My Little Bits Of Life- The Holiday Edition

On our recent holiday to Lanzarote, I took a lot of photos on my iPhone. I took a lot on my DSLR as well of course, but especially when we were out and about sometimes it was easier to just take my phone with me. I love doing these sporadic snippets of life through my phone, it’s still the camera I use the most and it was no exception on holiday. Of course if I make an effort and take my big camera out then I always love the photos, but I do think phone photos capture more things in the moment as they are so quick and easy.

I absolutely love buying outfits for my girls, it definitely is a big weakness of mine, plus we are exceptionally lucky in that they get bought a fair few things from my kind family, but I especially love choosing what they are going to wear on holiday. Just like our garage door pictures at home, we got into a habit while we were out in Lanzarote of taking a photo each evening before we went out. We did the same when we were in Rhodes last year and I love that we have these silly little photos of our holidays to look back on. A fair few people have asked me where I got some of their clothes from, so I will try and link to where I got them from. (Don’t worry I’m not about to turn into a fashion blogger but I hope it helps if you are after any Summer outfit inspiration!)

Here is ‘My Little Bits of Life- The Holiday Edition’…

lanzarote photos

 1. How cool do my little dudes look in their sunglasses? LL’s little flower dress is from Tesco and Mads watermelon vest (which I LOVE) is from Next. My playsuit is from Next but it’s so last season.

2. Is it a bit embarrasing to wear dungarees at the same time as your daughters? Oops. Mads and LL’s little dungees are from Primark and were super cheap but I love them- they are bright neon and have rose gold buttons. I still haven’t decided if I can pull of the dungarees look but I am embracing them all the same!

3. I still love ‘matching but not matching’ the girls outfits- their whole outfits in these photos are from Next, I love the fact that you can buy matching clothes in different colours from there. My dress is from Mela Loves London.

4. I ran every day on holiday, only 3 miles a day, but it was amazing to get up and run down the promenade, there were so many people running and it really was so motivating. The scenary was beautiful, I would definitely stay motivated to run if it looked like that every day. I ate so badly on holiday, after all if you can’t indulge on holiday when can you? It was good to feel like I was at least being a little healthy by exercising for a bit each day.

5. I really love this photo of my posers looking cool in their matching swimming cossies and their sunglasses- so funny. Their swimming costumes have little fruit all over them and are really adorable- my Mum very kindly bought them from Tesco for them.

6. We went out for some cocktails and ice cream at a nice little modern bar on the seafront called Blue Horizon- the girls loved the big beds that you lay on.

7. We bought these little towelling sailboat dresses from Next last year and the girls have lived in them when we have gone away- sadly they are getting a bit tatty and too small now, I will be sad to see them go!

8. We really do try and keep to the girls routines even while we are away, so they napped every afternoon on holiday. It meant that Mr E and I got some well needed sun bathing time. I took my laptop with me because I thought I had work to do, but I actually ended up only turning it on once- we both really switched off which was lovely. I even read four books!

9. We went for a walk along the beach one evening which was lovely- Mads shorts and LL’s playsuit are from my absolute favourite Little Bird at Mothercare- for someone who loves retro styling I couldn’t love their clothes anymore. My trousers are from Topshop and when I bought them Mr E said they looked like a pair of old curtains from the 70’s!

10. Yet more wall posing- I adore these little dresses from Next, we bought them a few months ago to go away in January so I don’t know if they are still in stock but I really love the bright colours- they are so cute.

 11. Lovely Little Bird outfits again- I don’t think I could love their things much more if I tried. My dress is ridiculously old and from good old Primark.

12. More Next outfits- it’s hard to see from the photos but Mads dungarees and LL’s top have a really cute neon bird print on- if you are looking for Summer stuff you should definitely check out Next this season, we have found some lovely things. My playsuit is from H and M.

13. There’s nothing better than sitting in the sunshine watching your little family playing and drinking a diet coke!

14. ‘Baa’ is definitely well travelled but I am not sure he is impressed with some of the adventures he ends up on- he took a little dip in the pool and we had to hang him on the line to dry. When it came to bedtime he still wasn’t completely dry so I had to spend twenty minutes blow drying him with a hair dryer- the things we parents do for our little people!

15. I am obsessed with frozen yoghurt so was pleased to find a little shop called Smooy– the girls were so excited to choose their own toppings and of course went for the most unhealthy sugary ones they could find.

16. All ready to go home on the last day- when we were at the airport their Pink Lining cases made a lot of people smile and I have to admit they did look rather cute dragging them around behind them. Their outfits are from Little Bird again- I adore LL’s little blue pinafore dress.

17. I love this photo of them- sandcastle building is a serious business it seems.

18. When the flight is delayed there’s only one thing for it- out come the electronic babysitters! Luckily it wasn’t delayed for too long and we were soon on our way back home. Boo.

If you want to see more of my iPhone photos I am over on instagram- I’m @mummydaddyme. Next part of our holiday to Lanzarote coming up next week when I stop watching The Following in the evenings and get round to making another video!




  • Love! I also love that photo of them both sitting at the airport and their suitcases are fab! xx

  • Love your dunagrees so much! I’m taking my brother shopping with me at the weekend so he’ll tell me if I look ridiculous in them or not 🙂 They really suit you! That one of Baa is so sweet and your girls really do look very cool, boys in matching never look quite as good! xx

  • Adorable! Your girls are super cute together. If baby is another girl, I really hope the bond is just like this. Oh and is that book any good? Looking for a holiday read xx

  • Lisa H says:

    gorgorus photos Katie, I always follow your holiday pics with half envy and half enjoying seeing what u get up to x

  • Fola lewis says:

    This is such a wonderful post but I need to take it in sections because there’s so many things that I loved. Were you a fashion designer in a previous life because everyone just looks so cool, too cool for school lol! And all the general advice based on your experiences is really going to coming in handy ony trip away this week. Great job! I’ve never thought to visit lanzarote as my husband is a red head and don’t’s love the sun like I do but you’ve given me some good ideas now, gosh next holiday planning!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thank you for such a lovely comment Fola! You should definitely try and visit Lanzarote at some point. I hope you had a lovely trip away. x

  • I always love their outfits Katie and that you co-ordinate so well- it can be quite tricky to do the same with a boy and a girl! As I said on FB, cracking tan- I am decidedly milky right now, must get the St Tropez out! Glad you have a lovely holiday x

  • I always adore seeing what your girlies are wearing! Such a stylish family through and through! Gorgeous pictures Katie – what I wouldn’t give for some of that sunshine right now! Xxx

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Loving this post! I think I asked you about the majority of your outfits on FB or twitter LOL x

  • Mary says:

    Lovely pics that make me even more excited for our Italy trip in like 3 weeks or something ahhh! Anyway I think my faves still the floral trousers your wearing – I really want some dungarees too but probs long denim I can roll up ..oooo decisions!

    Im totally thinking now how possible it is to dress a boy and girl similar lol – we shall see #Pinterest

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ha if in doubt turn to Pinterest! A holiday to Italy sounds amazing- have a wonderful time. x

  • Lauren says:

    I love how you use your iphone as much as your DSLR. I tend to not really take advantage of the camera on my phone, I really should though.
    Your outfits are so lovely. I am lusting after the denim dungarees! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Lauren, I do take that out more than any other camera at the moment, I love the ease of an iPhone. x

  • Jenny says:

    Oh Katie I really do love, love your little bits of life. So beautiful and the holiday edition was fantastic! Thanks for sharing your amazing moments.

  • Anna says:

    Love the photos, and all your outfits as well. It’s totally fine to wear dungarees at the same time as your children! Would love some myself.

  • Kate✚ says:

    Such beautiful photos. Lanzarote is so pretty. Looks like you had a great holiday. Thanks for sharing x

  • Sherry says:

    Such a lovely post and your pics make me want to go on hols. The photo of Baa on the washing line made me chuckle and The watermelon top is amazing. I love next girls clothes x

  • I love their outfit shots, they are like little professional models. Gorgeous pics xx

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