I need to start this post by admitting that when I put these photos on the computer ready to start writing, I may have shed a little tear. Because above all when I look at the below photos I feel like I want to grab time with both hands and tell it to slow down. I cannot believe how grown up both my girls look and there is something about it that makes me feel a little sentimental and a teeny bit emotional. But first I better start at the beginning.

Next got in touch with me a while ago to see if I wanted to review their school uniform. I of course said yes, firstly because we currently use Next school uniform as it is (they are the only brand that we have found who do nice shorts for girls- fact!), and secondly because who is going to turn down the chance to get some school uniform ahead of the school term. In fact bar a couple of branded school jumpers I am pretty much organised for once ready for the start of the school year in September.

Come September Mads will be going into Year 2 and my little Lottie will be going into reception. I know it is a cliche, but time really does go so fast. I can’t believe that soon two out of my three little people will be in school. While I am in denial about Lottie going into school, she on the other hand couldn’t be more excited. She is quite a young four, although she is tall, she is quite young in the way she speaks and acts. But at the same time she is used to her big sister going to school so she is really excited about the prospect of joining her. As soon as she put the uniform on, it made me do a double take. It makes my littlest girl look so grown up and yet so young at the same time. She was thrilled to be putting on the uniform and wanted to wear it to bed that night.

We decided to head out one slightly cloudy afternoon to try out the Next range of uniform. The range has actually been tested by little volunteers and we were looking forward to putting it to the test as well.


Mads shoes/Lottie’s shoes

We have a fair few pairs of these little shorts and we have made quite a few people in Mads class buy them too. They by far are the nicest ones we have found, so cute with the button details and the little turn ups.

Look at my big girls. These navy coats are amazing quality and so super soft. I am really impressed with them.

 This photo makes me feel really emotional. She was helping her do up her coat. I hope that she continues to help her when they are both at school together.

We did some vigorous testing by doing lots of jumping and climbing.

I love this photo of myself and my big girls. I am so proud of them both. My clothes are also from Next. (Jumper, Jeans, Tan Pumps)

Look at her curls. Mads started losing hers around this age, so I am hoping these ones stick around for a bit longer.

I just really love all these photos. The age range of the collection ranges from 3-16 and the first thing I noticed when looking on the website was just how much choice there was. Like I said before we always get school shorts, trousers and socks from Next, but I was surprised to see just how much choice there was. For example for some reason I didn’t realise that Next did school shoes. It is obvious really as again a lot of the girls casual shoes come from Next, but I just hadn’t ever thought about shopping there for school shoes, even though 90% of the girls clothing comes from Next. We also got the girls both a track suit for PE (which is the same one as we got Mads last year).

Overall of course we are really impressed with Next’s school uniform range, we genuinely love Next and buy so much from there. But it was really interesting to see other things in the range that perhaps we wouldn’t have thought of buying, like the polo shirts, coats and school shoes. I thought though that I would give my own little testers the chance to tell me what they thought of their new school uniform…

‘ I have these shorts already. I like that the shorts had buttons because it was cool. I like how the coat could do up to the very top and that it had a hood.’ -Maddie age 6

‘I like the pockets and the buttons on the shorts. I like my new shoes cause it had a face like a cat on there. I like my coat cause it is ‘cuggly’ inside. – Lottie age 4


So there you have it. Next uniform definitely gets a big thumbs up here. Plus of course practically one of the best things about Next is that you can get next day delivery if you order before midnight (this is something that I have taken advantage of MANY a time).

But for now their new uniform is safely put away in their new wardrobe ready to wear on the first day of the school year in September. I can definitely say I won’t be counting down the days, I am loving having them all home for summer and I don’t want it to end. I’m not quite ready for my littlest lady to be at school, but you can bet that however I feel I will be stood there feeling like the proudest mum in the entire world as I wave her off into her classroom on her first day in her uniform that looks ever so slightly too big and with the shiniest shoes that will be muddy within a couple of days.

Two little school girls. I really can’t believe it.


NB: This post was written in collaboration with Next but all words and opinions are entirely my own. 






  • Life as Mum says:

    I absolutely love NEXT clothing. I’ve been thinking of buying the girls school uniform from there this year. Their clothing are fab quality. Love your outfit!

  • Amber says:

    But Lottie was a toddler the other DAY! How can she be wearing a school uniform and off to school?! And I can’t believe that Mads is old enough to write her own mini review. Crazy!

  • Katie says:

    Oh my word, they look so cute in their uniform Katie! Those shorts are fab and I adore Lottie’s little shoes! Xx

  • Mary Smith says:

    Gorgeous pics – Cannot believe both will be in school this sept! What a massive change and how exciting too x

  • Alison says:

    Loved reading this Katie – I can’t BELIEVE Lottie is starting school. I feel emotional about that and she’s not even mine!! These shorts look ace – I noticed that some places now do culotte dresses instead of summer dresses which is good!

  • Becky says:

    Oh those cat shoes/…I would wear them. Well done on your Tots number 1 slot and good luck to your girls in school!

  • Jenny says:

    Oh these are just darling. We have the same school colors too. We loved our Next uniforms this year too. I love that your girls can wear shorts MM would have loved this option but has to be pinafores or skirts in our school. They are awesome and those grey knee highs are great too. They look way way too grown up here Katie. Can you believe our little girls are starting school next month???? Crazy!

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