A Weekend in Bristol- Part One….

Before we had small people in our lives, I worked in the travel industry for many years as a Marketing Account Manager for the biggest online hotel website.  Basically to cut a really long and boring story short, this meant I was responsible for all the hotels within a designated area.  My area was the South West of the country and as part of my contract I was contracted to work away a week of the month and visit some of my hotels.  One of the areas I looked after was Bristol and so I often went down there for a visit.

It was always one of those places I really enjoyed visiting- it’s a really diverse and cultural city, plus it’s ridiculously colourful and stylish.  I hadn’t been in a few years so when Visit Bristol invited us to stay for the weekend to see what the city had to offer for famillies, I couldn’t wait to start planning.

On Friday afternoon we excitedly packed up our Subaru XV (perfect boot space for all our bags!) and headed off with two hyper little ladies. Unfortunately we couldn’t have picked a worse weekend to go- from the second we arrived it basically rained non stop.  It wasn’t just rain however, it was full on gale force winds too.  I wouldn’t say it put a dampner on our weekend as we still had an amazing time, but it definitely meant we didn’t see as much of Bristol as we liked.  What we did find however, were some fantastic indoor activities for familiies- there is literally so much to do in all kinds of weather.

We actually started our weekend off on Friday evening when Mr E finished work (his last ever day at his job- eek!) and headed to Oxford which is half way between us and Bristol, just to stay in a Premier Inn for the evening.  We did that usual parent thing of hiding out in the bathroom eating chocolate while the girls slept!  Then it was up and off to Bristol first thing on Saturday morning.

I didn’t think I had taken many photos due to the aforementioned weather, but in actual fact on inspection of my memory cards I found quite a few.  Here is the first part of our weekend in Bristol in photos and a little video…



On arrival in Bristol we headed over to Clifton, a cute little suburb, to have some brunch.  We found a cute little cafe called The Farm. (which just happened to be in front of us when it was torrential rain)


We have a tradition of having pancakes when we eat breakfast out so we all shared this stack of pancakes with maple syrup, fresh fruit and natural yoghurt- they were delicious.


While I had the chorizo eggs.


We checked into our room at the Marriott City Centre Hotel (where I actually had been to before as I had to give a presentation to over 70 people in my previous job- it bought back scary memories!) and the girls were really excited to be given some bags of popcorn by the hotel staff as there was a traditional old machine in the foyer.  The Saturday afternoon was mainly spent dodging the rain and mooching round the shops.


After a quick change we headed out to dinner.


We headed to Glassboat for dinner, which is exactly that- a glassboat serving European cuisine offering panoramic views of the river.  It was absolutely stunning inside and the girls were so excited to be eating dinner on a boat.


Posing outside the restaurant.


We had an early reservation meaning that we were able to watch the sun go down, which was gorgeous.  The restaurant was lovely, but I wouldn’t say it was massively child focused- they didn’t have a separate children’s menu but they did kindly do us a smaller plate of the butternut squash risotto for the girls.  As it got later it became quite a romantic venue being that it was Saturday night, and they were the only little people in there.  It didn’t bother us as our girls are used to eating out and don’t get up from the table but it’s worth bearing in mind.


For my main I had the butternut squash en croute, roast chicory with a roquefort sauce, which was delicious.



On Sunday as the weather was dreadful we decided to head to At Bristol– an interactive science museum.  We weren’t sure whether it was going to be too old for the girls, but it turns out they absolutely loved it. There’s so many hands on things for them to do and they loved playing with all the experiments.  I love this photo of the wonder on their faces as they took turns in building a parachute and letting it fall to the ground.  Their other favourites were the giant bubbles and the way you could milk a cow.  You easily could spend a whole day there- it was brilliant.


After a morning at At Bristol we headed to a restaurant called Bordeaux Quay for lunch, which was a lovely deli, restaurant, bakery and cookery school on the harbourside.  I love this photo of LL and Mr E doing a spot of colouring!



Testing her knowledge of all the Mr Men characters!


I had the pulled pork bun which was so yummy.


Followed by the creme brulee for pudding.  I have this obsession for creme brulee at the moment which doesn’t appear to be doing my fitness mission much good!


After lunch we headed to the Bristol Aquarium to check out some fishies!


LL was fascinated by the fish and learnt two new words while we there- ‘fishies’ and ‘turtle’.  Her speech is still taking a while to come along but when she does say things it’s the cutest thing ever.


After a busy day we headed back to the hotel.  The girls and Mr E got room service while I went out for dinner with two of my favourite blogging friends Fritha and Lori, who live in Bristol.  It was lovely to be able to get the chance to see them while we were down here, and we laughed all night long.

Here is a little video of our time in Bristol….

Part Two of our weekend coming soon!

NB:  Visit Bristol invited us to stay for the weekend and gave us a media pass to enter some of the attractions.  Although they gave us lots of information about Bristol, what we chose to do was up to us, and all thoughts and opinions are our own.  




  • Jodie says:

    WhaT a lovely opportunity. Your photos always look so natural and beautiful!

  • Carie says:

    Despite the weather it looks like you had a really lovely time – it’s got to be the test of a city hasn’t it – if it’s fun in the rain you know it will be even better in sunshine!!

  • Awww that video is so cute. Love hearing little LL chattering a bit more too. And it looks like you had a lovely weekend, despite the weather not going your way, so thats fab! Lots of food, lots of animals and lots of family times… so what more could you want from a weekend away. x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks lovely, she’s definitely getting better at chattering now. It was a lovely weekend- thank you! xx

  • Ah so wish I had been able to make it to dinner, especially as you live so far away. Gorgeous pics, I used to live in Clifton, loved it. I still really miss Bristol, I wouldn’t even mind not living right in the city but would love to be just that bit closer. An hour is a just a bit too far xx

  • Gorgeous photos Katie, what a shame the weather wasn’t good. We are down in Bristol a lot as my sister in law lives there! Will definitely visit some of these places you mentioned as we are always looking for things to do with LO when we go down there. At Bristol museum and the aquarium look fab! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Amelia, yes I definitely recommend the aquarium and At Bristol- I think LO would love it. xx

  • Jenny says:

    Oh I absolutely love your videos Katie! You are so amazing at filming and making them such a beautiful story of your adventures. I haven’t done one for a while I really need to get back to it. This is just lovely. LL talking is so cute!!! And I almost teared up when Mads and LL grabbed hands in bed watching the ipad bittersweet moment captured. You talented lady. Glad you made the most of it even though it was raining most of your trip. I only wish I could have filmed my Venice trip but my gopro had no battery upon arrival rookie mistake! lol

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks so much Jenny, I love filming our little adventures. I love the bit when they grab hands, I can’t believe I managed to get it on camera! xx

  • Becca @ All About Her says:

    Despite the rain looks like a perfect weekend away – did I spot Woody too? x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Becca- yes Woody has made an appearance but sadly not the original Woody- it’s a second hand one my Mum bought off ebay. 😉 x

  • Ah I’m in Oxford! we went past Bristol on the way home from holiday but couldn’t stop as the kiddies were poorly, going back in either april or may though! lovely post, so colourful & that science museum looks cool!my littles would love it, definitely going to see these places 🙂 x

  • Kate✚ says:

    Such beautiful photos – looks like you all had a lovely time 🙂 Love the photo booth pics x

  • Amy Treasure says:

    Oh eeeeek you were in Bristol?!! This is mad crazy but we almost went to @Bristol on Sunday but changed our minds in the end imagine if I’d run into you there!

    I live 15 mins from city centre and just love it here, shame you had rubbish weather but looks like you guys made the most of it. Love the video xx

  • Looks like you managed to have a great time despite the terrible weather! Your girls are so sweet together 🙂 The Aquarium looks fab and is on our list of places to take R xx

  • The great British weather hey??!! Oh well, you look as though you all had such a fab time!! I’ve never been to Bristol but now I want to go! Lovely photo’s and gorgeous seeing the girls grow together. Jess xx

  • Life at the Little Wood says:

    Oh bless! You guys are the sweetest! Such a gorgeous post and video – they always make me smile! You’ll have to come to Belfast some day Katie. I think you’d all love it! Xx

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Awww little LL. What a cutie pie! Looks like you had a lot of fun despite the rubbish weather x

  • Nicola says:

    Absolutely love your video footage. My brother in law and family live in Bristol and although we have only been over once we had a ball-and it poured with us too especially at the zoo! Emma from life at the little wood is so right, you need to come to Belfast, you and the girls and hubby of course would love it. Looking forward to see part 2 x

  • I think it all looks fab despite the rain. Such a lovely video – the girls look like they have a great time. My dad’s family are from Bristol but I don’t think we’ve been down there for about ten years. I think all the family are married now so we’ve not been called upon for a celebration 🙂

  • Fritha says:

    so lovely to see you and I had such a lovely evening catching and laughing away. Wish we could do it more often, I burst out laughing seeing us in the video with my selfie stick haha! xx

  • how lovely – such a beautiful, happy family. After a crappy day at work, it’s really cheered me up watching your video, thank you xxx

  • Mary says:

    Katie what a delicious weekend! It looks so lovely! I think were due a little fam weekend away x

  • Such lovely photos! Bristol isn’t too far from us, so we go down there’s a couple of times a year, but have never had a really good explore or eaten anywhere nice! I think we need to spend a bit more time there!

  • We have been to At Bristol, it is great isn’t it? Although the girls caught chicken pox from our visit lol! Little G liked walking through the giant fibre optic light strings. Looks like a fab weekend x

  • Such lovely photos hun. My bestie from school went to uni in Bristol and I always though it was such a lovely fun and vibrant place! x

  • Katie says:

    Never been to Bristol!! So strange i have no idea why not but we are definitely going to go soon and take up some of your suggestions – science museum sounds ace! x

  • Your photos are so lovely Katie and I am so glad you all managed to have a great weekend despite the weather x

  • Katie this looks wonderful! Gorgeous pictures and I am so glad the rain didn’t spoil things for you all. I would love to stay in Bristol, it always looks so vibrant xx

  • Donna says:

    I have some family connections with Bristol and although I have driven through many times it is one place I have never actually been to but have always wanted to visit. I’ll get there one day x

  • Hayley says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend even with the bad weather! We live so close to Bristol but never visit…I really want to see more of it this year! xx

  • Jenni says:

    Loved this round up, all the food looks amazing. Bristol is about an hour for us so we’ve been there once or twice but want to do some more exploring so this is the perfect guide.

    I keep meaning to ask what you shoot and edit your films on, any tips?

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Jenni, you should definitely head back there soon. I use a mixture of my DSLR, my phone and a GoPro (for the action shots or car shots) to film my videos. And then I edit them on iMovie on the Mac. I am definitely a beginner, I don’t really know what I am doing, but if I can help you at all you can always email me any other questions you have. xx

  • LOVE this video! (I love all your videos!) I’m off to Bristol sans bebes for a Hen weekend next month…. dead excited xoxo PS THAT PULLED PORK BAP!!!!! Nom.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Katy, I love making the videos. And yes the pulled pork bap was amazing. You’ll have a great time in Bristol for sure. xx

  • Looks like a great place to visit. I love all the yummy food photos 🙂 x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Sharon- my mum always reads my blog and says it looks like the only thing we do is eat. 😉 x

  • Awww Katie your videos are always so wonderful and just leave me feeling happy. So lovely to hear LL talking some more as well. Really looks like you guys had an awesome time despite the rubbish weather xxx

  • mamasVIB says:

    I grew up near Bristol but haven’t been for ages – you have made me see it in a whole new light. Gorgeous picts – as always and that Glasshouse Restaurant looks fab! Lovely video too- I really don’t video enough! Am sure Visit Bristol are really pleased with this great post on a somewhat overlooked city destination x lovely xxx

  • Subaru UK says:

    Another fab and fun #XVADVENTURE 🙂

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