My Fitness Mission Update: Losing Too Much Weight and Losing My Way A Bit.

On the 1st January 2014 I set myself a goal- to get healthier and tone up.  By no means was I overweight, but I had a spare tyre on my tummy and I seriously hadn’t done regular exercise since I was at school.  I decided to document my monthly progress on my blog, in order to keep me motivated and help anyone else who might have been doing the same.

I ended up doing really well and I drastically changed my lifestyle.  I lost two stone of weight, toned up a bit, started really thinking about what kind of food I was eating, and above all gained a passion for exercise, especially running.  I went from not being able to run half a mile to running two half marathons and other shorter distance races.  For a year regular exercise and eating well just became a part of my life, although of course I allowed myself treats as well.

I love reading ‘real life’ stories of fitness and healthy eating, and it seemed that others felt the same as I got lots of emails saying how I had inspired them to do exercise or start running.  I posted a ‘before and after’ photo on my instagram account at the start of the year, and I was all set to delete it after a few minutes as I wasn’t entirely comfortable showing it- but actually it was my most popular photo to date.  However you may have noticed (or may not care in the slightest!) that I haven’t posted any fitness updates recently.  And well to be honest that’s because I feel a bit of a fraud and I haven’t really had anything to say.  But I wanted to do an update regardless as this is my blog and I want to look back on it all in years to come.

In February 2014 I started getting really poorly every once in a while.  It was so strange and there was no pattern to it- it could happen a couple of times in one week and then not happen for a couple of months, or it could happen constantly for a couple of weeks.  There was no rhyme nor reason to why it was happening, but I would have ridiculously uncomfortable tummy cramps, an upset tummy and then feel incredibly sick- more often than not I would be sick too.  I went to the doctor and was told to keep a food diary, which I duly did, and they couldn’t find anything, I was referred to a specialist at the hospital a couple of times and again they couldn’t find anything badly untoward.  It really was horrid as I never knew when it would strike- my best friend’s hen do and a press trip to Palma being two of the worst times.  I had to cancel and change plans a lot due to it as well.  It was really strange but this on top of the exercise and the healthy eating, meant that I lost a lot of weight.

At my lowest weight I was just under eight stone.   Obviously weight is relative to you, your height and your build but I would say a comfortable, slim weight for me is around 8 stone 6- that puts me in an 8-10 dress size.  But in October last year, I went to see the specialist who checked my BMI and said that I was now classed as really quite underweight for my height and frame.  And that scared me a lot if I am honest.  I have never had an issue with my weight or my body image, I’ve always been a comfortable size 10-12, (creeping up to a 14 after I had LL) happy with myself and reasonably confident.  Sure I have hang ups like everyone else from time to time, or days where I look in the mirror and think ‘bleugh’ but for the most part I have always felt pretty normal and average.

But hearing a professional tell you that you are now classed as underweight is actually pretty scary.  I want my daughter’s to see me as a role model, I want to teach them about being healthy and confident.  We also may one day want more babies, and being underweight isn’t a good thing for fertility either.  Looking at myself in the mirror I could see that I no longer looked toned, but actually too thin.  My legs had no fat on them at all and my face looked gaunt and tired.  Around this time in October I had my second ever half marathon and Mr E took a photo of me- I think I look way too thin.

great eastern run2

I’m not saying that I had made myself too thin deliberately or anything like that- far from it, but I think that finding a love of exercise, getting down to my goal weight really quickly and then being poorly just perhaps meant it all was a bit too much pressure on my body.  So from October onwards, I sort of lost my way a little.  The weather became worse, Winter came and I lost the motivation to run as much.  I have a definite mind connection between eating and exercise, if I exercise I am less inclined to eat ‘bad’ things like biscuits, cakes and chocolate, but if I don’t then I find I eat more.  Then Christmas came and of course party season means you eat lots, but I was still trying to exercise, just not quite as much as before.

On January 2nd I took this photo of my progress and that’s when I think I was at my best, I was still toned but healthier than I was in October.  But then we went on holiday to the Caribbean and my exercise sort of dwindled down to almost nothing.  So of course the vicious circle happens where I eat more rubbish because I am not exercising.  My running was really sporadic, I would run three times a week one week and then not run for two weeks.  But the main thing is that I was back to not particularly eating well at all.

a year of fitness

It wasn’t all bad- I ran my first half marathon of 2015, the Cambridge Half Marathon at the start of March, after hardly any training and I was thrilled to complete it in 1.50.04.  But I allowed my main weaknesses- chocolate, biscuits etc creep back into my diet.  I am not one to starve myself from these kind of things, I think they are fine in moderation and I enjoy having them- but I went back to eating them most days.  That combined with less exercise like kettlebells and lots of going away and eating out in restaurants (puddings are impossible to resist!) means that I am now far less toned than I was at the start of the year.

the grove hotel 75

So what now?

The thing I struggle with at the moment is balance.  I either go the whole hog and watch what I eat constantly, exercise lots and am strict, or I don’t exercise as much and therefore snack on rubbish.  I need to find that happy medium, one where I exercise regularly, eat healthily but don’t deny myself things I enjoy- after all life is too short for that.  I am now what I class as a healthy weight for my frame (8 stone 7), but I have lost some of those ab muscles I worked so hard to get last year.  So my main aim is to get those back.  I want to get toned and feel strong.  I am also still running, but I want to get back to enjoying it again, rather than finding it a chore, which is how it has got at the moment.  We are so busy at home and I feel like it’s just another thing to have to do when I rarely get a chance to relax as it is- but I know how much I loved it last year so I need to get back to that stage.  I have three more half marathons booked in this year- one in August, one in October and one in November, and I want to make sure I train well for them.

It seems that my health problems have finally eased- I haven’t had a episode since we were in the Caribbean on holiday in January, and even then they are few and far between now.  I have no idea what it was, whether it was something to do with my diet, a bug that wouldn’t clear up and affected my immune system, or some sort of reaction to something, but touch wood I feel a lot better now, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

In terms of food this is the main one for me, I want to make sure I try and find a balance- where I eat well, with the odd treat, and don’t snack on rubbish- that’s my main weakness and it’s not healthy.  Overall my diet is pretty good but I need to stop eating quite so many snacks.  For the last few weeks Mr E and I have been making smoothies as we bought a Nutri bullet- we are really enjoying these and it also means that the girl’s are having lots of hidden goodness that they wouldn’t ever dream of actually eating.  We have lots of lovely trips and things coming up over the Summer, and life is too short not to enjoy them and eat what I want, but I just want to get back to the outlook I had last year of finding healthier choices rather than eating half a pack of biscuits!


The last couple of weeks I have been back to exercising more, especially working on my abdominal area and I took a photo of myself yesterday morning so I can see how I get on over the next few weeks…

fitness mission update april 15

 I have noticed an improvement on my abs even after doing exercise on them for a week or so.

So there we go, a ridiculously long and ridiculously overdue fitness update!  Apologies if these aren’t your thing- normal service will resume tomorrow!



  • Alice says:

    Good for you – refreshingly honest post about fitness. I’ve finally got my butt into gear and started exercising – it’s hard work! You’re so good for being so dedicated! Look forward to hearing more about how you get on.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thanks so much Alice- I have had my holiday and not done so well but hoping to get back into it now. Good luck to you too! x

  • Gosh Katie I think you look amazing right now and I agree that in that photo, you were too thin. The problem is, you don’t notice when it’s you, do you? A few years ago, I got down to just over 7 stone when my natural weight would be just over 8 stone. I was definitely too thin but didn’t realise it. I think that for me it’s about eating healthier and toning up but not going too mad. I’m currently at 8 stone 7 and don’t like it – it’s too much for me at just 5 ft 3. Now the kids are back at school, I’m back to the gym (won’t every cut out my glass of wine though!). x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Suzanne- it is hard getting that balance right isn’t it? My main thing now like you say is toning and eating properly, neither of which I am doing very much of at the moment. x

  • Firstly let me say you are looking fantastic right now!!

    I myself struggle with my weight, I’ve always had issue with both weight and food itself, I’m a typical yoyo dieter and I either end up too thin or lose my way and pile the weight back on (comfort eating I think).

    I’ve been on a fitness mission since Jan and it hasn’t all been plan sailing, like you I struggle to get that healthy balance right as I do like the odd cake or two.

    I think like with most things in life it is trial and error to find what works for you.

    Good luck with it all x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I think that’s what I am really, I really do crave sugar in the evenings as well. Good luck with yours too lovely. x

  • I think you look absolutely perfect just as you are! As you say Katie, it’s all about finding your healthy, happy place. I know, regardless of my weight, if I’m eating well and looking after myself I always feel better. I am dreadful at exercise though – that’s something I really must work on! So glad that your tummy is feeling better now – that must have been awful for you! Xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you lovely, thats the problem I think at the moment I am not eating too well, I got better and then since my holiday last week I have got bad again. I need to fin that balance. x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    I think you look pretty perfect now. The thing with exercising, I guess, is that you start aiming for the next milestone everytime you reach one more goal and it probably becomes quite addictive. You probably also learn a lot about what has most impact on your body in a trial and error kind of way. It sounds like you’re finding the balance now and that could only come with time. Glad the horrid episodes have gone away x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks lovely, it is really hard, I think I am either an all or nothing type of person and I struggle to get the balance right. x

  • Lisa H says:

    I’m so glad to hear your health problems seem to have subsidied, as I as worried for you. You look amazing and I’m sure whatever you do you always will x

  • Jenna says:

    Katie, I love your honesty. I must admit, getting that balance is something I struggle with too – I’m either very strict with my eating and exercise lots or I give up up on the fitness and just end up eating rubbish all the time. I’m trying to lose some weight and tone up at the moment because I absolutely can’t stand the way I look in photos – to the point where I delete any I’m in. It made me think about how my daughter will have nothing to look back at when she’s older, she won’t see us together. It has given me the motivation to try to change so I can be happy and comfortable in my own skin. I truly think you are inspirational in the way that you’ve managed to change your whole lifestyle. We all have slip ups now and again so I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it too much. I hope you find your happy balance. 🙂

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I think getting a balance is really hard- I am definitely either an all or nothing person and at the moment I am struggling with eating junk again. Hopefully I will find my balance again soon. x

  • Props for writing this post K! I think your abs look wicked in your April photo. It’s all about a balance and it’s hard to tone or lose in the right areas. You’ve come a long way and the results are amazing. Glad you’re feeling better and hopefully you can find a happy medium for you xx

  • Jodie says:

    I need to find a happy medium too. Our diet has gone to pot really since coming off the juice plus. I need to exercise more but with 3 kids it’s hard!

  • They always say that maintaining weight is harder than losing or gaining; I’m the same and tend to be a bit all or nothing where I exercise lots and am watching what I eat, but if one tails off then the other tends to too. You are definitely looking better than you did towards the end of last year, I was really quite worried about how skinny and poorly you seemed to be. But I reckon while 2014 was your year for losing weight and getting in shape, 2015 will be your year for finding your balance and just living a healthier life. x

  • Oh you look ruddy beaut! As you know I am a bit of a larger lady and I am happy. I think as long as you are happy and healthy that is the best thing really. I used to be quite big at a size 22 and twice the size you were at your thinnest (how mad is that?!!!!) but I lost five stone. A bit crept back and I am hoping to shed a stone this year. The way forward and the way to be a good role model is shine the way you are. Which you currently are! xxx

  • Katie you look amazing!! I have major ab envy right now. I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to exercise, I’m all or nothing & chocolate & biscuits are also my vices! I’m the world’s worst snacker. I’m determined to get back into it though and have started my week well with some exercise! You’re definitely my fitspiration!xx

  • Carie says:

    I’m so glad to hear that whatever was making you poorly is finally leaving you alone! I think is amazing the changes you have made and it’s good to see you fit and healthy. I think I need a little bit of that inspiration- I need to get fitter and a lot healthier myself but adding it to the never ending to do list often makes it feel like one more thing I’m not managing to do! Perhaps this can be a fitness year for me too!

  • I think the balance is so hard to find. You look amazing and have done so well. I think that recognising that maybe you were too thin is a massive achievement. We tend to always see losing weight as a good thing but it can go too far xxx

  • Jenny says:

    Oh katie, I feelt like I was reading a page from my own personal healthy diary. You are amazing and have done so well. I am so pleased that your illness has seized for now and I hope it never returns. I am the same with my health and fitness. It’s either whole hog or nothing at all I wish I had balance and this is what I have been trying to achieve recently. It’s hard and I hope that it helps me tone up but stay athletic looking too. I thinking of my kids alot and don’t want them to have body issues or have food hang ups. It’s about eating in portion and healthy. The goodies are life’s treats so I could never just cut them out. I look forward to reading your balance journey this year. And way to go on your half marathons. You have inspired me on your runs from CP and I am doing kettlebells each week to tone my belly and hope it helps me like it has for you. Your abs are to die for lady!!!!! Love you!

  • I really need the motivation at the moment! I joined Slimming World and lost a stone in 6 weeks but I’ve stayed at loss since December, no more loss. I need to be more active! Well done on your progress so far, it definitely is about finding the right balance isn’t it? Looking forward to the next update 🙂

  • jenny paulin says:

    Katie i am so pleased to read this because as much as I admired your exercise and weight loss last year, personally I thought you looked too thin and almost ill with it. BUT it was not my place to say anything to you, but reading this makes me so happy that it has enabled you to rethink your road to healthyness. i think you look much better now and healthier and as you say, a more positive role model to your gorgeous girls.
    (hugs) for writing this xx

  • Thanks for sharing, I loved this post. I remember seeing the original photo in 2014 and thinking that I was similar, I used it as motivation to get going but that soon dwindled. I later saw your October photo and was gobsmacked at your tiny frame but so envious. I have an unhealthy idea of what I want to look like and the bonier my knees the better I think. I know this isn’t right but I constantly hate on myself for being a size 12 (what I am now) when in fact that’s a lot of peoples goal.

    I am trying to like running, I really want to like it but I kind of hit a mile and my mind and body seem to just want me to stop! Sorry – useless comment but wanted to just say I love these posts and keep going – you’re doing great x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Caroline for the comment, it is so hard isn’t it? I really appreciate it and it’s so hard for all of us to find the balance. x

  • I think you look amazing and well done for speaking about it in such an honest way. I hope that you manage to get back to the way you want to be and sort out your sneaky snacking!! I have piled on about two stone since Christmas so I’m somewhere between a 10 and a 12 at the moment but quite untoned and just a funny shape. I would like to do something about it but being a single mother I don’t really get chance to go to the gym and it’s hard to exercise at home with a toddler that hardly sleeps! Excuses, excuses…

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you lovely, snacking is definitely my weakness- that and sweet puddings! I have become worse again recently so need to try and get back into it. It’s so hard isn’t it and it must be even harder as a single mum, that’s definitely not an excuse. x

  • Will says:

    Wow, you’ve done fantastically well and look amazing – well done! It’s great to see such a refreshing and honest post about someone’s battle with losing weight and continued control.

    Well done!

  • I love your health & fitness posts, Katie. Always a good motivation – especially your before & after photos. In fact, it was yourself that really inspired me to get into running, something I’ve started back up with again and I’m more enthusiastic than ever before.

    I can relate to the feeling too thin (although not right now!!) though. I was trying to get healthy & back into shape before I got pregnant with David. Being so I’ll with Hyperemesis meant that I just faded away, especially since I was already smaller than I’d been in a long time before. I look back at photos now and can’t believe how gaunt & unhealthy I looked. Thank goodness for Cadburys soon fixing that! 😀

    You though, lovely, look great now. And if I had a belly like yours I’d be over the moon! (Working on that too! :D) xo

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Hey Amy, that’s made me so chuffed that I inspired you to run and I am so happy to hear you are enjoying it. I must try and get back into it, I ran every day on holiday but I am struggling at home when I am so busy with work and other bits and bobs. x

  • Della says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! You look great right now and a healthy weight. I did think you had been looking too thin but not my place to say. I find the fitness updates interesting, it’s hard to be the perfect weight and maintain the perfect exercise regime and diet with two small children, husband, work etc to juggle as well. You’re doing far better than me!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Della and I really do appreciate your comment. It is hard isn’t it? We juggle enough as it is. xx

  • Ah I think it’s great you posted this Katie, it would have been easy to keep it secret but I think it’s good to share what happens when exercise goes too far the other way. It’s so bloody hard to find a good balance between doing enough exercise / not eating too much crap. I find exercise a real struggle, I hate it and just can’t ever imagine a time when it will be a regular part of my life but I also need to tone up really badly. My eating is way better than it was as I cut out sugar just over a month ago, it was extreme but I found I couldn’t do it in moderation, once I eat a bit I crave it all the time whereas when I don’t eat it I don’t. I did go away at the weekend though and ate things which weren’t healthy at all like burgers and curry! Now I am craving things like that again, it’s so annoying! I think it’s such a learning curve to learn how to maintain a figure that we are happy with and be healthy, it sounds like you are really aware of how to try and do it though which is fab 🙂 xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you Jess, I just wanted to be honest. I am finding it a bit of a struggle still to be honest but I am sure I will get there- it sounds like you are doing so great! x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    I remember reading your marathon post and thinking you had lost a lot of weight but I didn’t realise you had lost that much. You look fab now, really healthy and your abs look amazing for someone who has had two babies! The other day, I felt my abs and finally, finally they have gone back together after splitting in pregnancy. It’s only taken me 5 years of exercising 4 times a week LOL! It’s hard to find that balance I think, especially when it comes to Winter months. Hopefully with the warmer weather I’ll feel less inclined to eat as much. x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks so much lovely, my abs unfortunately aren’t as good as that at the moment as I ate far too many carbs on holiday! It sounds like you are really dedicated when it comes to exercise- I need to take a leaf out of your book! x

  • I think you look pretty perfect right now. I’m a terrible snackoholic too and, like you, tend to devour everything in sight when I’m not exercising. Lazy-itis! I’ve just had there months of chocolate-bingeing but have put a stop to it this week. I’m back to recording everything in MyFitnessPal and I find that helps hugely. Half a stone to go before our summer hols!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Rachel, snacking is definitely my nemesis, I just crave sugar in the weekend. Hope yours is going well, mine has all gone wrong since my holiday. x

  • @AdrienneTMM says:

    Hey Katie, It’s great that you can be so honest and share this story with others. As you know I am a personal trainer & so many women that I have worked with have the same ‘all or nothing’ approach. It can be very difficult to find a healthy balance and it’s easy to become a little obsessive with what you eat or how many calories you’ve burned off by working out.

    You are so right about being a role model to your girls, and it’s great that their Mum is living an active lifestyle. However, running (especially long distances) is very demanding on the body and so it’s important to eat enough carbs & protein to keep a healthy body weight.

    I hope that you stay well and that you can enjoy running again. 🙂

    Adrienne x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you so much lovely, I really appreciate this comment, you have been an inspiration to me on instagram for ages, and I really appreciate your advice. xx

  • Katie says:

    well done for being so honest love. I’m sure this one was a difficult one to post.
    I’d really glad you’ve taken stock, I did think you were looking a little thin if i’m honest, It resonated with me too as although i’ve never had proper problems with my weight i have gone down the too thin route a few times in my life. At one point i though i looked best at 7.5 stone, now i see that was way too thin. I’m glad you have seen that too and will hopefully be much healthier and happier from here on out xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks for this lovely comment Katie, I really appreciate, I have been struggling with a balance for a while, it’s either all or nothing. At the moment it’s nothing again but i am sure I will get there eventually. x

  • Nicola says:

    Love your honesty in this post and so relieved yo hear that your stomach pains have eased, I hope they continue to stay away. You are such an inspiration in how far you have come and what you still want to achieve and that is refreshing rather than saying everything is rosy!! Wishing you so much as you get your happy medium with both exercise and food and know you will do it. X

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Nicola, I really appreciate the comment. I am so pleased about my tummy too, it was the strangest thing ever. x

  • What an honest post. I think you look great but I thought you did before too! It’s all relative. I love that you want to set a healthy example for your girls. So glad your tummy isn’t causing you so much trouble, long may it continue. Hugs lovely xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Sian, it is definitely all relative, but above all I just want to be a healthy example to them. x

  • Glad your stomach problems are better, that must have been very nasty. You do look fantastic (even in your ‘before’ photo’s) but it’s always how you feel yourself isn’t it? Getting the balance is hard and I struggle too. I love running and it keeps me fit and healthy but I can’t help with the snacks and late night eating!! It’s my tiredness perhaps. Hope you get your happy medium soon xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Yes it definitely is about how you feel- at the moment even though I have only put on half a stone since my lowest weight, I do feel very sluggish because I am not eating the right things- I am definitely a snacker. I need to get back to that happy medium. x

  • This is a fabulously honest post. Lovely to read and glad you are starting to be happier and healthier again. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my cruising post today too.

  • Donna says:

    You look fantastic Katie but it does sound like you have had an uppy downy few months. I hope things settle and you find that happy medium xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Donna me too- I am definitely not eating as well as I should be or exercising, especially since our recent holiday. x

  • Oh Katie, what an open and honest post. You were too thin back then but you look really great now, hopefully you can find a happy medium. You know Ive discovered a love of running, I can see why you can become a bit too obsessed and lose too much weight. I have been far too thin in the past and don’t want to get back to that point. As a side note, have you ever read up about the side effects of diet drinks? The symptoms you describe are similar to others who react to diet drinks – I know you love your diet coke. Just something to think about hun xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Katy for a lovely comment, I am struggling with a happy medium at the moment but I know I will get there. I did wonder about the diet coke actually but the only thoughts behind it were that I drink it every day without fail and I only used to get my tummy problems every now and again. I know it’s not good for me though, I really do need to stop drinking it. x

  • What a fantastic post Katie, it’s takes a lot of bravery to say you were underweight and unhappy. I’m so glad that your stomach problems seem to have cleared up, hopefully that’s the end of it! I think to the outside world you always look fantastic, you did when at the start of last year as much as you do now but it’s being happy with your body is such a personal thing, you’ll get it right I’m sure and find the balance that’s right for you xx

  • mamasVIB says:

    Such a lovely honest post Katie! I am glad you have sorted out some of your tummy issues. I am sure now you have addressed this the happy medium and balance will find a way. I have to say you looked great in your before picts anyway – but exercise is good for the mind and just a great example to set to your girls about being healthy and fit and not thin. You have defo inspired me to take some action on my expanding body! xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks so much for commenting lovely, I really appreciate it. It definitely does help my mind if I exercise regularly- I find i don’t get so stressed about things. x

  • Katrina says:

    I’m so pleased to hear your health situation (tummy) has settled down, from far too much experience I can sympathise with you, the pain & everything that goes with it. Regardless about the size you were, got to or want to be- & ignoring ‘BMI’ even (GASP!)-I truly believe that ‘Healthy’ is a lifestyle, not a size *fist bumps* So frankly the most important thing in it all is how you feel, & I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling much better, hugs xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks so much K, I have no idea what it was and I constantly wait for it flare up again, but so far it seems to have gone. I agree totally with you as well about healthy. And I am not feeling my healthiest at the moment, mainly due to getting into a habit of eating crap again. But I will get there I am sure! x

  • You look fantastic and it’s definitely important to get a balance. My balance is running and chocolate – it works for me, although it’s not what everyone would call healthy! That way I don’t have bad days/ weeks/ months, I just stay the same! I’m in awe of your half marathon time. My best is 1 51 55 and I really don’t think I can go any faster!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks so much Sarah- and yes thats what I need to do, find a balance. I either eat lots of junk like chocolate and not run, or run lots and don’t eat any junk! I need to find my happy medium! x

  • Love your honesty here Katie… Finding that balance is so hard! I’m looking forward to being able to begin to get back in shape post baby… For now, I’m just trying to be self-controlled and eat healthily! You are looking amazing and I’m so glad you’re feeling better too.x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Claire, and yes eating healthy for that growing bubs of yours (although saying that I wasn’t the best when it came to junk in pregnancy, although I made sure I ate lots of veg and drank loads of water too!) x

  • A brilliantly honest post Katie. Being unwell so often must have been so hard, especially with being so busy and have the girls to run around after. That in itself takes a massive toll on your body. I too am terrible for eating treats and snacks, i just can’t seem to avoid them. I don’t take any proper excercise myself, just the odd walk around the block, but I seem to have a lost a whole load of weight recently. I am also around 8 stone 7 to 8 stone 8 at the moment, but would love to work on my tummy. Well done for keeping up with the running, and doing two half marathons is a massive achievement. I’m sure with this lovely weather you’ll quickly remember what made you love running in the first place. I look forward to hearing how you get on. By the way, you’re looking fab!! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It was a tough time last year when it came to my health Amelia but luckily all seems to be going ok for the moment. Snacking is definitely my weakness- my tummy is my problem area too and it’s got worse again since I posted these pics- must try and tone more! x

  • I’m quite similar to you in that it’s all or nothing I can’t find the right balance you looking great though very envious of those abs!!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks lovely- although they aren’t looking so great at the moment since eating far too many ice creams on holiday! x

  • Sherry says:

    Aww, a lovely post, I read your fitness post earlier this year and am amazed at what you achieved last year, in such a short space of time! So glad to hear that you’re not feeling as poorly as before and hope it stays that way. It’s all about finding that happy medium and being comfortable in your own skin isn’t it? xx

  • Amy says:

    This is the first of your posts that I’ve read and I loved the honesty. I’m just feeling ready to get back into exercising after my pregnancy and am looking forward to training for a half marathon again in the not too distant future. I completely understand how difficult it is to find that healthy balance, especially when training to meet specific goals. I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey as I embark on my own. P.s I’m jealous of your abs and half marathon time!

  • Kate✚ says:

    Love this post – thanks for sharing Katie 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better and not having trouble with your tummy anymore. You look great. I’d kill for abs like that!x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Kate- they aren’t looking that good since an over indulgent ice creaming eating marathon on holiday. 😉 x

  • Such a fantastic, honest, open post Katie…
    Keep on it! Keep on doing and living ‘healthy’, and keep on doing and being honest with yourself, aware of your thoughts and your motivations.
    Choosing to be mindful of our feelings and actions instead of oblivious puts us back in the drivers seat, otherwise it’s like wedging a piece of wood on the accelerator, laying back with our eyes closed and waiting to see where we might end up! 😉 Whether it’s about legalistically cutting out all sugar and fat, or turning a blind eye to eating a whole pack of biscuits a night… There are consequences

  • Caroline says:

    I find your fitness posts really inspirational. I am at a point now that I am unhappy with my body, I am not huge but I am bigger then I was, and I have put on some of the weight that I had lost after having A, so I want to get motivated, I am trying to find some sort of diet that keeps me motivated.

  • Such an honest post Katie, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy to write. As a parent you so much want to be a good role model for your children, and a huge part of that is that your kids will see you and how you view yourself.
    So glad you’re tummy is not bothering you anymore, that must have been dreadful xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you so much Jo, I just wanted to be honest so I didn’t look like it was all easy all the time. x

  • This is a great post Katie, so honest and self-aware. I think we all know what feels ‘right’ and healthy for us, whether it’s some weight we want to lose, or if we’ve perhaps lost too much, and most importantly it’s how you feel on a day-to-day basis re energy and ooomph that helps us deal with our busy lives! I think you look fab either way, and I am so impressed with how fit you’ve become- it’s been very inspiring. I’m glad your tummy problems seem to have resolved themselves too. Here’s to a fit and healthy rest of your year! x

  • I love this post, so honest and one I can totally relate too. You look amazing by the way but I agree you did look a bit thin (hate the word skinny) in that picture. Im the same as you, same build, same happy weight and Im also either all or nothing. If I’m exercising I won’t drink fat coke, but when Im not Im quite happy to drink it. It’s hard to find a happy medium, god luck. Oh and glad your tummy problems have cleared up, deosn’t sound nice xx

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