Stockholm with Kids- Part One

Everyone has a travel bucket list, those far flung isles that you dream of flying away to, or those places slightly closer to home that you haven’t yet got round to visiting. I have a fair few, some I doubt I’ll ever visit unless there’s a lottery win in my future and some I’ve been lucky enough to tick off over the years before having the girls. One of those places, in my Top 5 places that I have always wanted to visit is Sweden, more specifically Stockholm. I don’t know what it was about this Nordic city that meant I was desperate to explore, but for a long time now I have dreamt of going, so imagine my excitement when we finally booked a weekend away there as a family. We decided that these weekend breaks won’t be so easy when Mads starts school so it seemed like a perfect time.

I love a city break. I am a huge fan of sitting by a pool with a cocktail and feeling the sun on my shoulders, in fact when I’m on a ‘beach’ holiday that’s pretty much all I like to do, (although that has changed a lot with the arrival of two little people!) but I do love a city break too, and I don’t think that has to stop just because you have children. Yes the boozy lunches, long lay in’s and late nights enjoying the not so ordinary food and drink a different city has to offer have stopped, but visiting a city and experiencing new culture’s and exploring the sights with the girls is actually great fun.

And so a couple of weekends ago after a stressful check in at Ryanair at Stansted, we found ourselves on a short two hour flight to Stockholm Stavska airport. Then it was an 90 minute long bus ride to the city of Stockholm. We packed lots into our three days and according to the app on Mr E’s phone walked 26 miles, the equivalent of a marathon- here’s the first part of our trip to Stockholm in words, photos and a video…



We were really impressed when we arrived at our hotel, The Best Western Premier Hotell Kung Carl, a family run hotel situated by Stureplan Square, right in the middle of an upmarket shopping area in Stockholm. We were really impressed with our family room, (the girls loved the bunk beds) and the hotel in general- it was really eclectic in terms of it’s interiors, mixing old with modern, and lots of Swedish art and antiques.

stockholm 2015zl

The quirky reception area and bar in the Hotell Kung Carl.

stockholm 2015zk

Planning and plotting what we were going to do, Visit Stockholm kindly gave us a big pack full of information, but I also spent ages looking at the Visit Stockholm website before we left. I like to be prepared on a city break and know exactly what we are doing, so I spent a while before our trip sussing out where we should go.

stockholm 2015a

We headed straight out to stretch our legs and get our bearings. Stockholm is full of green areas, more about that later, amazingly so in fact, and we sat in a little park and had some juice and shared an ice cream. Love this photo of my three.

stockholm 2015c

I think the key to a good city break is letting them loose every now and again. I know my two get fed up if they are constantly in the buggy, or being told to hold our hands. A little green space where they can run around does wonders.

stockholm 2015d

I love this photo of the two of them snuggling back at our hotel. They had bunk beds which they loved and because they were so worn out from all the walking and later nights, they slept soundly even though they were in the room with us.


stockholm 2015zp

First thing Friday after a yummy hotel breakfast we headed to Junibacken which is in the Djurgarden area of the city, a very green island (Stockholm is made up of islands) housing a lot of the cities museums and attractions. Junibacken is without a doubt the best family attraction we have been too since having the girls. It’s based on the books of Astrid Lindgren who wrote Pippi Longstocking, but to be honest children don’t need to know the books to have an amazing time. It’s interactive, fun, full of play zones like slides, swings, things to climb on, and at the end you go on the Story Train which takes you on a magical fairy tale ride. There’s also a Moomins play area there too which excited us all a little too much!

stockholm 2015zq

The restaurant at Junibacken was circus themed and we all loved it, the food was great too. The girls had pancakes finished off with Moomins chocolates, while myself and Mr E had meatballs. When in Sweden after all…

stockholm 2015f

We bought them each a little present from Junibacken, of course Moomin related. Mads got some collectors cards (she loves any sort of card) and LL got a little cuddly Moomin.

stockholm 2015g

Super chuffed with her Moomin.

stockholm 2015zs

The next stop of the day was to the Spirit Museum which Mr E wanted to quickly look at. Luckily even though it was obviously for adults, the girl’s still had fun looking around at all the spirits and taking part in some of the interactive elements. There was a great Absolute Vodka exhibition on there.

stockholm 2015zx

A photo of the amazing Grona Lund theme park as taken from the ferry we were on. We actually went here on Saturday so more on that later, but it’s a fantastic small city theme park on the edge of the water. It’s kitsch, retro and kind of reminded me what Coney Island in New York would be like, although I haven’t been there myself.

stockholm 2015h

As I mentioned above Stockholm is made up of fourteen islands meaning that the ideal way of getting around is by boat, it’s as normal over there as hoping on a bus, and the ferry transport system is really easy to navigate as a tourist too. After visiting the Spirit Museum we hopped on the Slussen ferry to take us over to the Old Town part of the city. Here they are looking out the window at the Grona Lunc park above.

stockholm 2015zv

Beautiful Stockholm taken from the boat. It really is this beautiful everywhere you go and it’s so clean too.

stockholm 2015i

The ‘Old Town’ (Gamla Stan) part of the city houses a lot of the historic buildings in Stockholm and was the original city centre. It’s a beautiful labyrinth of rust coloured houses, old stone buildings and cobbled streets. The Royal Palace is there plus a whole host of galleries and museums. We stopped off for an ice cream the size of our heads in a little tourist area of the Old Town.

stockholm 2015j

I absolutely love this photo of the two of them. I must admit out of all the areas of Stockholm, the Old Town wasn’t our favourite. We appreciated the beauty of the cobbled streets, but we must have stumbled right into the tourist area and it was a little too busy for me as I am not keen on crowds. We did go back somewhere different on the Saturday and loved it, but I took this photo as we went down to the waters edge to escape the busy streets.

stockholm 2015zt

When we decided to go to Stockholm, I must admit to being a little worried about eating there. After all everyone has heard the stories about how it’s one of the most expensive places to live. And there’s no denying it is expensive- BUT you have to know where to look. I stumbled across K25 on a Swedish blog before we left and it looked right up our street- it’s basically a big, stylish food hall serving all different types of food, including Mexican, Sushi, street food, Italian etc. All these different businesses have little areas, but it’s all kitted out with industrial and edgy interiors. We were pleased to find it was just down the road from our hotel and so we went to try it out. It was perfect and the food was really reasonably priced. (Top tip- always ask for child portions as even if they don’t advertise them the Swedish are exceptionally child friendly- our meals were about 100 SEK each (about £7.50) whereas two kids meals were 60 SEK (about £5) for both.)

Here is a little video that I made of our time in Stockholm…

I took so many photos that I still have Saturday and Sunday to talk about, Saturday was our favourite day by far, so they will be up either later this week or early next week. We absolutely loved our time in Stockholm so can’t wait to share some more…

NB: Visit Stockholm very kindly invited us to Stockholm and gave us Stockholm Cards which entitled us to free entry to a lot of attractions plus free transport around the city. They also gave us complimentary accomodation, all flights and other costs were paid for by us. 



  • Katie, it this my favourite movie of yours ever! I definitely want to visit here with my little family. My dads travelled everywhere and he’s been here too, oh what a wonderful post, when LL helps up Mads, Mads staring at the camera cheekily when walking by- something my girls do a lot lol ah I loved it. Xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thanks Natalie, it really is a lovely place to visit. And this video was my favourite too, but I have just done another I like even more! x

  • Kara says:

    It looks like you had the most amazing time. Watching you travel shows so many places in the world I had never thought of.
    It’s insane but watching this makes me think maybe we could one day soon go travel with all 3 kids. Crazy

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      As I said to you on twitter you should definitely try to travel Kara- and not let anything hold you back. You really really could. x

  • Donna says:

    It looks like you guys had an absolutely amazing time. The food hall sounds epic!
    For some reason Sweden is the one place in Scandinavia I’ve not visited- through no fault of it’s own but I must change that!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      You definitely should try and visit at some point Donna, it really is fantastic. And the food hall was SO good! x

  • It looks like such a bright and colourful city… right up your street! It’s like you all match. Love LL with her Moomin, bless her. Looks like a fantastic trip. x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I love all the colours in the city, it really was so vibrant. It was a fantastic trip- thanks lovely! x

  • Love it all. I’m in wrinkles though…You say “My new camera bag…is it sexy?” and your hubby says “no!” – the cheek of him, lol! x

  • Carolin says:

    I’d love to go back to Sweden one day – your post has just shown me how much really. It’s such a fantastic country. So vibrant and cheerful. We had a partner school in Lysekil and I spent a fantastic ten days there. We drove to school in a speed boat, discovered Gothenburg, went on the rollercoasters in Liseberg and fell in love with Swedish kex chocolad.

  • I love the colour in the hotel! Something about it makes it feel like a place I want to stay in. I’ve never been to Sweden but you’ve made it look really interesting. Will add it to my long long list. And I totally agree with you on city breaks – actually going with children lets you see another side to a city that you might not notice if you visited as adults.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It really was a colourful place Helen, so beautiful, I think you and your family would love it. And I actually think I prefer city breaks with kids even more than just us adults! x

  • I love this post Katie, I have always wanted to visit Sweden and it looks beautiful, so different and it must be amazing to take your girls to explore all these different cultures, especially is they have a museum with Moomins in. Lovely video as always, you guys always look like you’re having so much fun! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It really is a great city Hayley, I think you would love it. And I love taking the girls to explore in new cultures. x

  • Jenny says:

    Wow you are definitely selling Stockholm to me Katie. This looks beautiful. I love the hotel room and all the miss matching decor too. So many vibrant colors in this city definitely makes it look inviting. I agree, I think taking kids to a city makes you dive deeper into what the city has to offer. Lovely video as always.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I think you would love Stockholm Jenny, it’s so colourful and family friendly. And thank you, I really love the video. x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    It sounds like an amazing place to visit. Not somewhere I’ve ever thought of visiting but it looks like there are so many exciting and interesting places to see. Lovely photos and video as always x

  • What a fab video and so sweet! It looks amazing there 🙂 I have actually never been, nor though of going, but you have shown that there is so much to do there. Especially with little ones. I love how the girls always look so happy! Cant wait to read more. Jess x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Jess, yes I definitely recommend going there with kids, it is such a family friendly city. Part two coming up soon! x

  • Carie says:

    Oh lucky lucky you – Stockholm has always been on my travel wish list along with Copenhagen, to the point that we seriously considered a Scandinavian road trip this summer! It looks absolutely beautiful, and travelling everywhere by water just makes it magical!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      A Scandinavian road trip sounds amazing- definitely one to do one day. And Copenhagen is also on my list too, not my top 5 but pretty close! x

  • Kerry says:

    Such a lovely video Katie! It looks like you all had a lovely time away – I’ve never considered going to Sweden but think I will add it to my travel list. Love the girls outfits too you always dress them so well! xx

  • Looks like an awesome place to visit, and I think I will need to make a detour there someday 🙂 Really lovely. And oh, that Moomin caught my eye straight away as my little girl has the exact same one (Snork Maiden) and she loves it. Her favourite cuddly toy 🙂

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      We love the Moomins here! I don’t know their names though- I will have to tell them it’s called Snork Maiden! x

  • Mary says:

    Gorgeous pics Katie! Your room looked fab hahah I loved the decor! looks like a fab break x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Mary, the hotel Kung Carl was so nice. It really was a lovely break, Stockholm is such a cool city. x

  • Wow, amazing photos Katie- it’s all so colourful and looks like you had a blast exploring Stockholm. It’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to see, but never quite managed to – need to fix this asap! And I LOVE your video, so beautifully done 🙂 x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Maria, we love seeking out the colour in a city. And thanks I am really proud of the video, it took a long time to edit but i am really pleased with the finished result. x

  • Oh I would love to go to Stockholm. I’ve been to Gothenburg, but so want to go back to Sweden. I love that ferries are as normal as buses. How cool is that? Your pictures are gorgeous and their hair is just the best! I so want to go!!! x

  • Molly says:

    I LOVE Stockholm! I went there about eight years ago and totally fell in love with the city. I’d love to go back with the NLM and my girls, and it looks like a really family-friendly place to visit. I went at Christmas when there were lots of market stalls in Old Town and the vibe was all cosy with mulled wine and people wrapped up against the cold. I want to go back!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah yay a fellow Stockholm lover! It’s such an amazing place isn’t it? And I think at Christmas it must have been gorgeous- you should definitely take a trip back with the girls. x

  • HonestMum says:

    Stunning hotel and city, never visited but on the list, love that last photo of you, you all look so cute x

  • I think this is my fave one of your videos too! The hotel looked amazing as did the city, it’s not somewhere I had even thought of going really but it really looks great. I can’t believe you went on that swing either!! It made me go all funny just watching you!! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Jess, it’s funny so many people have said that they wouldn’t have thought to go there, but it really is a cool city! x

  • Looks beautiful not a place I would even thought of visiting which is silly really beaches its only a short flight glad you all had a lovely time, beautiful photos x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you, it is a really cool city and I definitely recommend it, especially as you say the flight is so short. x

  • Wow amazing photos and what a gorgeous video. It looks like a fabulous place to visit, I love the eclectic look of the hotel xx

  • Wow- I really want to visit Stockholm now! That hotel looks so cool!


  • Alex Bump to Baby says:

    It looks like an amazing place and I love the look of the hotel that you stayed in! xx

  • I love seeing my city in your little film 😀
    You’ve done such a fantastic job of that <3

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