My Little Love Story- Part Seven- I Love You.


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Everything was out in the open and Mr E and I were finally, after two years, able to be together.  I adored him and he adored me and our relationship was perfect.  It was such a surreal thing, after living together just the two of us and being such good friends, we knew almost everything that there was to know about each other anyway, yet being in a relationship meant discovering little things we didn’t know and our connection deepened.  I knew I loved Mr E before we even got together, I think I spent two long years realising this, and he felt the same.  Yet we hadn’t actually said the three little words to each other yet.

One night we were out with a friend of mine from home and we had a fair few drinks and were being silly.  Mr E turned to me and told me ‘I love you.’ ‘You are just drunk,’ I exclaimed, ‘How do I know it is not just the drink talking?’  He repeated again that he loved me but I was adament that his words were only because he was under the influence. ‘Fine,’ he said ‘I will tell you tomorrow when I am sober.’  The night carried on and we had a fabulous time, and to be honest I forgot all about it.


The next morning, hungover and tired, we were snuggled in bed and were both obviously awake but just dozing.  He snuggled in close to me, put his arms around me and came up really close to my ear.  ‘I love you,’ he whispered- the first thing he had said to me that morning.  He squeezed me really hard, I smiled, and we both went back to sleep.

At that moment I realised that our relationship was serious…



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