Our New Shared Workspace Makeover…

There’s been lots of changes in our house recently.  Mr E is now working for himself, in fact we are working together, and that means that he is based at home.  For years I had my laptop and he had his Mac desktop crammed into a corner of our living room against the sofa on a small white metal garden table as we couldn’t find a desk small enough.  Obviously when we found out he was going to be working from home we needed this situation to change, as it was completely impractical for him to work in our living room when the girls and I were at home.

We decided to change Mads old room into our new joint workspace, and therefore turn LL’s old bedroom into a shared bedroom for the girls.  (You can check out that room makeover here)  This meant that we could create a study from scratch, something which I was really excited about.  I am thrilled with the end result- so far I have been so much more productive working in our new room rather than on our dining table.  It also has done wonders for me switching off and relaxing in the evening, as I leave the laptop in it’s new place on my desk, rather than have it downstairs with me on the sofa.

The room is a very small space, in fact a single bed would pretty much take up the entire room, but I am so pleased with how we have set it out.  If feels quite spacious and also we have lots more storage space than we originally had- after all these years I even have a drawer for all my camera bits, whereas before I used to hide them down the side of the sofa.

Here is our shared workspace in photos…

creative workspace 8

We needed a space for both our computers, and rather than look at two separate desks which would take up a lot of room we found this amazing double desk in Ikea- which was absolutely perfect.  It’s really narrow, but couldn’t be better for what we need it for, plus I love the white gloss.

creative workspace 25

creative workspace 21

creative workspace 14

Our black and white chairs were ridiculously cheap and also from Ikea.  I love the prints above our computers, the camera one is by Seventy Tree and I have wanted it for ages so Mr E kindly bought it for my birthday, and the other one Mr E made himself.

creative workspace 7

I love my little ceramic elephant which I bought from Paperchase, he comes with a pen which he holds in his trunk and you can write important messages on him. (they wipe off)  It says on his ear ‘elephants never forget’.  Very cute.

creative workspace 18

I love this tiny little bell jar from Paper Marche Shop over on etsy, they are made to order, and you can write your own message on there.  I chose ‘Do What You Love’ cause cheesily that is exactly what I am doing- there’s nothing like a good motivational quote. 😉

creative workspace 20

I really wanted to get a peg board for memos and things, plus I found this one that exactly matched our colour scheme.  I got the inspiration for it from my lovely friend Rachel who also has a few dotted around her house.

creative workspace 24

Amsterdam holds a special place in our heart’s after one of our favourite trips there, and I got these little postcards as a gift from my gorgeous friend Keri-Anne who surprised me in the post last week.  The wooden postcard is also a little note in the post from another blogging friend Lucy, what a lovely kind bunch bloggers are!

creative workspace 5

In one corner of the room below the pegboard we have a set of storage shelves, again from Ikea.  (We heart Ikea!) The box shelves are so great for different types of storage.

creative workspace 6

I’ve wanted to put my David LaChapelle books on display for ages- Mr E has bought them for me over the years as he is my favourite photographer.

creative workspace 3

Little knick knacks.  These two ceramic houses came from Dunelm Mill and I randomly spotted them when I went in to buy some light bulbs.  Glamorous.

creative workspace 26

creative workspace 27

 creative workspace 10

Mr E bought me these Sketch Inc nesting dolls for my birthday- I have been admiring them for ages but never told him.  He knows me and my nesting doll obsession far too well!

creative workspace 16

We have a similar storage shelf on the other corner of the room, but this one is an eight shelf one rather than four.

creative workspace 12

I had to buy this old fashioned egg timer, but Mr E really doesn’t like it for some reason.

creative workspace 28

This glass jar came from H and M Home, as did the candles inside.

creative workspace 13

Can’t beat a succulent.

creative workspace 15

I love this little area the best.  I am obsessed with photo walls (every wall in our house is covered with photos) and all these prints mean something to us.  You can’t really see the Enjoy the Little Things print as it’s hard to take a photo of it because of the light glare, but it’s gorgeous and from my old friend Ben’s store Old English Prints.

creative workspace 23

creative workspace 17

I love the ‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice’ quote- so true!  It’s from Bonne Nuit which is a little shop I found over on instagram.  I can’t remember where I got the ‘Creativity takes Courage’ print but I bought it for Mr E as I think it really rings true for the fact he has given up work to start his creative business.  The ‘Blogs & Diet Coke’ print is one Mr E made for me, and the others are just random little ones I have picked up here and there.

creative workspace 19

The habitat clock is my favourite, I have wanted to get one for years and years but never really had the right space for it, so I treated myself to one with my birthday money.  I love it so much.  I have had the little black and white lomo camera for years, as I have mentioned previously I collect old cameras.

creative workspace 22

I love this little globe that Mr E bought me (he’s a pretty good husband actually!) and this print which was given to me ages ago by my friend Katrina when we started our travel site.  I love the fact that there are little details in the room that show off our hobbies and passions- like photography, design and travel.

creative workspace 2

creative workspace 1

Yay for cacti.  Although they are prickly little customers as poor Mads found out the other day!

Overall I am really pleased with our new shared office space, I love to go in there, and it’s helped wonders in motivating me and also helping me switch off in the evening time.



  • What a beautiful space huni. I am so excited for you both, such a brilliant move for your wonderful family xx

  • Kerry says:

    I love it!!! All the monochrome with the blue goes so well together. Loving the ikea furniture too. Makes me kind of sad that I had to give up my office now haha xx

  • Alison says:

    Looks FAB! I love seeing your home posts. I will do a post on my work space when it’s finished – waiting on my peg board to arrive (I copied Charlotte Taylor and bought a cheap one off eBay to paint myself). Your prints are so cool. Love it! Here’s to creative times for you and Mr E! Xxx

  • This is so lovely Katie… I’ve been waiting for this reveal! I laughed about your down the side of the sofa comment… That’s exactly where mine is too! And IKEA is the best fr storage solutions… Head and shoulders above anywhere else! All the best with your business venture… How exciting!

  • This is an amazing space-it looks so fresh and clean! Love your little trinkets and quotes (nothing beats a good quote). Our paperwork is generally all over the place and wish it could look as neat and stylish as this! Both me and Mr B run our own businesses too and we haven’t got the space for an office yet, can’t wait to move so I can create something this beautiful-well done X

  • Lauren says:

    Katie it looks amazing! Well done. You clearly have a talent for interiors! xx

  • Love that you have so many bits in there to inspire you both and that were given from blogging friends, it is such a lovely space and I can imagine you feel more motivated working in there. I love Rachel’s peg boards but we don’t really have a child-free space to keep one 🙂 I just love your style Katie xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks so much Hayley, I think that’s what I like the most- the fact it’s filled with such personal trinkets that inspire us. x

  • Kate✚ says:

    What a fantastic workspace! Love the photo wall – the salt and pepper print is so cute x

  • Bah this makes me so desperate to get our office sorted!!! Absolutely perfect for a calming and motivational space. You are so right about working downstairs and hiding things, it all just takes over and you can’t switch off. Love the monochrome with pops of blue, really elegant. Enjoy your new workspace and the start of what I know will be a fantastic adventure! xxx ps I sometimes pop the glass out when taking pictures of photos in frames, then you lose that glare xx

  • WOW it looks amazing! Well done Mrs. Also good luck with working with hubby. But what an inspiring room to do it in!

    Love the items in the room and the whiteness. The things on the wall are brilliant. I also have the block pegboard, its fabulous. Noah loves it for hanging his important things to it. xxx

  • Carie says:

    Wow – it looks amazing! I think the double desk is a brilliant idea – plus you can really spread out if one of you is out! By the way, what was the tiny garden table you used to have in your lounge? I’m trying to get my big computer off the dinner table but I want to keep it in the lounge and it’s becoming a bit of a squeeze!

  • Chantal says:

    You have such a wonderful taste in interiors – I love all of the white and the inspirational posts on the walls and your little trinkets! I’m also a massive fan of IKEA, there’s something so satisfying in their simple pieces. Enjoy working together 🙂 xx

  • Looks gorgeous Katie, my kind of work space. We all know i’m partial to a bit of monochrome 😉 Works so well with the blue prints and accessories too. xx

  • i love the decor, it’s so streamlined and simple. I would love to do this but no doubt those white walls wouldn’t be white for long with my kids!

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    It looks so fresh and I bet it’s a really great place to sit and work! Loving all the wall art and little trinkets. x

  • Alex Bump to Baby says:

    I really love it Katie. It looks very very similar to the ideas Adam and I have in our heads for our office space once we’ve had our attic converted. I cannot tell you how desperate we are for a bigger office right now, our current third bedroom which is our office is worse than a warehouse -it’s full to the brim of Lego stock! We can barely move in there! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Alex- I guess it must be so much harder when you have ‘stock’ to find homes for! Luckily we need a computer each and that’s it! x

  • Oh Katie, I am utterly in love with it. So gorgeous. Would love this sort of space for myself. Love love love. Think it might be my favourite of your room makeovers so far xxx

  • I love this! Have been looking forward to seeing what you did with the space and it looks amazing! So calming yet clean and organised. I’d love to do something with our attic room- it doubles up as our office, guest room and the only storage space in the whole house- currently looking into designs for a shared office and guest room. Let me know if you have any suggestions as I love your interior design ideas! Xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ooh I would love to do up a room like that- definitely look on pinterest there’s lots of shared space ideas. x

  • You’ll absolutely love having a space to close the door on at night, and somewhere to escape to work! Fab! Looks amazing. Love the little touches (as always!). Fab post and enjoy your new office! xx

  • Elaine Croft says:

    Beautiful! I am having a corner of the dinning room for a workspace and busy planning it. I will also be converting our caravan as a dedicated workspace too. So excited and i will be visiting IKEA for ideas too.

  • Looks AMAZING chick! All clean and swish and tidy. We are hoping to move in the summer and I a despo for a home office rather than a corner. I will defo be coming back her for some inspiration xxx

  • Kay says:

    Literally just perfect!!! I would quite happily work away in there for hours on end! So nice you have your own little space! Wish we had sightly more space to do the same!

    Kay xxx

  • Love. Want.
    That is all I have to say xxx

  • Jenny says:

    You have really out done yourself here darling. I love it. You need to be an interior decorator for sure. Come style my home! I love it. The black and white with the teal pop of color is stunning. Well I love everything about this gorgeous space and so jealous I am dying for an office. My stuff just keeps getting thrown in the corner and piling up and looks a mess! I am coming to work for you!!!! Gorgeous space.

  • Life at the Little Wood says:

    It’s so lovely Katie! I love the black and white – so clean and fresh! I would love to work in that gorgeous space too! Xx

  • Love love lurrrrve this lady! Looks SO good, and real inspiration for the office space we want to create out of Sasha’s smallish bedroom later this year. The prints looks especially fab and Mr E has some good taste! x

  • What a lovely space and such an exciting time for you both. All credit to you, I really don’t think I could work with my husband, he would drive me crazy!! xx

  • polly says:

    Fab space Katie, planning my office space for when we move house!! Those ikea storage shelves are on my wishlist too

  • A gorgeous space, it looks so fresh and inspiring.

  • Lovely space Katie, it looks like a beautiful solution to working together with your other half. We work together too, and I dream of a space like that 🙂 xx

  • Honest Mum says:

    It looks divine Katie, love the monochrome and I’m obsessed with Russian dolls here. The next chapter sounds so exciting, Peter works with my on the blog for shoots when he’s not doing his everyday IBM job and we are converting the garage into an office. He already has one upstairs but we want to create a studio and office space in the garage. Love your style, girl x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    I love all the clean lines and its so minimal but so inviting too. I now want an office 😀

  • Oh it looks wonderful! I love lots of white for an office space and I always love your print walls! I wish I had the space for a proper office but I’ll have to make do with my tiny dining table in the living room instead!

  • Absolutely love it Katie! Wish I had such a stylish work space, my office/stockroom is so cluttered and overcrowded at the moment I’ve stolen N’s homework desk in the dining room to work from! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I guess you must have so much stock as well to try and find homes for Morgana- you are definitely not to blame for the clutter! x

  • I am loving this Katie! So personal, motivational and totally gorgeous. How can Mr.E not like the egg timer? It’s amazing. Sometimes my husband has strong opinions about the strangest little detail..but I ignore them! Haha. The clock and the succulents are my favourites. Best of luck with your new venture! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Esther- I have no idea why he doesn’t like it, silly man. 😉 Thanks so much for your good luck wishes too. x

  • Gosh Katie, this is so beautiful – what a wonderful space to be working in! I am now looking round at my office and thinking what a total tip! Thank you for inspiring me 😉

  • Lovely! just lovely! I can’t wait to be able to organise my little workspace in our new home! i’ve also made some of my own little prints to display, such a great thing! I think it’s such a fab thing you and your hubby are doing, I’d love to be able to do this one day with my Mr as elements of what we both do could work so well. every room in your home is so vibrant and bright 🙂 x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Nat, we are really pleased with it. And yes it’s lovely to have the personal touch and have your own prints on the wall. x

  • Oh Katie, I absolutely love it. I adore the prints and it’s so, so sweet seeing your computers next to each other. The room we’re moving our office in to later this year, is a similar size and you’ve given me some great ideas regarding how we can make it work. In fact, I actually have quite a lot of the bits and pieces that you’ve got so I think I’ll end up with a similar room. Oh, and you chose the same colour pegboard as we’ve got in our office. It looks fab xxx

  • Katrina says:

    Ahh, Love it all Katie!! When i saw the pic over on IG I did wonder about the print *wink wink*. I’ve gotta feeling you & mr MDM are going to conquer the WORLD! x

  • Emma Farley says:

    Oh I love this! I share an office with my partner but it def has a divide with our different styles. Although the furniture matches, his half has comic book toys and prints and plenty of tech whereas mine has oodles of stationery goodies and postcards on the walls. I love the framed prints you have. Such a great idea!

  • Love looking at others’ designs and your home office is certainly no exception! It made me laugh that we have the same graphics tablet (if it’s a Bamboo…) and I also have the HTML & CSS and JavaScript / jQuery books by Jon Duckett, which you also own.. Great minds think alike! Wish I knew where you got your Apple poster from though! Your home office I’m sure has helped you in becoming more productive together! Good work.

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