Photography is my number one passion.  I love to document our lives together as our family grows and changes and I have always been the one with a camera in my hand, but it has become an obsession since my girl’s were born.

However I have started getting in to making little films of our adventures.  I used to take lots of little snippets of video of Mads when she was a baby on my iPhone, but I realised that I hardly have any little clips of LL from when she was a newborn.  This makes me really sad, as I think with video you can capture such a unique perspective.

Therefore I have made it my mission to video some of our every day life and also our adventures.  Just snippets of our ordinary moments and the wonder of my girl’s growing up.  I know we will all love to look back on them when they are older and I am loving learning all about filming and editing videos, while watching my video style change and evolve.

We have been asked by a fair few brands to film different videos for them, including travel brands such as KLM, Sandals Resorts and Mark Warner. We are also working on a year long campaign with the car company Subaru who have commissioned us to make a video a month on the adventures we get up to. I have also recently been asked to join Channel Mum a You Tube channel founded by the people behind NetMums. I will be making regular vlogs for them over there so be sure to go and check it out!  

You can check out all our videos over on You Tube and subscribe if you want to keep up to date, but here are just some of our favourites…




Stockholm with Kids- Part One!  

A Holiday to Rhodes 2015- Part Two.  

A Holiday to Rhodes 2015- Part One.  

A Week in our Lives- June 2015.  

A Week in our Lives- May 2015.  

A Holiday to Lanzarote- Part Two.  

A Holiday to Lanzarote- Part One.  

A Trip To Greece with Ikos Resorts.  

A Lovely Long Easter Weekend.  

A Busy Birthday Weekend.  

A Week In Our Lives- #XVAdventure  

A Weekend Break in Norfolk.  

Our Beaches Turks & Caicos Trip- Part Two.  

Our Beaches Turks & Caicos Trip- Part One.  

A Christmassy 4th Birthday- Mads is 4!.  

A Happy 5 Years.  

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  

A Wet and Windy Break in Scarborough.  

A Child Friendly Weekend In Amsterdam.  

A Sisterly Trip To Brighton.  

A Trip to Center Parcs 2014.  

Far Too Much Breakfast.  

A Day Just Daddy and LL.  


Our First Family Camping Trip- A Subaru XV Adventure.  

A Holiday To Rhodes with Mark Warner- Part Two.  

A Holiday To Rhodes with Mark Warner- Part One.  

An Adventure in the Trees.  

Get on Yer Bike.