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Since becoming a Mummy I have become seriously emotional.  That is not to say I wasn’t before.  I have always been a crier.  Whereas some people bottle it up and keep their feelings to themselves, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve.

I like to think it is because I am caring and selfless but really I think I am just a big cry baby!  I cry at literally everything.  Anything can set me off- one of my friends telling a happy story about their children- I will get tears in my eyes.  Looking at photos will make me tear up- all the memories.  Even the emotional staged sob stories on X Factor will have tears streaming down my face.  Crying doesn’t just mean I am sad- whether I am happy, angry, disappointed, embarrassed or scared, all these emotions will inevitably result in me having a little moment.

Take some examples.

When Mr E proposed I was so excited I burst into tears.  Not just a little demure little tear sliding down my face.  No- full on sobs where I was gasping for breath and had bogies forming in my nose.

The only time I have ever had a full on fight with a friend was with one of my friends at university who I had found out had slept with my ex boyfriend.  The unwritten rule that you just don’t do.  She didn’t have the guts to tell me to my face which is what hurt the most.  We ended up getting into a huge argument as she was still denying it and I got so angry I was shouting.  She actually looked a little frightened as I am not normally like that- until I started sobbing while still shouting to get my point across.

Just before I went on maternity leave I was really angling for a pay rise at work- they hadn’t given me one for a while and I really did deserve one.  I went into the office, all professional in my nicest work outfit, ready to stand my ground and prove to them that I was a top class employee who deserved to be recognized.  All was going well until halfway through my speech I burst into tears.  Luckily my then manager was lovely and went out to get me a tissue!

So there you have it.  Total emotional wreck.  In all seriousness, I totally agree with the above quote.  I think that when I cry- it is only because I care. I am an incredibly passionate and emotional person and often I can’t quite get those feelings across in the way I want too and I end up crying as I am so emotionally charged.  Since having Mads however I am even worse.  I can’t even begin to watch anything on poorly or hurt children, and I think becoming a Mum has made me somehow even more in tune with other people’s feelings.  I also follow so many lovely blogs and some of their posts make me get tears in my eyes on a regular basis.  The worst so far has to be this one. I cried thinking about my wonderful Dad and cried thinking about Mr E and Mads- by the end of the post I was literally sobbing my heart out.  Happy tears though.

Crying aside, I do believe having my gorgeous little girl has made me a better person.  That might sound cheesy but it is true.  It is like I want to be a better person for her.  Not that I was a bad person before- far from it, but having Mads has made me less quick to judge other people for their actions and it has made me more forgiving as well.  I am less likely to get worked up over the little things and overall I think she has made me more positive.  Whatever happens we have always got her, and she is truly priceless.  I didn’t think it was possible for my heart to feel so much love- and that feeling is bound to be a little emotional at times.

Is anyone else like this or is it just me?



  • I’m like that to. Ever since kels was born. Cry at the most stupid of things, so your not on your own x

  • Awwwww, I just read that post you linked to. So cute. I’m going to make the hubby read it as he’s terrified that we might have a girl someday and he won’t know what to do.
    I’ve been more prone to random crying since I fell pregnant, it’s made me a right bag of emotion becoming a mummy. I think I have a cry most weeks. X

  • Kara says:

    Hey sweetie you are not alone. I cry all the time. No joking. I cry in my sleep even. Crazy huh. I don’t mind though I think it’s my body just doing what helps. It allows me to deal with how I am feeling. Crap for panda eyes though. I agree I am worse since becoming a mum. My hubby is one of the only people that sees me cry though as I have always had to e tough for everyone else. So I usually run to toilets. Cry and have a discussion with walls. Ok now I look crazy.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I feel very honoured to haw met such a lovely friend xx

  • Sonia says:

    Definately not just you – I cry at the drop of a hat nowadays!

  • I cry at everything too. I am nearly in tears at how much my mouth ulcer hurts! Having Iyla has made me a better person too 🙂 Just gonna go and read the link xx

  • bublet2011 says:

    I completely know what you mean. Since having Bella I cry at EVERYTHING, and I was pretty emotional before. I cry because she is pretty, because I’m tired, because of an advert…! xxx

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Oh I am completely like this too, I used to be as hard as a rock feeling wise but now, after having z, I cry at everything! Sometimes it’s not even that sad or emotional but I still get all choked up and teary!

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