I’m back with the second part of our holiday diary from Les Gets in the French Alps, on our first ever ski holiday with Ski Famille. You can read the first part of our diary here. Looking back at these photos as I prepare to write this post really makes me really want to book another ski holiday for next year. It’s funny because before we went I really didn’t know if I would take to skiing, I knew I would like things like apres ski, or sledging with the girls, but I didn’t think the actual ski part was going to be something I really loved. However I loved every second and if I close my eyes I can imagine being up there on that mountain- the crisp, fresh air that when you breathed in it felt like you were cleansing your lungs and that beautiful sunlight beating down on you. Then the actual moment you start to ski down a run, it’s such an incredible feeling, you feel energised, alive and it feels amazing- that sounds cheesy but it is true.

Here is the second part of all our photos…

skiing_les_gets_zzwskiing_les_gets_zkskiing_les_gets_uskiing_les_gets_zlWe were so lucky with the weather during our stay. As I mentioned in my previous post, there wasn’t much snow when we arrived in Les Gets, in fact the mountains were green, mainly due to us going right at the start of the season. However I feel we got the best of both worlds as we had some mild days with beautiful sunshine and then snow at the end of the week. It was so beautiful going up to our ski lessons in the morning and seeing the early morning sunlight on top of the mountains.

skiing_les_gets_zztI cannot begin to explain how proud I was of this girl. After an initial blip in confidence she was soon loving life on skis. At one point during the week Jon wanted to try and video her going down a run and he honestly couldn’t keep up with her as she was so fast. Half way during the week she was put up a class in her ski lessons and she was so excited. We all did lessons with 360 International and at the end of the week she got a badge which she has put on her school bag- she is so proud of it.

skiing_les_gets_zzeskiing_les_gets_zzbskiing_les_gets_zzcskiing_les_gets_fA couple of mornings I sadly didn’t ski as our baby boy wasn’t feeling too well and I didn’t want to leave him with the nannies when he was poorly. I still got to go up the mountain to watch the girls ski lessons and for the most part he slept the entire time, I think the fresh mountain air did him some good.

skiing_les_gets_nI mentioned it in my last post but the girls skiwear mainly came from Muddy Puddles and mine and Jon’s mainly came from Superdry. I got my jacket, goggles and trousers from there, but then bought cheaper things from Aldi, like base layers and ski boots.

skiing_les_gets_zzfskiing_les_gets_zzgOne afternoon we took Mads and our baby boy up the mountain so Jon and Mads could ski some more, while we watched. LL was back in the chalet with the nannies and didn’t want to come. We took the time to have a little snowy photo shoot, I love this photo of the three of them.

skiing_les_gets_cMyself and my boy. He was so bemused by the snow. Sadly he was a little off colour all week, but he still enjoyed people watching when we went on top of the mountain.

skiing_les_gets_znFirst (awake!) ride in the bubble lift.

skiing_les_gets_zzv I absolutely loved the apres ski culture out there. Les Gets is a real family resort, but it still does have a bit of nightlife and some gorgeous bars and restaurants. I loved relaxing after skiing, whether that was with a hot mulled wine or a hot chocolate. A fair few of the mountain bars had deckchairs outside and it was so cool sitting outside in the sunshine on top of a snowy mountain. It was so relaxing and just amazing.

skiing_les_gets_zzhskiing_les_gets_q skiing_les_gets_p skiing_les_gets_oAs I have mentioned a couple of times, Les Gets is such a family friendly resort. Not only is there a beautiful, quaint little village centre, with a free train that kids love, there are playgrounds dotted about, and also a great ice rink. We went one afternoon with the Ski Famille nannies. I mentioned the childcare in my last post, but it was absolutely fantastic. We ended up hanging out with the nannies a fair bit, mainly cause we wanted to spend time with the children but they wanted to spend time with the nannies and their new friends- that’s a testament to how great it was. We had so much fun ice skating, although I am still as terrible as I remember.


skiing_les_gets_zzsApres skating is totally a thing.

On the Wednesday night we were out having dinner (in a lovely Aussie run bar with a great atmosphere called Boomerang which was recommended to us by one of the nannies Joe- there was live music playing and they served great tapas) as Wednesday is the chalet staff night off so there is no evening meal. We went bowling at a great little underground bar with two bowling lanes and then while we were eating dinner, it started snowing heavily. We went outside after we had finished, and it is a memory I will remember forever. The girls were so excited about the snow, LL especially as she had never seen snow falling before. It was so sweet.

skiing_les_gets_zzmskiing_les_gets_zzlskiing_les_gets_dskiing_les_gets_zzkskiing_les_gets_zziskiing_les_gets_zzjThe next day we woke to a blanket of snow on the ground. It seems that was it, the snow season had started in Les Gets as I still have the weather app on my phone and it’s snowed ever since. Of course we had to capture some snowy pics.

skiing_les_gets_zzuOn our last afternoon in Les Gets we all headed up in the bubble lift up Mont Chery. Normally this mountain would be full of skiers on one of the numerous runs in the area, but because the snow had only just started falling properly there was snow everywhere but not enough to open up the runs. It meant that it was quiet and we practically had the area to ourselves.

skiing_les_gets_zznNothing more fun than snow sliding on your bum!skiing_les_gets_zzoskiing_les_gets_vskiing_les_gets_eThe view up there was absolutely breathtaking and I stood for a fair while, while the girls played in the snow around me feeling so thankful that we got to experience it. We had a little drink stop at one of the bars on top of the mountain and it was the perfect afternoon.

skiing_les_gets_zzr skiing_les_gets_zzq skiing_les_gets_zzp                      Then we stayed up there until the sun was setting, before panicking that we needed to get down as the lift shut at around half 5!

Here is a little video I made of our first family ski holiday!


We truly had the most wonderful time in Les Gets with Ski Famille. From the second we knew we were going into it, we felt like we were going into it blind. While we love an adventure and we love to go new places, it was completely unknown to us as we had never skied before. So many times I tried to picture it before we went and I just couldn’t. It turns out that we are winter holiday converts, we had so much fun- from snuggly nights in our chalet with the Ski Famille hosts Daisy and Jake and the new friends we had made, to long lunches just the two of us due to the amazing childcare, to those early morning glorious sunlight first ski runs down the slopes… everything was just brilliant and there is literally nothing I can say negative about our holiday. We loved every single minute of it.

Skiing or indeed going on a winter holiday can be daunting if you haven’t done it before, especially with young children. We were the only ones in our chalet who hadn’t skied, in fact most of the people had grown up skiing. However you don’t feel like you are out of your depth with Ski Famille, they help you with the whole process so you don’t feel too overwhelmed- from going with you to get your ski boots and skis on the first day to taking the little ones to ski school every morning- everything is thought out and helps make life easier.

I am writing a post all about the main questions I had about our ski holiday before we went, plus questions people have asked me along the way, as I know I found it hard it was to find information and real families accounts of their holiday. I will publish that post soon, but in the meantime if you have been reading this blog for years and have thought about giving skiing a go but haven’t got round to it yet, or if you have stumbled across it because you want to give it a go and are unsure about going with little ones, the last thing I will say is that you most definitely won’t regret it. I will never forget the feeling of skiing down a mountain for the first time (albeit on a blue run!), nor will I forget the feeling of pride I felt looking at the girls skiing either. It was such a special family holiday and one we will remember forever.



NB: Thanks to Ski Famille for inviting us on this amazing trip. All words, opinions, photos and video content are entirely my own. Head over to their website to find out more about booking a ski holiday through them.



  • Such amazing photos Katie and it really does look like the most family friendly place. I definitely want to take the children to experience this one day – and although I am not great at it I love ice skating x

  • Life as Mum says:

    I would absolutely love to visit there one day with the kids. It looks amazing and that scenery looks breathtaking. Fantastic photos.

  • Great smiles, happy eyes! How lovely!

  • Lauren says:

    Skiing has never appealed to me but this looks amazing and I can see part of the appeal now. Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Must be lovely for the children to enjoy the novelty of the snow xx

  • Sarah says:

    What an amazing photography! I am speechless. Can’t find the right words to describe how beautiful it is. These smile…. Mind blowing and makes me happy. Thanks for sharing Katie. Loved it:)

  • Rosie pickles says:

    Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait to take Piper skiing. If you ever sell Mad’a coat let me know, I wanted it for Piper and got the wrong size sent and then her size was OOS. Loving your videos at the moment!

  • Such gorgeous photos and you can just hear how passionate you are about this holiday and Les Gets through your writing. We most definitely are winter holiday converts too (although growing up in Canada, I’m always going to be a fan of cold weather and snow!) I’d love to experience somewhere different to where we went- just for a different experience- the trees look lovely, and it sounds like a great family resort x

  • Molly says:

    What a wonderful holiday! I’d love to take my girls skiing one day. Or even just go on my own! Looks like a fantastic family-friendly resort too. Such lovely photos, as always, Katie. xx

  • Fritha says:

    Oh I kept meaning to ask where the girls coats were from! They are lovely! Glad you all had such a good time! X

  • Oh my Katie!!! I am desperate to take our kids on a skiing holiday and this set up would make it totally manageable…but at the same time I would like to wait until they are all old enough to really enjoy it. Jared and I went skiing before we had kids, and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t get enough. Early mornings, tired legs and afternoons in the sauna. It was just perfect! I would love to get into more travel blogging, but have no idea how, and so little time to really focus on it, which isn’t much help! Your pictures are just magical and so full of energy. It looks like the perfect family holiday and the perfect mix of everything! Incredible!!! x

  • Cat hooper says:

    Wow what an amazing trip! we have only ever been on school trips so would love to take the girls. I was terrible so would definitely need lessons!

  • Sue says:

    Superb photos, you have captured the stunning scenery and your family’s happy faces so well. The photos of your eldest girl are particularly wonderful. She looks deliriously happy.

  • Laura says:

    Such stunning photos Katie and it truly looks like you all had such a fantastic time and I am sure you made some wonderful and lasting memories on this break. Also how incredible does that hot chocolate look!!!

    Laura x

  • Karen Howden says:

    I would love to go skiing with the boys (well, Winter is still too little, but Jonah would love it!) I love your photos, I was trying to click them to like them! I also really enjoyed your video. What video camera do you use? I’m seriously thinking about documenting our adventures with more videos but my phone is just a bit rubbish!

  • Gorgeous photos, they’ve got me really excited for our ski trip later this month. We’re heading up to Scotland for a few days so hoping there’s enough snow! x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    It looks like such an amazing place to go. I don’t like the cold too much but it looks like an enjoyable kind of cold and so sunny all at once. Maybe one day we might try it!

  • What amazing photos! I’ve been skiing a lot but never taken my daughter up the slopes. It is something I really want to do in the future! Never been to Leslie Gents but it does look lovely and very family friendly 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    WOW what an experience for you, for the kids and as a family the memories are priceless of course too. The girls seem to grasp skiing quickly that’s awesome. I like the sound of the kids clubs too. Always been nervous about them before but as the kids get older I know they get alot out of them too. Sounds like your girls did for sure. The views are just breathe taking. Remind me so much of home to be honest. I loved snowboarding when I was growing up the back side of our mountain where we lived they look just like these. Feels weird sometimes in winter that UK doesn’t have them. It’s almost a cliche to even say gorgeous photos because you know how talented and amazing and creative I think you are but it’s always nice to say anyways too.

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