A Trip To Hampshire….

Our little LL is obsessed with a certain pink pig. We can be in a supermarket and she will spot the smallest bottle of Peppa Pig bubble bath and go absolutely crazy shouting ‘Mummy it’s Peppa, it’s Peppa.’ Mads loved the programme too when she was younger but she didn’t quite love it as much as her little sister. She definitely adores Peppa and the rest of the clan.

We have been saying for a long time now that we needed to take LL to Peppa Pig World, often laughing that if she went she would probably explode with excitement about seeing her heroes up close and ‘in the flesh.’ Therefore when we were invited to Hampshire for a couple of nights with Hampshires Top Attractions, we jumped at the chance to go and visit and of course give our little girl the dream of going to a whole world dedicated to Peppa herself. Not only that, we wanted to get a chance of visiting some other parts of this beautiful county.

Here is our trip in lots of photos and a video…


We got up early one Tuesday morning and headed straight to Paultons Park. A lot of people think Peppa Pig World is a separate theme park, when in actual fact it’s just part of a bigger park full of fun.


Look at this girls face. She was in utter awe of Peppa Pig world, full of big smiles and sheer amazement on her little face. If you have a Peppa fan I completely recommend it, it was really busy, but there is lots for them to do and we did go in the summer holidays. We still did not have to queue for more than 40 minutes for a ride.

Happy girls.


Life made!


After exploring Peppa Pig World thoroughly we headed off to the rest of Paultons Park. Compared to Peppa the queues were tiny, getting on most rides within 5-10 minutes. The girls loved this little jumping jack ride and as you didn’t need to go on with an adult we loved sitting back and watching their happy smiles.


Poor LL! There was so much to do there for all ages and lots of rides for little kids. There’s also some lovely grounds and gardens to look around, as well as a splash park (hint-bring cossies if it’s warm) and a few different playgrounds, including one on sand. We could have easily spent a couple of days there.


My two little munchkins. I love it when they run around hand in hand, it’s so sweet.


Just before we left Paultons Park we found this beautiful garden so I couldn’t resist taking a photo there, it was so colourful.


After a short drive we arrived at our hotel the Hilton Southampton Ageas Bowl. On the outskirts of Southampton, this brand new hotel is gorgeous. The public areas are modern and spotlessly clean. Our family bedroom was perfect for us and we all smiled when we walked in.


Look at that view! We were thrilled to find that we had a balcony which is a nice touch for a UK hotel, and it overlooked the cricket pitch. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to have one of these rooms when there was a concert or a cricket match on. The girls loved looking out at the groundsmen tending to the immaculate lawns.


It really was nice to sit outside and get some fresh air.


The bathroom was spotlessly clean and new, we loved the subway tiles as well which was a nice reminder of home.


Obligatory selfie in the bathroom mirror.


They were so tired and cuddly when we got back from the theme park. I love it when they are like this, they are just so sweet together at times.


Look at the love on their faces.


Next we took a short drive to the village of Otterbourne where we discovered a beautiful quaint little pub called ‘The White Horse at Otterbourne’.


Part of the Ideal Collection, the White Horse is stylish but cosy, with locally sourced food and a fantastic kids menu. (We loved that you could draw on the menus and we were given an abundance of crayons) Mr E and I wanted to have something different each but we both couldn’t resist the Hampshire Steak Burger, with Hoxton Brioche Bap and Tomato Relish. I had extra chorizo on mine which was utterly divine and even though the portion size was huge I still ate the lot. It was absolutely delicious.


For pudding I had the New Forest Strawberry Iced Parfait which again was delicious and really light and refreshing. Mr E had the Chocolate Brownie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream which was definitely big enough to share, although he certainly gave it a good go. We would really recommend the White Horse as a place to take children, it was stylish and smart without being somewhere you wouldn’t want to take little ones, plus the food delicious and the service fantastic.


On the way home it started to rain and the light was the most intense I have seen- a beautiful mixture of pink and orange. Me being the crazy weird person I am asked Mr E to pull over so I could take a photo and the only place we could fine was a supermarket car park. Still I love this photo of them in that surreal light and if you look closely you can see the raindrops.

We then went back to our hotel with very full tummies and went straight to sleep.


The next day we woke up slightly later as the girls didn’t get to sleep until later. We had a lazy morning before heading over to Marwell Zoo. Having stayed bizarrely at the Marwell Hotel a couple of years ago, we were yet to visit the zoo so were excited to go and see some animals. I love this photo of them staring at the rhino.


I haven’t been to that many zoos before as we mainly have safari parks near us, but I have been to Whipsnade and London Zoo which are huge. Marwell is smaller than them, but we actually preferred it. The animals had lots of space to roam and all the zoo areas are immaculate and really informative.


When we were having a picnic on one of the large open areas we noticed that we managed to get really up close to the rhinos by going down to a secluded little spot where no one else was about. It was fantastic as we were so close to them.


I love this photo of them being silly. It was a sunny day and it was lovely to sit outside and have a picnic. Note they are wearing giraffe clothes (from Next if you are wondering!) which genuinely wasn’t intentional even though Mr E thought it was. They delighted in showing the giraffes them, although I am not sure the giraffes were hugely impressed!


We loved the zoo, there was lots of animals to see, our favourites being the penguins, giraffes and rhinos. You could easily spend a whole day there and not run out of things to do as there was large adventure playground areas for the little ones too.


After the zoo we headed off to the delightful city of Winchester which on the surface looks beautiful and we wish we had more time to explore it. Dinner was at ‘The Stable’, the city’s newest opening serving pizza, cider and pies. (perfect combination in my eyes!) Immediately we loved the big open folding doors as it was a warm and stuffy day. The Stable is part of a group of nine down in the South West and we really loved the concept.


Although obviously cool and stylish, The Stable was perfect for children, with a great kids menu and huge big menus to draw on. It was laid back, friendly and absolutely brilliant for my pizza loving pair.


Although she’s not smiling in this photo, I love how big and blue her eyes look. She’s really growing up so very quickly. Where did my little baby face go?


Our pizzas arrived and were huge, but we all managed to eat every bite. Each restaurant has a slightly different menu as a lot of the ingredients are locally sourced. Mr E had the ‘The Hampshire Hog’ (pictured) minus the dijon mustard and I had  ‘The Blazing Saddle’, which was pulled beef, caramelised onions, smoked bacon, jalapeño chillies and green peppers.’ Apparently according to staff ‘The Blazing Saddle’ is the most popular one in all locations which I found interesting.


The restaurant was stylish, with lots of wood and industrial style metal. The upstairs, with it’s high ceilings and open pizza oven where you could see what the chefs were doing, was gorgeous. Overall we were incredibly impressed with The Stable- please open one in Cambridge soon as our family live on pizza!days_out_in_hampshire_35

Following our dinner we headed back to our hotel where we found a nice patch of grass to run around and let off some steam, we played frisbee as the sun was setting.


I adore this photo of them all. I love having adventures with these three.

On our final day in Hampshire we got up and had breakfast before setting off home. The weather was absolutely dreadful so we didn’t hang about and as such I don’t have any photos of our final morning. We did get stuck in traffic on the m25 on the way home which wasn’t much fun! We had such a great time together in this lovely county, I wish we had more time to explore. It was such a fun couple of days and we all absolutely love getting this quality time together.

Here is a little video of our time in Hampshire…

NB: Thanks so much to Hampshires Top Attractions for inviting us. We had such an amazing time. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 


  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! LL looked amazing with Peppa Pig World. Lovely photos and video x

  • Jodie says:

    what a wonderful trip you had. We loved Peppa pig world when we went but didn’t get a chance to explore Hampshire.

  • Katy says:

    That last photo is my all time favorite of yours! We took the girls to pp land a couple of months ago, so much to do there! We went on our way back from Devon so didn’t get to explore as you did but as we drove through it looked idyllic! x

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Ah thank you Katy, I really love that photo too! There is loads to to at Peppa Pig World isn’t there? We loved it! xx

  • Looks like you had a great time, gorgeous pics too 🙂 My kids have never really been into Peppa Pig but I would still like to take then at some point as I’m sure they would still love it. Hotel balcony looked fab too. Off to watch the video xx

  • I’ve been to Hampshire quite a few times before as t’s where my dad is from, but not been since I have F. It looks lovely and I think he’d love Peppa Pig World! The pizza place looks amazing too. Beautiful photos and video xx

    • Katie Ellison says:

      I definitely think you should take F to Peppa Pig World I think he would love it. There’s so much to do for their age group too. And the pizza place was amazing, best food we have had in ages. xx

  • Louisa says:

    Ahh great looking trip! Any advice on how to tote your big girl camera around on days out? I hate leaving mine behind but it is such a lump to carry around now that my two little ones (aged 2 & 4) are out of the changing bag stage which used to double as my camera bag. Nappies = good camera padding!

    • Katie Ellison says:

      We bought a rucksack from Amazon from the company Crumpler and it’s amazing, I would definitely recommend it. You can fit so much in there and it’s great cause it’s a rucksack so comfy on your back. x

  • Donna says:

    I can’t believe you were so close to us! Winchester is a really beautiful place. We go to the Christmas market there every year when the cathedral is all lit up and such a great atmosphere. It looks like you had the best of weekends x

  • Ah beautiful photos hun! We love Peppa World ever and have been a few times!!! The endless music however set me a little bit mad! Glad you had a lovely little mini break away xxx

  • Ah you were so close to us! We live 25 mins from Winchester. I am so glad you had a lovely time, the photos are totally breathtaking, just stunning huni xx

  • Harriet says:

    It looks like you had a lovely time. We’ve always said we’d like to take Ava to the Peppa theme park but it’s too far from us. Gorgeous pictures as always 🙂 xx

  • Beautiful photos and video as always Katie it’s so cute how much your girls love each other mine are forever arguing!! Looks like you all had a fun time weren’t far from me! Peppa pig world is great isn’t it did you go on the log flume? xx

    • Katie Ellison says:

      We didn’t go on the log flume, in fact we didn’t even see it. Definitely a reason to go back again! 😉 xx

  • WOW! Oh I must go. My twins would just love it. And your girls look like they had such enormous fun! What a superb trip, and beautiful photographs (as always) of you and your lovely family 🙂 Jess xx

  • Lucy Heath says:

    Ah we LOVE Peppa Pig World too! Yasmin adored it went we went for her birthday, lush photos as always xx

  • Oh wow, what a great day out for the little ones. If Peppa was closer to us, we’d be there ALOT!
    Gorgeous place to stay too and a lovely stylish bathroom to sit in and wait for the kids to nod off 😉 xx

  • Sherry says:

    I quite often go to conferences at the Ageas Bowl and haven’t seen the hotel yet – it looks fab! We love living in Hampshire and I’m so glad you had a lovely time, shame about the weather on your last day. We had annual passes to Paultons Park and went practically every weekend (needing a break for a bit now!) and that pizza looks amazing – I think I’m going to have to take the hubster there as Winchester’s not far from us. Lovely post x

    • Katie Ellison says:

      The hotel was so nice you should definitely check it out next time you are passing. Hampshire is a gorgeous place I can see why you love living there. And definitely go and check out The Stable, the pizza was absolutely delicious. x

  • Jenny says:

    Oh Katie I can’t get over how amazing your new design is and everyday I find another little corner you made or tweek of it and it’s just amazing and beautiful. I love it so much I forget to keep reading hahah only just for a moment. Glad you had such a great time at Peppa Pig world I would love to take MM there one day she is obsessed and funny enough hasn’t seen the cartoon. lol Your little films are amazing I need to take lessons from you you capture real family love, life and adventure every time and your girls are so lucky to have these someday. I keep telling myself I will make more for the kids sake but I suck so bad at it. hahaha Glad you had a great time.

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Ah thanks Jenny, I am just so proud of my design and the fact it’s so different to how it was. How funny that MM is obsessed but still hasn’t even seen the cartoon! xx

  • Absolutely gorgeous photos, a few of them might my heart ache a little. You capture their little personalities so well in pictures. Looks like you had a gorgeous time xx

  • We took the girls to prop pig land in 2013, so we also did the splash park. The girls loved it all and I love looking back on our photo book from then! Lovely photos and film, those pizzas are right up our street!!! Xx

  • Absolutely love the last photo! Noah is mad about Peppa Pig, we have never been to Peppa Pig world but I am sure he would have a blast

  • Gorgeous pictures, as always! 🙂 My little one is also a HUGE Peppa Pig fan and we have been thinking of going to the Peppa Pig Park for ages now. She would love it, just like LL 🙂 We recently went to Moomin World (she is also a huge fan of Moomins) and she was in seventh heaven there. Great tips btw of all the other things to do in the region, will have to check these out when we go up there!

  • Sounds like a lovely trip, must have been so much fun to see LL at Peppa Pig world and a great video for people to see what else is there! Mine have never been into Peppa Pig…none of them will watch it, very strange but it’s good to know it is part of a bigger theme park so you can still have fun if you aren’t a Peppa fan 🙂 xx

  • Looks like you had a lovely time away! I really want to take the kids to Peppa Pig world but as I’d be on my own we wouldn’t be able to go on any rides with Harry. Is there much to do there other than the rides? Gorgeous photos as always1 xx

  • Lara Jarvis says:

    Lovely review and stunning photography as always! Glad you had fun in “my neck of the woods” Henry is the same with spotting PP in the most random of places and shouting excitedly at the top of his voice PEPPA!!! xx

  • Wyn says:

    My 3 year old twins love Peppa Pig World. We don’t live too far from it which is great. I love the photographs by the way.

  • Don’t know how I haven’t commented on this before, was just looking back and admiring the snap of Mr E and the girls that you love and used as your video thumbnail. I’m becoming a bit of a student of the light on my photography course. I just love this post. So sweet to see how much LL loves Peppa. Eden is Peppa obsessed and we’re having her party this weekend, she’s going as Peppa. So cute. Lovely post xxx

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