If there is one thing that I have learnt in my time as a parent, it’s that however much you think your baby should do things at the same time as every baby, they are all so incredibly different. They all walk at different times, talk at different times and some sleep like angels whereas some are up all night having parties where you are the only other one invited. The same goes for weaning and introducing them to those first tastes. Both Mads and LL took to food straight away at six months, they got stuck in and we very much went down the traditional way of using purees with the odd bit of finger food snacks. This baby boy on the other hand was completely different.

When he was coming up to six months he was doing all the things that the so called baby manuals tell you they should be doing. He was really taking an interest in food, watching what we ate intently and I honestly thought that he was going to be the easiest one to introduce to food. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When it came to actually getting down to trying new tastes, he just wasn’t interested. I persevered and tried him on different things, but he really wasn’t very fussed at all. Eventually I gave up for a while, giving him the odd bit of food which I knew he would eat (Heinz Sunrise Banana Porridge, Bananas themselves and Marmite Toast being pretty much all he fancied!), knowing that perhaps he was just a little milk monster and eventually he would become keen. True enough, a couple of months later I tried again and this time he couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. Since then he absolutely loves food and actually has been the best out of all three of them at trying new things, he will pretty much try anything that you give him.

With both the girls as we went down the more puree route, we used to use Heinz Baby products all the time. In fact I now have been using Heinz baby food for years. Both the girls really enjoyed Heinz products and as such we always used to have a stash in the cupboard ahead of going out somewhere, or if we were having something for dinner that wasn’t suitable for them. There is something so handy about pouches, but at the same time it is good to know that they have goodness in them too, with simple ingredients, no sugar, no salt, and also vitamins & minerals including iron & vitamin C. Our baby boy will generally eat what we do, but there are some meals that we have as a family that just aren’t suitable for him just yet- we are a big fan of spicy foods and there are some meals that we also like to enjoy without the kids- therefore it is great just having a pouch in the cupboard in case we need it.

Heinz offered to send us some of their favourite bits to see if he enjoyed them- we can definitely say that is the case as we buy them already, but we weren’t going to say no and turn down the opportunity to take some photos of him and to stock up the cupboard with some more goodies. Although it is getting harder and harder to take photos of him nowadays, as he just tries to crawl off.

‘Which one shall I have for lunch?’

‘Hmmm what about this one?’

Look at his face! He gets incredibly suspicious of the first bite, he worries what you are going to give him I think. It makes me smile.

Trying the Sweet and Sour Chicken for the first time. He looks bemused.

This one makes me laugh as well, at least he was enjoying it.

Now he is getting bigger he constantly wants to feed himself. Which is REALLY messy.


Heinz also do a great snack and finger food range, and again we used to have the Biscotti packs with the girls. (In fact they are both still quite partial to them every now and again!)

The biscotti range is a great shape, meaning it is easy for them to pick up and munch on.

His latest thing at the moment is to offer you whatever he is eating or holding in his hand, but when you go to take it he snatches it away from you really quickly. This is the best game ever apparently.

He really enjoyed trying out some of the Heinz Baby flavours, mainly the ones he hadn’t tried before, like the Sweet and Sour Chicken and the Paella. As I have mentioned we already use Heinz Baby products in our house, so we already knew how much we loved the range. But it was still nice to try some different flavours and take some photos of this lovely boy. Heinz Baby products are just great to keep in the cupboard or in your bag for if you ever need one.


NB: We are working with Heinz on their Yummy Tastes campaign. All words and opinions are entirely my own, you can check out more about the fabulous range of baby food on the Heinz Baby website

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  • Anna says:

    Hi Katie, good to know about your different baby boy, actually it is very difficult to categorize baby by their character, every baby is different in my opinion. Anyway interested for Heinz Yummy Tastes campaign, please provide more information.

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