we try to sit together as a family at least five times a week. It’s lovely to sit down at the end of the day and have a chat about what we have all done that day, what Maddie has done at school, Lottie at nursery, and just generally sit down and chat.

The idea of a food subscription box is pretty familiar nowadays. Over the last few years quite a few have popped up. But the thing is, certainly for us, they really work. When Gousto got in touch to see if we wanted to work with them and try out a couple of boxes over the next couple of months, we jumped at the chance. We have tried Gousto before as a trial a few months ago and really enjoyed it, so were looking forward to trying it out again in our new home. Gousto is aimed at people who want to cook and enjoy good food together but don’t always have the time, ingredients or know-how to do it well, delivering  simple ways to enjoy the joys of cooking. You can choose what you want, cook it with confidence and enjoy sharing it together with others. That sounded perfect for us.

Taking the hassle out of planning, shopping and cooking, Gousto delivers up to 4 meals for the week with the ingredients and recipes ready to make, so there’s no more ‘what’s for dinner’ panic. This is one of our biggest things, constantly thinking whats for dinner, plus also have the daily supermarket trip each day (not much fun with three children let me tell you!) Using fresh, quality ingredients (100% British meat, responsibly sourced fish and free-range eggs) from trusted suppliers, you know what’s in every mouthful and can feel confident about feeding your family well.

We set about picking our meals for the first box. There were so many to choose from, but we decided on-

Cajun chicken burger
Crispy Asian pepper chicken
Uptown egg and chips
Thai chicken and noodle broth
We thought that was a perfect mixture of things that we knew the kids liked (they love chicken burgers) but also other things that they hadn’t tried before. Our children are very set in their ways, they are at an age now where they turn their noses up at things that look remotely healthy, so often we stick with things they like. This actually isn’t a good thing as it means they aren’t expanding their tastes and trying new things. So I wanted to make sure I chose some things that we wouldn’t normally cook for them.


Our box arrived and we were really excited to get stuck in cooking that evening. I was really impressed to see the quality of the food as I unpacked it and if that wasn’t enough all the ingredients were perfectly measured (like little sachets of exactly what you need and even mini mayonnaise pots), meaning nothing would go to waste, plus also taking the hassle out of weighing things out.

The first evening we decided to make the Cajun chicken burger with red cabbage slaw and home cooked chips.

I think one real way of getting the girls interested in what they are going to eat is to let them help us in the kitchen. They had a great time helping us prepare the slaw. 

I’ll never be a food blogger with my food photos 😉 but it isn’t about that for me, its about creating family meals that the children will enjoy too.

And they certainly did enjoy it. It was lovely to see our relatively fussy girls tucking into their dinner. The meal was really easy to make and tasted delicious.

We cut up chicken chunks for our baby boy and he wolfed them down and in this photo he was trying to take mine off my plate!

The next night we decided to make the Thai chicken and noodle broth. Now I must admit I wasn’t holding out high hopes that our girls would eat this as they aren’t a big fan of lots of greenery, but in the interest of wanting to make them try new things we decided to cook it as as family meal. Again the meal was really easy to prepare and cook, with the menu card (which are lovely and great to keep) giving step by step instructions. Jon is normally the cook in our house, but I really enjoyed cooking things that I hadn’t made before.

            I was so surprised to see that the girls actually really enjoyed it. I often think that we just give them things they like for an easy life, but I was so pleased to see our baby boy (who is the great eater in our house) and Lottie (who is normally very set in her ways) eat the whole thing, while Mads ate most of it. It was a definite success in our house, quick and easy to make, and also healthy, so we will definitely be cooking it again.


Our last two meals were also delicious but we ate those too quickly to take any photos! Overall we were really impressed with Gousto, just like last time. In terms of recipes there was so much choice and I could have picked way more than four, apparently there are 22 recipes to choose from each week. They also have flexible delivery dates and time slots to fit your lifestyle, and you can pause or stop your subscription at any time. In terms of price, for a family box for four it works out at just £2.98 per serving and £47.75 per box, which when you take into account all you are doing is clicking yes to a recipe and then having it all delivered to your door ready to cook, is really good value.

For me, such a huge thing is firstly trying to find new things to cook that we all enjoy and I was really proud of the girls for enjoying the Gousto recipes, that I wouldn’t normally have cooked them, and secondly it is just trying to save me as much time as possible and help me get organised in already hectic days. Gousto definitely helped with both of those things and to me that makes it worth its money for me.

We are looking forward to continuing to use Gousto over the coming months and we will be sure to chat about it again soon.already.



NB: If you would like to try Gousto they have given my readers an amazing discount of 50% off their first and second box. There are more details here.





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