Sharing a Bedroom- A 6 Month Update.

Six months ago we decided to put our girls into a shared bedroom as my husband was beginning to work from home and we needed an office space, our three bedroom house just wasn’t big enough for us to put a desk anywhere else, so we moved Mads back into LL’s room and made our smallest room a study. I had a great time designing their room and making it into a little haven that they would love- and they still do now.

I must admit I was really nervous about putting them in a shared room. Both our girls have always slept really well, but from experience of trying to get them to sleep when we are all in a hotel room together, it’s definitely not plain sailing, so I was worried that it would completely wreck their routine. Plus we had the added extra that LL was only used to sleeping in her cot, so we had to transition her to a ‘big girl bunk bed’ with a pillow, duvet and mattress.

We are now six months in and I can’t remember a time where they haven’t shared a room. Overall it’s going really well and I love the fact that they are so close now- sharing a room has strengthened their bond even further. I absolutely love to hear them chatting and laughing away together, they make up stories, play games and giggle away non stop. LL has transitioned to a bed really well, but we have put a bed guard up to make it more ‘secure’. She is also like her big sister and neither of them get out of bed unless we get them which is quite handy!

I was worried that they were going to wake each other up, but actually that’s not a problem at all. Once they are both asleep they rarely wake up as they are quite heavy sleepers. In the morning is sometimes an issue, if one of them wakes earlier then they usually wake the other one, and we have had some earlier mornings than we are used to. The other issue is the chattering, it does take them a lot longer to full asleep at night, in fact as I write this it’s half eight in the evening and they are still talking- they went to bed at 7pm. We have to go up a couple of times to tell them to go to sleep but once they are asleep they stay there all night and that’s all that matters.

Overall I wouldn’t change it, I love the fact that they are becoming even closer as a result of sharing a room and I hope that they will want to do it throughout their childhood, even when perhaps we eventually move to a bigger house. I can just imagine them there when they are in their early tweens, just chatting about boys, clothes and how annoying their parents are!

siblings_april15_b siblings_april15_g siblings_april15_h

NB: This post is in collaboration with MattressMan.

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  • Jenna says:

    Gorgeous photos!

    I’m so pleased that the room sharing is working out well for them. I’m sure when they’re much older they will look back fondly on those nights when they were up ‘late’ chatting to each other in bed. 🙂

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